7 Best Free Note Taking Apps For iPad With Apple Pencil

How can we practically carry around a bunch of papers that need to be sorted and organized every now and then? Why can’t there be an innovation of a pen-like stick and a digital book? Not a book but like a device that helps in note-taking and scheduling events and gaming while boredom strikes?

Well, well, well; it’s 2019 and isn’t it relieving that technology exists? With its many boons, technology and Steve Jobs bring the Apple Ipad combined with the ability to have multiple utility features. Now, while it may look like JUST A TABLET; the Apple Ipad has some undiscovered potential. Do you ever feel like bringing out your artistic or poetic side or just taking notes but there isn’t a pen and paper? And voila! Apple Ipad with its stylus helps you to do just that and a LOT MORE!

When it comes to leisure; Apple’s Ipad sure makes reading books in bed way more comfortable and easy than actual books. Need help in the kitchen? The Apple Ipad will be your guide and helping hand. In business, the Ipad is no less than a second monitor. Need to scan or read a document AND take notes? Well, again you can do it all with the Apple Ipad and the great Apple pencil. Undoubtedly switching from the traditional wooden pencil to Apple’s Pencil has to be your favorite millennial thing!

Now that we’ve realized how convenient it is to leave behind the stack of stationery and replace it with an Ipad; let’s quickly dive in and see the best free note-taking apps exclusively for Ipad with Apple Pencil.

Best Free Note Taking Apps For Ipad With Apple Pencil: 

  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Evernote
  • Penultimate
  • Google Keep
  • Keynote
  • Notebook
  • MetaMoJi Note Lite

1. Microsoft OneNote

Your very own digital notepad with the ease of capturing pictures, scanning documents, creating your own design anytime, anywhere. Have a seamless experience with the availability of this information across all devices; whether at home, on-the-go or at the office. Need to work together on something? Do it with Microsoft OneNote on Apple Ipad anywhere. Simply collaborate and start working in sync with your group to avoid repeated file transfers. Along with which you can also save notes to the cloud storage and be stressfree of losing it. Going on a holiday and have a shopping or to-do list to be checked out? Do it with the little, coloring sticky notes. Make the most out of your digital notebook- the Ipad with Apple Pencil- with Microsoft OneNote for free.

Best Free Note Taking Apps For Ipad With Apple Pencil

Main Features:

  • Quickly capture and insert images into notes.
  • Secure your work with Touch ID and password.
  • Get the MS Office experience with an MS Office Account.
Download Microsoft OneNote

2. Evernote

Always wanted to keep yourself organized? Is it just too many efforts? Worry not! Evernote keeps all of your data organized; be it text, sketches, pictures, pdf or videos. Do it in the easiest way by dictating your thoughts and let Evernote do the typing for you. For instant searches too; just dictate and get the results on your Apple Watch. Moreover, set reminders, get notifications and never forget an important date or meeting. Have a group project coming up? Maximize productivity by allowing access to multiple partners and work alongside. Have LOTS of data and documents to be organized and multiple accounts to grant access? Get Evernote Premium and avail the benefits.

Best Free Note Taking Apps For Ipad With Apple Pencil

Main Features:

  • To-do’s, web pages, checklists all in a searchable format.
  • Create agendas, annotate documents and work with multiple participants.
  • Holidays, events or parties; plan it all.
Download Evernote

3. Penultimate

Want to use digital notepads but are bored with the monotonous fonts? Think your beautiful handwriting could’ve made one beautiful font? It is now possible with the Penultimate application! Simply use the Apple Pencil to jot down anything and everything in the Penultimate note-taking application. With its excellent handwriting recognition; you can save and browse for your work quickly through the app. Take notes or doodle your time away with the best digital handwriting on the iPad. With Penultimate its like writing with your favorite pen.

Main Features:

  • Take digital notes in your own handwriting.
  • Drift feature adjusts the page with your pace.
  • Use the Apple Pencil to get the outstanding experience of writing.
Download Penultimate

4. Google Keep

Note important dates and scheduled meetings? Still, face the end moment hassle? Google Keep brings you the reminder tool for keeping yourself alert with upcoming events. Find it difficult to search for the most important document in a list? Get it color coded, labeled and you are good to go. Keep all the data within your reach; ALWAYS by accessing your notes on iPhone, MacBook as well as iPad. Want to be reminded of the grocery list while you visit the supermarket? Set your geo-targeted reminder and never forget to shop for any grocery. All with Google Keep on your iPad with Apple Pencil for free.

Best Free Note Taking Apps For Ipad With Apple Pencil

Main Features:

  • Location-based and time-based reminder to never miss a thing.
  • Share your to-do list and strike off things in real time.
  • Store longer reminders in the form of audio notes.

Download Google Keep

5. Keynote

Have an important presentation to deliver and you have little time left? Or need a theme that is different than others? Turn directly to Keynote and get a professional looking presentation. With its cinematic transitions and animations; make your presentations appealing in just a few minutes. Upload it to iCloud or Box and secure it with a password. Improve yourself with rehearsal, slide navigator and timer all with Keynote. Besides, you can use the 700 editable shapes available or draw your own using an Apple Pencil.

Main Features:

  • 30 Apple designed themes and Gorgeous slide transitions.
  • Instant Alpha removes image backgrounds.
  • See who’s currently in the presentation with you and follow their cursors.
Download Keynote

6. Notebook

Love to take notes on the iPad but bugged with ads? Download Notebook and get ad-free user experience. Use Siri to dictate text or jot down yourself using the 3D Touch option under Quick Actions on your iPad. Need help in the kitchen? Notebook-your mate-sorts out the recipe, its pictures and creates a checklist of ingredients. Moreover, it also gives the step by step procedure of the dish. Making notes or reading gets easier with the night mode feature that comes along with the application.

Best Free Note Taking Apps For Ipad With Apple Pencil

Main Features:

  • Audio note card to record ideas, meetings, and lectures.
  • Group various related notes into notebooks for ease of search.
  • Sync allows accessing notes from various platforms.
Download Notebook

7. MetaMoJi Note Lite

Always loved Scrapbooks and Whiteboards? Here comes MetaMoJi Note Lite-your digital scrapbook with 50X scaling ability. So may it be note taking in the form of a whiteboard or a sticky note; Visual Integrity will always be maintained on your iPad. Besides, you can also save your drawings in the form of JPEG graphics. Although it is like a scrapbook, who doesn’t love to be perfect? And therefore this application has an inbuilt spell checker. Moreover, you can also create your own Pinterest board and go viral on social networks. So much bundled in a free application!

Best Free Note Taking Apps For Ipad With Apple Pencil

Main Features:

  • Mark up and sign critical business documents.
  • Use as a dynamic whiteboard for note taking.
  • Design flyers, greeting cards, and digital calendars.

Download MetaMoJi


Which note taking application is best for you? Firstly, if you are looking for business purpose then Microsoft OneNote, Google Keep, and Keynote are your go-to apps. Secondly, Evernote and Notebook are suitable for you if you love to take notes but are not a fan of writing. And finally, you will thank us for suggesting Penultimate and MetaMoJi Note Lite if you like to scribble or have artistic handwriting. Let us know your opinions about this list in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article in your social circle.


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