20 Best Soccer/Football Games For Android 2022(Updated)

If you were searching for the best football games for Android then you are in the right place. There is no wrong in saying that football is genuinely one of the most popular and entertaining sports game in the world.

Be it for the hard work of thousands of team, hundreds of leagues, or an amount of more than ten thousand players that are hugely worshipped by their fans! The game also swoops in all the attention. And it surely did last year too with the FIFA World Cup which happens once in 4 years! But if you are a football(soccer) fan, you know the football fever can never go down. And that is why the famous sport of football is not only popular in the real world but is also widely famed in the virtual world too! 


Best Football Games For Android

Be it in the video games era, or now in the era of smartphones, the footy-themed games have always won its player’s heart. As you can now find football games on all of the gaming platforms, including your very own Android device! And just like watching a live football game makes your blood run fast and your heart to throb, the mobile football games will also have the same impact on you. So, if you own an Android device and are looking for a good Football game, then your search is completed. As here is a list of 20 Best Football Games For Android which will surely keep the football fever alive in you always!

1. eFootball PES 2020

PES 2020 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER is one of the Best Football Games For Android ever created. Live out your childhood fantasy by taking control over legendary players from the football history all in the PES 2020 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER game. The legendary players in the game include Beckham, Maradona, Zico and many such more. Apart from the real-time players, the game also provides with world-famous club teams. And gives you the option to build your dream team by selecting from 10,000 actual players.

Also, the best part, you can play this game with your friends anytime and anywhere in the “Local Matches” and “Local Leagues” where you can create an original tournament! In addition, the game is simple to play with not much of controls, you need to swipe to pass and then tap to shoot.

In all, PES is a great game to experience authentic football on the go by playing as teams from all around the world.

Main Features:

  1. World-famous national and club teams.
  2. Legendary players.
  3. Featuring players and managers from the 2017-18 season.
  4. Simple controls.
  5. Local leagues.

Download eFootball PES

2. FIFA Soccer

Take over the world by building your ultimate team for an authentic 11vs11 soccer match all in the FIFA Soccer game. FIFA Soccer is one of the Best Football Games for Android Users.

The game offers tons of new content, that will let you enjoy soccer, either alone or with other players from all around the world. And the best part, you can build your very own dream team by selecting players from over 550 real teams! Which means all the famous football players can be a part of your victory! Also, the game provides with a number of different leagues and tournaments through which you can show your gaming skills and can get on top of that leaderboard.

So, train your players to be a superstar and feel the taste of victory in PVP matches all in the FIFA Soccer game.

Main Features:

  1. Real-time PVP match.
  2. Over 550 teams to choose from.
  3. Tournaments.
  4. Leaderboard rankings.
  5. AI trainer.

Download FIFA Soccer

3. Dream League Soccer 2020

Build the best team on the planet by recruiting real FIFA Pro licensed superstars and take over the world with the Dream League Soccer game. And you don’t just need to recruit your players but also you have to build your very own stadium! Also, the game provides with 6 leagues, realistic animations, 60fps dynamic gameplay, and many such more feature that will surely make you addictive of playing Soccer. Apart from this, the users also get tons of customization options for their players as well as for their logos and kits.

So, download Dream League Soccer and march towards glory, on your road to Soccer Stardom!



Main Features:

  1. Create your own team.
  2. Realistic new gameplay.
  3. Players from around the globe.
  4. 7 cup competitions.
  5. Exclusive soundtracks.

Download Dream League Soccer 2020

4. Ultimate Soccer – Football


Lead your dream team all the way to victory by winning the World Cup of FIFA! only in the Ultimate Football game. The game has simple and easy controls but with smooth animations and insane graphics. So that you get a great game without troubling yourself much to learn the controls. Simply, pass and dribble around opponents, take aim, and shoot the ultimate goal! Apart from this, the game also renders 1000+ players, 3 great, Carrer, World cup, and Friendly mode that will suit your everyday gaming needs.

So, train your players to improve their ability and put them on the path to glory to win in the Ultimate Football game.

Best Football Games For Android

Main Features:

  1. Realistic graphics.
  2. 1000+ players available.
  3. 3D graphics.
  4. High-quality sound effects.
  5. 3 different modes.

