Best Instagram Features in Trend (and How to Use them to Grow Your Business)

Setting marketing goals for 2018, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of social media presence. Running social media accounts isn’t optional these days, and companies use various platforms for a lot of things, and boosting sales is a core goal.

Best Instagram Features

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In 2018, one thing is guaranteed, investing in an online store isn’t enough to increase sales. E-commerce has boomed over the last few years as customers opt for online shopping and the ability to get a purchase delivered to the front door. According to BigCommerce, 96% of Americans have made an online purchase in their life, so marketers are looking for alternative ways to sell online.

For a variety of reasons, optimizing the online shopping customer experience is a must, and selling on Instagram can be beneficial for brands and customers. Running business accounts is the future of the e-commerce, and you need to understand the power of Instagram to promote your business. Just imagine: 25 million businesses promote their brands on the platform. Thus, it’s crucial to keep up with the trends to beat competitors and boost sales.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, and attract more followers a.k.a. potential clients on any social media platform, you need to know what is trendy. When it comes to Instagram marketing, keeping up with the trends is even more important.

Here’s the list of Best Instagram Features in trend that helps to grow your business:

1. Clickable story links

Running business accounts on Instagram, marketers can drive more traffic to the websites if they add swipeable links to the stories. Instagram helps business profiles achieve their marketing goals as they are allowed to add clickable links. Including call-to-action buttons, brands encourage their followers to click a link and visit a landing page for more information.

If you can provide your potential customers with the details without wasting their time, they will never forget you. Using clickable story links, you help followers save time on searching information about the product they might want to buy, and it increases their purchase decisions.

Bonus tip: Although you can add a link to every story you post, don’t overdo it. Use relevant and valuable links to introduce new products or announce online sales.

2. Shoppable tags

Since 2016, Instagram has been testing another feature that allows brands to tag up to 5 products in a post, describing the items and adding the price. Such posts look the same as others on the platform, but there’s a little shopping bag icon in the bottom-left corner that allows users to tap it to view products. It gives Instagrammers an opportunity to click and buy within the app itself if they’re interested in the tagged products.

While Instagram has been a great platform for discovering new products, it’s getting easier to sell the app, too. Moreover, brands can turn to influencers to get their product tagged in their photos to enter an already-established community and reach potential customers outside their business accounts.

Bonus tip: Although Shoppable tags feature hasn’t been rolled out to all users yet, so it’s important to keep an eye on the updates to be ready for using it.

3. Stories highlights

No sooner had Instagram announced stories than this feature became popular on the platform. Ephemeral content is a perfect way to keep your followers hooked without overposting on the newsfeed. Now, people can use Stories Highlights to keep the bestest stories that show up in a separate horizontal bar, right under the bio section.

What is more, brands can help their followers and potential clients to get access to the most important information without wasting much time. It’s so-called the creme de la crème of your products and news as you can keep up to 100 stories on the top of the page.

Bonus tip: Boost creativity and name stories highlights to display the content. For example, ‘products’, ‘on sale’, ‘our services’.

4. Multiple photos

According to a data, the 90% of the transmitted information in the human brain is visual. Thus, Instagram photos matter as the quality of your pictures affects the possibility to capture followers’ attention. If you want to engage the audience, you need to take care of visual marketing.

At the same time, overwhelming followers with a slew of photos isn’t a way out, so it’s better to post multiple photos as a single post to show off more details. Showcase up to 10 specific details about your product to give a potential customer maximum information about it

Bonus tip: Include a call to action to the caption (swipe right for more) to let your followers know that they can see more images.

5. Shop Now button

Promoting your brand on Instagram takes time to drive sales, and sometimes you can’t wait that long to get your business to the next level. If you want to achieve the results faster, you can give Instagram advertising a try as it’s a proven way to reach your target audience and boost engagement. Moreover, Forrester claims Instagram ads have the highest engagement rate of all digital ad placements.

Setting up your advertising campaign on Instagram, think about building a better shopping experience for your customers. For example, you can add Shop Now button that will take your followers directly to a product page which means making the shopping process more comfortable. When you put your customers first, it’s more likely you can suit their needs and, therefore, increase shopping cart abandon rate.

Bonus tip: Choose a relevant call-to-action button when planning your ad. For example, if you’re selling services, you may use Book Now button.

To sum up

Instagram is the fastest growing social network that attracts around 500 million daily active users. Instagram marketing gives many opportunities to big and small businesses as it’s still possible to generate sales without investing much. The only one thing you should do is optimize your Instagram account for e-commerce, and keep up with the trends to reach your potential customers.

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