Best Free Android Games for Game Players

The passion has no boundaries. The love for gaming is real. Some people love games and spend most of their time playing games. They aim to get the latest game and score the highest marks in these. Some people with software engineering move towards a higher step and make games and websites. You can read Hayk’s reviews to analyze the working capability and status of success in this regard.

With the increasing trend of playing games, the game’s developers are making games with tremendous features to increase adaptability and acceptability. Some games are available free to install, and some require money. Everyone cannot afford to pay for a game and tends towards cheaper sources. Following are some amazingly reviewed free android games:

1. Pokémon Go

Pokémon go is a really fun and entertaining game. It was launched in 2016 and still is available as a free option to install. It was the biggest hit in 2016. Everyone starts installing and reviewing the app either by blogging or on social media. In the game, you have to find the Pokémon and the Pokémon stations. Pokémon is a cute and popular cartoon character that attracts the attention of even more audiences. You can simply download the fame from google play store in your smartphones.

Download Pokémon Go


PUBG is one of the most popular and common games of recent times. The vast spread of the game provides surety of the entertainment. The fever of PUBG has spread worldwide. Everyone is installing and playing PUBG to enter in the world of trend. In the recent world, everything has been made so superficial, and people love to show their every activity on social media. It is the social media who decide what is popular and what is not on the basis of maximum likes and reviews.

Basically, it is a boy’s game as it involves the players who are fighting with weapons like guns and much more. The whole scenario of fighting and loading guns makes a war scene where you are a commando fighting with the opponents; the overall story enhances the interest of the game.

Download PUBG Mobile

3. Critical Ops

It is a game that is free to install in smartphones. The game is all about the shooting and the shooters. You are the main character that will kill the terrorists and save humanity. It also allows you to connect with the other gameplay members through online access. Then it will become a community of the players. It is the benefit of the free game that you can select according to your interest. Like if you try one free game and do not like it much, then you can delete that and install the other. But in the case of paid games, your donor has that option otherwise your money will go to waste. This amazing game has the best levels that are urban-oriented. Give it a try and choose on your own.

Download Critical Ops


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