7 Best Fitness Apps For Android to Help You Keep Fit in 2018

A fit body is an essential factor in achieving any goal in life. No matter what you do in life, you need to stay fit to be better at it. Fitness apps can help you to work on your fitness in a planned way.

It’s tough to follow workout routine daily basis to keep your body fit and healthy. You are rich or poor. It doesn’t matter, you can’t buy health.

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

-By Gautama Buddha

Having an Android phone won’t going to make you fit, but there are few apps which can help you stay fit in a way. But, it is hard to find the best app because there a lot of Fitness apps available in Play Store. That is why I have compiled a list for seven best fitness app for Android today.

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So, If you are looking for the Best fitness apps for Android, this post will help you to find the right app.

List of 7 Best Fitness Apps For Android to Help You Keep Fit in 2018

The seven best fitness apps I chose for this article are Google Fit, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Couch to 5K by RunDouble, Endomondo, Strava, and Yoga Studio.

1. Google Fit

Best Fitness Apps For Android

Google Fit is one of the most reliable and best fitness app. However, the unique feature of the Google Fit is its full integration with Android Wear.

Therefore, it is especially useful for people who love to wear a smartwatch.

Besides, the app also gives you data to analyze your progress, specific targets to achieve, and many other features. It records several things such as your running speed, route, elevation and much more to give you the stats.

You can track your fitness from any device such as your smartphone, tab, computer, and even your Android Wear watch. It is free as well, giving the app an edge over many other fitness apps.

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2. Runkeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Best Fitness Apps For Android

Another largely used fitness app is a Runkeeper. It is best suited for runners. You could track your performance regularly, make fitness plans, make running routes, and so on.

Also, you can measure your heart rate using this app if you have heart rate measuring sensor on your phone.

The app helps you to prepare even for a marathon. Another nice feature of the Runkeeper is that you can take fitness challenges, upon completion of which you would receive rewards.

Also, you can share your achievement with your family and friends. Also, it has plans for different workout types as well. Besides, many other fitness apps have this feature as well.

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3. Runtastic Running & Fitness Tracker

Best Fitness Apps For Android

Runtastic is another great app for fitness. It has a fitness tracker system that includes a dashboard that you can customize. Also, the app has a tie-up with several reputed music apps.  So, buy a good earphone and listen to music during the workout.

Also, there is a GPS tracking system available for your running, jogging, walking, and biking routes. Most of all, it has Android Wear support, making the app the best option for smartwatch wearers. There is also a group option available. Here you can team up with likeminded people and achieve your goals together. Also, you can get into a healthy competition with them as well.

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4. Couch to 5K by RunDouble

7 Best Fitness Apps For Android to Help You Keep Fit in 2018

Couch to 5K by RunDouble is a fitness app that helps you transform from being a couch potato to a person who can run 5K. It is packed with several features to track while you run.

The app has a MyFitnessPal integration feature. Using this feature, you can track how much calories you are burning during the workout. Also, you can make your favourite music playlists to play while working out.

Also, it has the half marathon, zero to 10K, 5K to 10K training programs for you to follow. The user interface is simple as well as intuitive. The app has a free trial version. Also, You can purchase the full version for $1.60 via in-app purchase.

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5. Endomondo – Running & Walking

7 Best Fitness Apps For Android to Help You Keep Fit in 2018

Endomondo is another best alternatives of Runkeeper fitness app. In it, you will be able to track fitness and workout routine.

You can even log all your indoor workouts manually on the app. Not only that, you could record motivational talks for your family and friends who need that.

Also, they can do the same for you. There is a subscription version as well. With that version, you would be able to remove ads, make a training plan just for yourself, analyze heart rate, etc.

Also, you can check statistics of calories, the running distance by year, etc.

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6. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

7 Best Fitness Apps For Android to Help You Keep Fit in 2018

How many times have you heard that we do better when in ay kind of competition?

If you are a like-minded person, then Strava fitness app is for you. It has a fun leaderboard feature in it. In this feature, you could put yourself in a fitness competition with your friends and family, people from your locality, yourself, and even with pros in the field.

This app brings a social aspect to your fitness routine. The user interface is simple and easy to use. There is a free version. But to get all the features of the app, you would need to buy the premium version.

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7. Yoga Studio

7 Best Fitness Apps For Android to Help You Keep Fit in 2018

Yoga Studio Android fitness app, as you can guess from the name, concerns itself with yogas. This is a pay-once app. You only need to pay once, that too a mere $4.99. You never have to pay any more subscription fees ever again.

The app has 65 yoga classes, along with video instructions. Not only that, but it also has 280 yoga poses for class schedule, classes that are customizable, and their practices as well.

Yoga Studio is a very good app for yoga enthusiasts who are just beginning.

However, if you are someone who is a professional or into yoga for a long time, then you might want something else that discusses yoga in a little more depth.

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These are the best fitness apps for Android for you. I use Google Fit to maintain my health. I just love this app. I have tried all the apps on the list, but Google Fit works best for me. Now that you know about them use the apps to your benefit. If you think I have missed something or you would like an app to be on the list, please let me know in the comments section below. You can also ask any question as well.

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