Best File Compression Tools For Macbook in 2018

If you have ever sent or received big files, you have encountered an archive. It shows the files hidden inside in some clicks. A zip file takes up not so much space as the usual one. Your documents are easier to send and to store. Here is an instruction on how to deal with zipped files on Macbook.

How to deal with zipped files on Macbook

To convert a document, select the item in the Finder and then select File -> Compress Item Name, or click on the chosen item and then select Compress Item Name. It is a very easy operation: a large folder converting will take a few minutes.

To uncompress zip documents even easier then to compress them. Just make two clicks. The archive utility leaps into action. It deals with various formats, including .bz, .gz and .tar.

Best File Compression Tools For Macbook

Best File Compression Tools For Macbook in 2018

Sharing and archiving documents is simple with the right software tool. It can not only reduce the file size but also has different extra features. You will have an opportunity to protect your documents with a password.

1. Archiver

With the arsenal of archive types, it handles and its rich options, this file compressor is what you need when it comes to easy converting. It will zip, unpack and encrypt your documents. You will enjoy the smart interface, compelling features, and a fast work. It is one of the best compressing software tools.


1. Clean-cut interface

The software features a minimalist main window with a drop zone. When a document is dropped there, the app presents you with a preview of the files that were loaded and gives you several choices depending on whether you have placed an archive or another format in it.

2. Potent

You can select the name, format, compression level, and encryption used. You can convert your documents into another format, split it into smaller parts, and extract it.

3. Speedy and strong

The tool converts documents in some seconds.


1.Two-step splitting

You can not split a document into parts: you have to archive it previously.

2. WinZip

One of the most famous names in the world of software utilities, WinZip is still going strong. Hearing the name feels like something of a blast from the past, and you may be astonished to learn that this venerable tool has reached version 21.


1. The software works with popular cloud-storage services.

2. It has revamped interface.

3. It is much faster than Windows’ built-in utility.

4. Plugin for Outlook.

5. ZipSend service enables large e-mail attachments.

6.Converts to PDF.


1. Missing some online storage systems like Box and iCloud.

2. Expensive.

3. Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Free Zip comes across as cute and cuddly, thanks to its clear interface and a bouncy GIF animation. It is very fast and easy to use. You can add a password to lock the files.


1. Nice drag-and-drop function for converting multiple documents.

2. It uses multiple cores to deliver more speed.

3. The choice between ZIP and 7Z formats.


1. Unresponsive tech support.

4. WinRar

The only tool that can create RAR archives. Whether you use it as a wizard or as a standard application, you have a wonderful amount of control under your archives. WinRAR is smart enough to tweak existing documents: it can convert files from one format to another and even repair damaged ones.


1. It can not only convert docs from one format to another but also repairs the damaged archives.


1. Some of the app’s tools can not be used if you choose the company’s RAR format rather than ZIP.

The look of these tools won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you can get past this, you will have an excellent converting tool.


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