3 Best Data Recovery Tools for MacOS X

Data lost, deleted file or photos, are common problems that most Mac users experienced. It happens because of many factors.

  • You accidentally deleted the files that you shouldn’t delete at any cost.
  • The virus attack that infected the files which force the antivirus to remove it.
  • The corrupted or filed drives, which wipe the entire files in it.

Experience one or all those three will give you nothing but nightmares. Moreover, if the deleted files are important and one of a kind files that you have. For example, that is the only digital photo of you and your loved one. Enough with the gloomy atmosphere here! Don’t panic nor sad. The solution is easy. You can use the software for recovering your deleted file on Mac.

3 Best Data Recovery Tools for MacOS X

What Can The Software Do?

Basically, when you delete the file, it won’t disappear permanently. The file will be sent to the storage area inside your drive. And, the software will scan and search this area to find the file that was deleted before. Once it found it, it will pull it back, so you can recover it. This system works on all OS, including MacOS or Windows.

3 Best Data Recovery Tools for MacOS X

There are many products that you can use for the deleted photo recovery purpose. And here, we have 3 products that we can see as the best software you can find today.

1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

Actually, EaseUS is the software that was specially designed for Windows OS. However, later after they create the Windows version, they decide to create another version for MacOS. And, it becomes one of the best data recovery software for Mac you can find today.

EaseUS is available in three different versions. They are Free, Pro, and Unlimited. Of course, each of them has different features and limitation.

  • Free version

The good thing about free version EaseUS is it doesn’t have a time limitation. So, you can use it as long as you want. However, this version has limited feature and performance. For example, you can only recover 2 GB of files.

  • Pro version

The Pro version has similar features as the free version. However, there is no limitation on the size of data that you can recover. Plus, the Pro version also has lifetime technical support you can use whenever you have the problem with this problem.

  • Unlimited version

The Unlimited version is specially made for business. You can use it for commercial purpose without limitation. You also can even use it to provide the data recovery for Mac service to your customer.

2. Prosoft Data Rescue 3

You can get this software with just $99. But, if you buy it from Mac App Store, you can get it at a lower price, which is $59.99. It seems expensive. But, that price is worth and equal with the quality and performance. That makes this software become the most popular data recovery software for Mac on the market.

DR3 has a unique scanning engine. It doesn’t only search the file. But, it creates the image file of the corrupted or failed driver. Then, the image file will be located in the drive or external drive that you choose. Then, it will recover the data from this image drive. This method will keep your original drive from further damage.

FileIQ feature is another great feature you can find in DR3. This feature will record the special type of file that you use in your computer or business. Usually, a company uses a special type of files that compatible with the application that they use.

3. Alsoft DiskWarrior 4.4

This software has the best ability to recover the deleted file. More than that, it also can repair the error in your drive that isn’t detected by other software. It has full support for its user. And, you also can get the update regularly.


With that 3 software, you can recover any data that you want from your Mac. Of course, it would be better, if you also pay more attention, so you don’t need to have the problem. That way, you won’t need to go through all those difficult for Mac data recovery.

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