Download Ultimate Soccer – Football

5. Real Football

Real Football is a free football simulation game, in which you need to build your very own dream team with all the star players from around the world. After building your team, enhance your player’s ability by acquiring skill items through the lottery and matches.

The matches can be played on a small scale or even at a huge scale, as huge as a Cup championship! But you can always challenge other players in a synchronized PvP World Arena mode for climbing up in the leaderboard. And for viewing the best actions from your live matches, the app also has multiple camera views.

In all, Real Football is a great game for all the football lovers as it brings every stunning feature in one beautiful package.

Best Football Games For Android

Main Features:

  1. Stunning 3D visuals.
  2. Challenging AI.
  3. Best players from around the world.
  4. World arena.
  5. Leaderboards.

Download Real Football

6. Score! Hero

Score! Hero is an amazing soccer game where instead of controlling an entire team, you can only control one player. Also, instead of playing an entire match, you can only participate in a number of key plays in each match. Which means in some games you may be several goals behind where you try to catch up the score. Or in others, you have to score the winning goal in the last minute. So, the idea is, you always participate in the important moments, either by scoring or assisting.

In addition, the game also renders an organized series of levels where you can earn from one to three stars. For playing the game, simply slide your fingers and trace the path of the ball. You can also add effects to the ball in different shots or moves.

In all, Score! Hero is a great entertaining game with amazing graphics that will surely make you addictive of its gameplay.

Main Features:

  1. Over 600 challenging levels.
  2. Regular events.
  3. Easy controls.
  4. Stunning 3D graphics.
  5. Customization options.

Download Score! Hero

7. World Soccer League

World Soccer League is a 3D soccer game where you play all the players on a team, passing the ball, dribbling, and thrilling shooting. The game includes around 60 national teams, 60 clubs and a total of 2000 players to choose from! Also before entering into a real match, you can always select the Training mode, and first practice to polish your skills. Apart from the Training mode, there are more three different modes that contain various features. And the best part, you can even save an image from your live match or the whole video!


So, download World Soccer League and make your way to victory by managing a team with all the star players from around the world.

Main Features:

  1. A total of 2000 players.
  2. 4 modes.
  3. Achievements and Global Activity.
  4. Support 15 languages.
  5. Great visuals.

Download World Soccer League

8. Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer, as the name suggests, is a real-time online multiplayer game which happens only between the striker and the goal-keeper. In the game, you can battle against your friends in free-kick faceoffs, or make a name for yourself in the Carrer mode by competing against players from around the world.

The game provides with a number of online game modes where each one of them serves a different purpose. Although there is a wide option for selecting your players. But even after recruiting, you can customize your striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockable items!

So, travel through different stadiums around the globe and take on unique soccer challenges for an endless competitive football fun only in the Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer game.

Main features:

  1. Challenge players from across the world.
  2. Different game modes.
  3. Customization options.
  4. Play against friends.
  5. Different stadiums.

Download Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

9. Flick Shoot 2

Flick Shoot 2 is a soccer game which is mainly based on the concept of free kicks. As in the game, the player needs to attempt free kicks by using their fingertips as a football boot. The game also includes 6 different game modes such as Challenge, Arcade, Not Miss, Time Attack, Dribbling, and Practice. All the different modes serve a vivid feature and distinction. Apart from this, you can either play this game in PVP mode. Or can join the online tournament for the ultimate challenge against real users from all around the world.

In all, Flick Shoot 2 is a great game that has all improved 3D graphics and realistic animations that will give you the best football/free kick experience.

Main Features:

  1. 6 different single player modes
  2. Online/Multiplayer challenges.
  3. 3D graphics.
  4. Customization options.
  5. Tournaments.

Download Flick Shoot 2

10. Top Eleven 2020 – Be a soccer manager

Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager, as the name suggests, is a game where you can begin your journey as a football manager! And for becoming a prominent football manager, you need to first build your club from scratch and have to control every aspect of your team.

In the game, you need to do all the duties that are regulated by a manager, such as firstly naming your club, then conducting training sessions, formation set-ups, managing finances and so much more! And when you are all ready, with your star team, then you can challenge other football managers for various competitions and matches.

So, download Top Eleven- Be a Football Manager game and actually build your own dream team to win all the Champions League titles.

