7 Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

Despite posting photos and videos regularly and equipping the right set of captions on your feed, you may be still lacking on the opportunity of getting noticed, if not using the correct hashtags. Instagram being an indispensable platform for promoting products and increasing engagement, when used wisely can do wonders for your brand. 

Instagram hashtags play an integral role in the world of digital marketing – it cuts the digital clutter and directs users to the page they’ve been looking for. A research on Instagram usage estimated a 12.6% more engagement on posts with hashtags than those without.

Including hashtags with your content will eventually grab people’s attention. They might even end up following your account in the hope of seeing more such content. Using appropriate hashtags helps Instagram reach your content to the right people who have genuine interest in the subjects mentioned in your posts. 

7 Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

You can use hashtag apps for Instagram – if you’re uncertain on how to use hashtags. Currently, these are the 7 best hashtag apps for Instagram.

1. in Tags

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

in Tags comes loaded with amazing hashtags that you can directly share to your Instagram post. You’ll get relevant hashtags based on your keyword search. The user-interface of the app is intuitive and that all the hashtags are nicely categorized which makes the searching process quite convenient.

It also allows you to create your own hashtags which you can save in a separate card for later use. All in all, it will generate and create relevant hashtags for your Instagram feed. 

Download in Tags (Android)

2. Hashtag Generator

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

Hashtag Generator is an outstanding app that helps you get more likes and followers on your Instagram account by rendering you with trending and relevant hashtags. Type the keyword and the app will display a bunch of useful hashtags related to it. 

Later, you just have to copy your selected hashtags and paste it directly to your Instagram post. The most amazing feature from the app is that it provides frequent content updates about trending subjects on Instagram. 

Download Hashtag Generator (iOS)

3. Tagify

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

Tagify helps you find the best hashtags that are the most relevant to your posts. It generates the top 30 hashtags based on your keyword selection. Equipped with hashtags of almost every category, this app is surely among the best suited apps for Instagram hashtags. 

You can even create your own hashtags and mix it with others to create a great combination. The created hashtags can then be saved in a separate file for later use. Well, it is totally free, so try it now!

Download Tagify (Android)

4. Hashtags Manager for Instagram Likes and Followers

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

Hashtags Manager is yet another hashtag generator app for Instagram that offers loads of preset popular hashtags – for you to get more likes and followers. By using the apps’ Quick Generate feature, you could get some of the most relevant hashtags related to your keyword selection. 

It even has a feature that displays the number of likes and posts that have been gathered by a particular hashtag group. The Analyze feature is an exceptional one in that it creates all the trending hashtags on the go. 

Download Hashtags Manager (Android)

5. Likes With Tags for Instagram

Likes With Tags for Instagram is a simple yet useful app  that displays all the hashtags relevant to your search – so that in the end all you get is an increased engagement. The hashtags that you select from the app can be saved in a separate folder so that you can use it again whenever you want to. 

The app is available for free and comes equipped with content that is suitable for every Instagram user, influencer, small business, brand or content creator. 

Download Likes With Tags for Instagram (iOS)

6. # Hashtag Inspector PRO

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

# Hashtag Inspector PRO, as the name says, inspects your requirements and serves you with the trendy and most suitable hashtags. The app equips a bunch of useful hashtags and provides you with the most logical ones related to your search. 

Once you enter the keyword word for which you would like to get hashtags for, the app displays even the slightest hashtags that are related to your selection. Within the app, you’ll also find the most interacted accounts and shares according to hashtags. 

Download # Hashtag Inspector PRO (Android)

7. Trending Hashtags by Statstory

Best Hashtag Apps for Instagram

With Trending Hashtags by Statstory’s unique algorithm, you will always come across trendy and relevant hashtags. They use real-time information and based on the information gathered provides you with the most suitable ones. 

All you have to do is enter the keyword and based on that, the app will show you a tailored list of hashtags based on the most popular posts. It even tells you how popular a hashtag is and a list of popular posts who have benefited from the same. 

Download Trending Hashtags by Statstory (iOS)


What is the best hashtag app for Instagram?

All of the above listed hashtags apps are some of the best ones to rely on for getting relevant and popular hashtags. 

What is the best way to create a hashtag on Instagram?

The best way to create a hashtag on Instagram is to use the Insights feature to analyze what works best for you.

How do I choose a hashtag?

Start by understanding the nature of your post, based on that, it will take you only a matter of time to find the most suitable hashtag for your content. 

What are some good hashtags?

#love, #instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #tbt, #like4like, and #followme are some of the most popular Instagram hashtags used on Instagram. 


These were some of the best hashtags apps for Instagram, they will present you with the most appropriate hashtags based on your content. You’ll definitely see a sprout in your likes and followers count. 

Which of the above mentioned hashtag apps are you going to use? Tell us in the comment section below.

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