The Best Bluetooth Trackers to Attach to Your Keys

Over the years, Bluetooth trackers have become well-known devices, particularly for people who are likely to misplace their keys often. We get it. There is no worse feeling than knowing you had your keys with you, and now you cannot find it. 

It’s infuriating! And for sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way. But one could avoid these frenzied and agitated searches with a Bluetooth tracker. These devices cling to your important items, such as your purse, mobile phone, and car keys. 

Additionally, it aids you in locating them whenever they’re misplaced. However, since there are many Bluetooth trackers available in the market today, it can be overwhelming to choose. For a little help, we rundown some of the best Bluetooth trackers today. Read on!

Tile Pro

When choosing a Bluetooth tracker, one of the crucial things to consider is its range. The range of the tracker finds out the distance wherein the tracker can be located via your mobile phone application. 

The majority of the people buying a Bluetooth tracker are looking for the most extensive range possible. Although a lot of options available on the market have a range of around 100 feet to 200 feet, by a long shot, the Tile Pro exceeds these numbers. 

Believe it or not, the Tile Pro has a 300-foot range. And this is only one of the many reasons why it is the ideal choice. Moreover, the Tile Pro features a replaceable battery for one year, a huge 128-decibel alert, and compatibility with both Google and Amazon Alexa Assistant.

Both Android and iPhone users use the Tile Pro with the associating Tile application. You will have access to the wide-reaching lost-and-found Tile community. Whoever uses the application that is within range of your missing item can revise its location for you. Moreover, in product reviews such as security baron key trackers, the Tile pro bags the top spot, guaranteeing you the best result.

Chipolo Plus

This Bluetooth tracker is undoubtedly a colorful one and is in a circular-shaped instead of the typical rectangular shape. Thus, it sure is a stand out among the rest. Chipolo Plus is still reasonably thin, so it’s not too bulky to attach with your belongings.

Also, you can use this Bluetooth tracker to locate your phone. Just press the tracker twice, and the phone will ring even if it is in silent mode. What’s more, is that you can see the location of your phone and each tracker from any web browser through the Web Service of Chipolo. 

Moreover, if you have lost track of your belongings, you can go to the community search of Chipolo to indicate it’s lost. The drawback of Chipolo Plus is that its battery is irreplaceable. But when the battery dies, you can join the mail-in upgrade program.

Tile Mate

If you’re looking for the right blend of portability and helpful features, then the Tile Mate is the best option you have. This Bluetooth tracker has a replaceable battery that is sure to last for one year. 

However, the Tile Mate is quite bulkier compared to the other Bluetooth trackers. Nevertheless, it’s still compact enough to fit in most purses and wallets. Also, it comes with a keyhole for attaching to your backpacks, luggage, or keys. 

Unlike the Tile Pro, the Tile Mate clocks in around 150 feet and is quite loud at 119 decibels. With these features, you’ll feel assured that you can find your Tile Mate hassle-free. Moreover, this Bluetooth tracker offers you easy access to the lost-and-found Tile community.

Cube Shadow

This Bluetooth tracker is rechargeable. If you buy this tracker, the USB charger is included, and a single charge can last for at least two months. Not bad, right? Aside from being able to recharge and reuse the Cube Shadow, this tracker boasts a 100-decibel siren and a 200-foot range.

The tracker’s button will make your phone ring when you cannot find it. Also, you can use this button as a selfie camera stick to take videos or pictures. However, Cube Shadow may be quite expensive than others. Still, the offered features are worthy. 

What’s The Best Bluetooth Tracker For You?

Ultimately, the best Bluetooth tracker possesses some of the best features there is. It includes having a long-range, a loud ring, water-resistant, replaceable or rechargeable batteries, and so on.

Also, you need a tracker that is very much reliable because you need it to work right away when you’re in a hurry, and you’ve lost your keys. However, you cannot check the device’s reliability in the specs list of the manufacturer. Tech reviews can give you that info, though.


The list of the best Bluetooth trackers doesn’t end here. There are many more options available in the market for you to select from. And the one you choose will rely on what you are looking for. There are colorful ones, affordable trackers, and more.


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