Main Features:

  1. Compete against managers daily.
  2. Multi-player mode.
  3. Great graphics.
  4. Different stadiums.
  5. Design your own training session.

Download Top Eleven 2020 – Be a soccer manager

11. Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues: Best Football game!

Soccer Star Top Leagues, is a soccer game where you control one player and you have to make him the football legend of this season. For doing so, you need to lead your team to the top of worldwide football. But don’t get too attached to only one club.

As in the game, the player needs to change its club every season to feel the emotions of playing in other leagues too. But the question is, can you win the trophies of all the championships? As the competition is tough and every club is striving hard to taste victory!

So, for getting this answer, download Soccer Star Top Leagues and try to become the best soccer player in whichever club you go.

Best Football Games For Android

Main features:

  1. Leagues and divisions.
  2. Contracts and sponsors.
  3. Clubs and seasons.
  4. Different training modes.
  5. Easy to play.

Download Soccer Star 

12. Online Soccer Manager (OSM) – 2020

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is a soccer game that will fulfill all your childhood fantasies of leading your favorite football team. As the game offers you a chance to not only become the manager. But also to respectively manage everything and more in your club.

From planning strategies, deciding the line-up, to even buying and selling of the players! And after you have managed everything, you can play matches once a day. It’s up to you how good you prepare your team. And what is more fun than comparing your soccer skills with your friends? Well, make sure you don’t see your club at the bottom of the leaderboard.

So, download Online Soccer Manager (OSM) and get your hands on all football competitions and clubs from all over the world.

Main features:

  1. Play with friends.
  2. Real clubs and players.
  3. Simple controls.
  4. Stunning graphics.
  5. Matches and tournaments.

Download Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

13. Head Football LaLiga 2020 – Skills Soccer Games

Head Soccer LaLiga, is the official free sports game for Spanish League Soccer. In the game, you start as a newbie and then you make your level up by completing all the different categories.

But what’s your favorite soccer team? Well, whatever it might be, now you can surely be a part of that dream team! So, don’t let your team down and play every match as it is your final! In addition, the game also provides a number of best official soccer stadiums and all the official players from the LaLiga Soccer games.

So, download Head Soccer LaLiga and get out on the field to show off your skills and win a number of tournaments that are waiting for you.

Main Features:

  1. Different game modes.
  2. Three categories.
  3. Real-time players.
  4. Tournaments in-game.
  5. Weekly events.

Download Head Football LaLiga 

14. Final kick 2020 Best Online football penalty game

Final kick is a football game focused on what many people consider the most nail-biting moment of any match and that is the penalty shots! In the game, you need to save your club and help them to become the world champion, by perfecting your football moves.

For making a perfect penalty shot, you need to shoot the ball with your finger and then drag the goalkeeper in order to make great saves. So even though the controls of the game are simple but it is still a lot tough to master them! Also, you can either play this game with your friends or let the computer choose a perfect opponent for you. And don’t worry if your internet is down, as you can still get your hands on 20 offline tournaments against 100 of the best soccer teams.

So, download Final kick and enjoy every penalty shots as if you were actually playing in Soccer cup final!

Main Features:

  1. Real-time graphics.
  2. Animations.
  3. Simple game controls.
  4. Real players.
  5. 20 offline tournaments.

Download Final kick 

15. Soccer Star 2020 World Football: World Star Cup

Soccer Star World Cup Legend is surely one of the best football game out there. As in the game, you not only be your own soccer manager but also you can be a worldwide football inspiration! So, there are two important roles that you need to play in the game. In addition, the game includes a number of tournaments and matches that will keep you hooked for a long time.

But if you are not a pro at football, don’t worry, as there are a number of training modes that will help you to get through it. Also, the controls of the game are very simple, with amazing graphics and visuals.

So, play around the world and win titles with your ultimate team and become a soccer hero only in the Soccer Star World Cup Legend game.

Main Features:

  1. Multiple championships and leagues.
  2. Easy to play.
  3. Different training modes.
  4. Real-time players.
  5. Striking graphics.

Download Soccer Star

16. Shoot Goal ⚽️ Football Stars Soccer Games 2020

Shoot Goal is a soccer game which is mainly based on the concept of the most interesting pair and that is Striker v/s Goalkeeper. In the game, you need to polish your skills to score the winning goal of your team.

