5 Best Ideas To Make Money From Your WordPress Site

Do you have a WordPress-powered website that attracts a generous amount of traffic? If yes, how much you are earning out of it? Are using all the methods that can generate revenue on a WordPress website?

Started as a mere blogging tool, WordPress is now considered as one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS). Approximately 30% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. And with such a huge market share, WordPress supports more ways of earning money than any other platform.

Most of the website owners rely solely on Adsense to generate revenue. If your website has good traffic, using the only AdSense as the source of income is like undermining the potential of your website. Here, we will discuss various ways which can be used to earn money from a WordPress-powered website, thereby increasing your revenue and income significantly. But before that let’s have a small idea of what WordPress is all about, in case you don’t know.

What is WordPress?

WordPress was initially used as a blogging tool, however, due to its open-source nature and increasing popularity, the community around it started growing. Today, there are tens of thousands of themes and plugins available for WordPress, which can let you make any kind of website with it.

Making a website with WordPress is absolutely free and easy. You simply need to download the self-hosted installation, upload it on your host’s server (hosting charges may apply), and there you are, ready to go. Things like uploading content and designing the website, are fairly easy and simple with a very small learning curve.

5 Best Ideas To Make Money From Your WordPress Site

5 Best Ideas To Make Money From Your WordPress Site

When you are on WordPress, you are open to a wide channel, a medium through which you will find many ways to earn money online. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is presently one of the most popular advertisement management systems on the internet. It is based on CPC and CPM mechanism, which means, it pays for every click or per thousand impressions.

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The CPC basis of Google Adsense is a complete contrast to CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions), wherein M is the symbol for 1,000. In fact, many believe that CPM is a much more reliable source of income in this ad network as there are no clicks on the ads are required and you get paid a fixed amount of money for every 1,000 times an ad has been displayed on your website/blog.

Setting up Google Adsense is easy, but requires a lot of things to be taken care of. Once you have opened an account, Google will verify your website and quality of contents on it so that the ad network is not compromised with. Once, your account is approved, you can start placing the ad on your website.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

5 Best Ideas To Make Money From Your WordPress Site
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Affiliate marketing is another popular method earning money through your WordPress website or blog. Affiliate marketing means promoting products and services from a particular provider on your blog. Once you have set up the ads from your affiliate partner, the visitors of your website may find them interesting and clicks on the link to buy it. The more users click and buy, the more you earn. However, there are some factors that are necessary to be kept in mind while you are using affiliate links on your website.

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  • Unlike Adsense, cost per action is pre-fixed and varies from product to product
  • In pay per sale model, the user clicking on the affiliate link needs to purchase the commodity or service in one session of the visit. The reference will not be applicable if the user starts a new session
  • If the user buys the product or service, he/she should have made the transaction by clicking on the affiliate link to your website.

You can see various affiliate sites such as retailmenot.com, zoutons.com, extremecouponing.co.uk, ivouchercodes.ph which are doing these kinds of activity in their respective countries.

Affiliate marketing has a variety of ad types that you can use according to the theme and designing of your blog. In general, through an affiliate account, you can place banners on the header or footer of your website, place picture ads, text ads or semi text ads. You can also add links to the product or service within your blog text, just like you use outbound links (for example – Click here to buy)

Attaching affiliate marketing on your website is a very easy process and more like a DIY. All you need to do is:

  • Open an affiliate marketing account, separately with retailers, or simply join an affiliate marketing network
  • Fill out all the necessary forms including personal information as well as bank account information
  • Choose the genre in which you want the ads to show
  • Follow the steps to get the code
  • Paste the code into the HTML of your blog and you are done

Another interesting fact about the affiliated programs is that you can select from a wide range of revenue models. For example:

  • Pay per Sale: Whenever a customer buys a product using your link, on the completion of the transaction, you get a certain percentage or amount from the merchant.
  • Pay per Click: Whenever a visitor clicks on the ad, he/she automatically gets redirected to the merchant’s website, and that is when you get paid.
  • Pay per Lead: When a referred visitor fills up a contact form on the target site, you get paid.

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3. Selling ad spaces

Selling ad spaces is another popular method to earn from your blog. You can sell widgets, header space or footer to advertisers, who will put up their banners on the spaces in return for a fixed amount of pre-defined money. However, finding a good advertiser is a little difficult, especially if you are new to the world of blogging. Big companies mostly prefer to put ads only on popular websites/blogs and the rate of considering newbies are least.

4. Selling products via an eCommerce website

5 Best Ideas To Make Money From Your WordPress Site

This is another great way to start earning money with your online visibility. There are a plethora of themes available on WordPress that are specially designed for e-commerce websites. Apart from this, WordPress has a wide range of plugins to define your website the way you want to.

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To start your own online business you need to have a domain name and a web hosting account. Once you have all of this, the next step is of setting up a platform for an online store. Choosing WordPress and Woocommerce for building up the platform is the best option. To setup the platform you can choose Bluehost which is the most recommended host for WordPress and Woocommerce website/blog. Apart from Bluehost, there are many web hosts that offer great offers on hosting along with a free domain. Some web hosts are Godaddy, HostGator, etc.

5. Writing Reviews Gets You Paid

How wonderful it would be that you will be getting paid just for writing reviews! Paid reviews are everywhere and are slightly different from sponsored posts. Here you get a chance to try out different products for free and in return, you just need to place your review on your blog, for which you get paid. For best results, review the service or product that you think is interesting and relevant to your blog’s genre.

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Even if you want, you can approach different companies, all by your own and can ask for doing a paid review for them. Most of the companies do allow people to write about their product if their website is popular and has a lot of loyal visitors.


By this time you must have got plenty of ideas on how you can earn with the help of a WordPress-powered website or blog. Having a website or blog with a good amount of traffic is one of the most reliable ways to earn money online. However, setting up such a reliable source of income is a long process and requires a lot of hard work, determination and perseverance.

You will find that there are many people who start an online business or blog with a misconception of hitting the purple patch right away. With this misleading concept, they are often lost or give up their trials. When you have plunged into the world of online monetization, the most important character that you need to build is persistence, each time you fail or give up thinking that the process is too long and unachievable.

If you still feel that you have got what it takes to get success with this field of work, you can come and take a plunge and find out yourself how vast the online world is.

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