6 Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Face swapping is a feature in which you can swap your face with your friends and see how you look at each other. Faceswap is not a new feature it has been out there since 2013 but came into highlight after snapchat included it in their filters list in 2016.

The craze lasted for a long time and hence came a variety of applications that provide you with this feature.

So here we jot down the best face swap apps for android:

  • Face Swap: Weather Radar Forecast
  • Face Swap: Wombatica Software
  • Snapchat
  • Cupace
  • Face Changer Video
  • Face Swap Celebrity

1. Face Swap: Weather Radar Forecast

The face swap app from the weather radar forecast not only gives you a magical experience of face swapping with friends and families, it also gives you chance to swap a face with superstars and cute animals. Transform into any new face you like in a second.

It also comes with numerous motion stickers on face swap with themes such as an animal., cartoon etc. Want to become a cute doggie or kitty, face swap makes your dream come true.

Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Snap video- motion snap.
  2. Snap stickers.
  3. Swift sharing.

2. Face Swap:  Wombatica Software

Now you can be two-faced not just in real life but also in your photos as well. Just get two faces in the viewfinder and see the app do a live face swap on camera. And even when you are alone you can have tons of fun with a gallery of hilarious live masks: zombies, cute animals you name it they have got it.  Take crazy selfies and share them online.

Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Faceswap in seconds.
  2. Fun filters.

3. Snapchat

Best Face Swap Apps for Android

With over 500 million downloads its the giant that brought the feature of face swap in the market again and made it trending too. The swap feature can be found on their filter log and has been a permanent one for a long time.

You can face swap with your friend or companion and save it to memories or use images from your gallery to swap faces with. And other than that snapchat has a ton of features and filters to use.

Main Features:

  1. Express yourself.
  2. Have fun clicking and sharing.

4. Cupace

Cupace is a simple and powerful photo editor app to cut and paste faces in a photo. You can create memes, funny photos or swap faces by cutting faces as part of a photo and paste it on another photo.

Also, it gives you an option to add text. All the faces you have cropped can be saved in the face gallery and reuse it with multiple photos.

Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Add text to your pictures.
  2. Add stickers.
  3. Add a photo inside a photo.

5. Face changer video

Face changer video editor app is an editor in which you can use to change or edit your face in a video or image in a fun way with options like face warp, face swap, face mask, face blend, chin face etc and many more to choose from.

Take a video to add the filters and stickers and send it to your friends, it’s as easy as that.

Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Record videos or take a photo.
  2. Save and share easily.

6. Face Swap Celebrity

Fast, accurate and lightweight face swap celebrity is an application that will make it to your favorites list easily. You can use their trending feature of swapping your face with your favorite celebrity from the web and automatically put on your face on live camera.

You can perform functions; like face swapping and also swap faces with pictures from your gallery.

Best Face Swap Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Auto face swap.
  2. Manual face swap.
  3. Live face swap.

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