Also, it is a PVP game, which means you can face rivals from around the world in the Competitive multiplayer online mode. So, show them your skills and become the king of PVP matches. And apart from the online matches, the game renders a number of levels where you can show the coach your best works. In addition, the game includes great graphics and stunning animation too.

So, download Shoot Goal – Soccer Game, and shoot goals for your team to be the winner of the championship.

Best Football Games For Android

Main Features:

  1. PVP matches.
  2. Players from worldwide.
  3. Amazing celebrations.
  4. Simple controls.
  5. Great visuals.

Download Shoot Goal

17. Mobile Soccer League

Mobile Soccer League is a 3D soccer game where you can choose from a number of leagues to participate in. Such as, Major league, Spanish league, England league, Italy league, and many such more. Apart from this, the game also renders tons of recent and most popular Championship Cups to win. For playing the game, you get joystick controls on your Android screen which makes it rather easy to get your hands on. In addition, the game renders great animation and 3D visuals which will surely keep you hooked on your screens.

So, download the Mobile Soccer League and get a stunning 3D soccer experience on your Android devices.

Main features:

  1. Realistic 3D graphics.
  2. Different cups to win.
  3. A number of leagues.
  4. Easy controls.
  5. Edit your tactics.

Download Mobile Soccer League

18. Mobile Kick

Mobile Kick is a 3D soccer game which is mainly based on the concept of penalties and free kicks. The game includes a number of famous leagues such as the Major league, French league, Turkish league, Brazilian league, and significant others. Apart, from this, there are also different types of modes in which you can play the game according to your preference. Also, you get a chance of playing the most recent and popular cups!

So, download Mobile Kick and get your hands on one of the most interesting penalties, free kicks, and dribbling game.

Main Features:

  1. 3D graphics.
  2. Famous and recent championship cups.
  3. A number of leagues.
  4. Different modes.
  5. Realistic free kicks.

Download Mobile Kick

19. Soccer Kicks (Football)

Soccer Kicks (football) as the name suggests, is an intense free-kick soccer game where you can easily practice your free-kick skills on Android. For playing the game, you need to flick the ball to kick it out. Then swipe on your Android screens to adjust the direction of the ball while it is in the air. If not swipe, then you can also make a gesture of curve to curve the ball on the screen.

The game renders three intense game modes that you can according to your preference. In addition, the game has amazing 3D visuals and immersive sound that will surely keep you hooked for hours.

So, download Soccer Kicks and get a game that will give you the highest level of complete control and pinpoint accuracy.

Best Football Games For Android

Main features:

  1. Three intense game modes.
  2. 2 Player Mode.
  3. Easy to use on-screen controls.
  4. Amazing 3D visuals.
  5. Immersive sound.

Download Soccer Kicks

20. World Cup Penalty Shootout

The world cup is here and you have to give your best shot to win in one of the most intense penalty shootout game of World Cup Penalty Shootout. The game includes four stunning modes, Targets, Time Attack, Wall, and Shootout, which will not only improve your game but will, in fact, make you a better player!

Also, you get 12 teams to choose from! So pick your favorite ones and help them to win the championship trophy. In addition, you can also buy some power-ups to get extra power extra curve or a nice score multiplier.

So, download and play World Cup Penalty Shootout and enjoy the fun of scoring lots of goals!

Main Features:

  1. Over 12 teams to choose from.
  2. 4 game modes.
  3. 3 different power-ups.
  4. Intuitive gameplay.
  5. Great graphics.

Download World Cup Penalty Shootout


Which is the best football Android game?

PES and Fifa are the two best football games for android that are available on play store. 

What is the best football game in the world?

For smartphone PES is amazing while for PS, XBOX and Desktop it has to be FIFA. 


So, above was the list of 20 Best Football Games For Android that you can easily play on your devices without any hassle. Also, all of the above games are based on a different concept that covers the overall Football challenges which you can see in any Football match. As in some games, you can be the manager of your very own football team! In some, you can be the lead star who will help the team to win a championship.

While in some you can either play as the Striker or the Goalkeeper, as on whose shoulders the final winning score depends! So, with such a wide range, the choice is all up to you. But don’t worry whatever your choice will be, as every mentioned game render great graphics and stunning gameplay which will surely keep you hooked for hours. 

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