10 Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad for Better Writing Experience

Apple has set a mark for itself when it comes to selling quality products, recently making them the world’s first trillion-dollar company. They straddle with one leg in software perfection while the other in delivering long-lasting hardware (People are still using their iPhone 6S!). But they never excelled in customizing their UI, unlike Android, in which you can literally change every aspect of your phone.

A few years ago, Apple users could only type with the built-in keyboard, which was nothing to write home about. Soon, Microsoft’s Swiftkey changed all that by launching their famous keyboard for iOS. Others like Gboard followed suit and in 2019, we have a vast array of keyboards that iPhone users get to choose from. Whether you are in the store for a good keyboard to improve your grammar or for just typing fast, we’ve prepared a list of 10 of the best keyboard apps available for iOS right now. So dive in.

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone and iPad for Better Writing Experience:

  1. Gboard
  2. SwiftKey Keyboard
  3. Grammarly Keyboard
  4. Fleksy- GIF, Web & Yelp Search
  5. Bitmoji
  6. GO Keyboard
  7. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard
  8. Color Keyboard
  9. GIF Keyboard
  10. FancyKey

1. Gboard

Gboard is a notable keyboard app from Google, which is the most preferred keyboard for Android users. The iOS version tops our list for the very similar reasons – it’s fast, reliable and the voice typing is bang on. You can effortlessly type with the keyboard which has a built-in Google search option for those few quick searches. Gboard has also introduced a ‘Glide Typing’ feature which we saw in early versions of Android, giving the user an option of typing by sliding fingers letter to letter. If you don’t feel like typing then simply express yourself with GIFs, which are of an enormous collection. There’s also a library for stickers, which isn’t that impressive as the GIFs but gets the work done. Gboard supports over 30 languages and keeps on adding more with every update. So, hit the download link below and make your fingers content.

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • A wide gamut of themes.
  • Voice typing
  • Multi-lingual typing.
  • In-built Google search.

Download Gboard

2. Swiftkey Keyboard

The next app on our list is Microsoft-powered Swiftkey Keyboard which is the first third-party keyboard app launched for iOS. People pick Swiftkey over other keyboards for the sheer number of features it incorporates. This includes in-built GIFs and an Emoji search, multilingual typing with support for 150 languages and a swipe typing. Microsoft calls this an intelligent keyboard which learns your typing, word choices, and emoji usage. If you are into customization, you will be enamored with the options you could tap into. Apart from these nifty features, you can style how your keyboard looks with theme option offering dozens of colorful themes. You also get a toolbar feature where sits an expandable menu option like handy settings icon or themes shortcut to change existing preferences without opening the app. So, download this app and swiftly type those long messages.

Main Features:

  • 150 languages supported.
  • Full on customization.
  • Handy toolbar.
  • GIF search.

Download Swiftkey Keyboard

3. Grammarly Keyboard

Ever got stuck in a situation where you wouldn’t how to frame a perfect sentence to impress your date or the boss? Well, Grammarly is here just to solve that. This keyboard aims for mistake-free writing with regular grammar checks, a punctuation correction and enhancing your vocabulary. If you don’t want to repeat a word, you also get a synonym finder which is a convenient feature. Other commonplace features such as emoji search and auto-correct are also present. So, give Grammarly a try for a better impression.

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Easy setup.
  • Better Auto-Correct.
  • Faster typing.
  • Spot on Grammar correction.

Download Grammarly Keyboard

4. Fleksy – GIF, Web & Yelp Search

Fleksy is an all-in-one keyboard that suffices your many needs. You get gesture features for a faster typing experience. There are myriad of extensions available for better convenience which include Hotkeys, number row, cursor control, one-handed mode and so on. Fleksy supports more than 30 languages and 5 layouts. Like other apps in the list, you get to apply theme based on your likes. This keyboard also helps you search for songs in Spotify and YouTube. Customizing is a key point for Fleksy which gives many theme options, without compromising typing speeds. So, download this app via the link given below and type flexibly.

Main Features:

  • 50+ themes, 800+ emojis.
  • Song search.
  • Extensions.

Download Fleksy – GIF, Web & Yelp Search

5. Bitmoji

Ranked #8 in the Utilities section, Bitmoji is comprehensive keyboard add-on that lets you use numerous stickers for better expression of thoughts. You can also create a cartoon avatar of yourself, just like Animoji, which is a fun yet simple feature. The app seamlessly syncs across iMessage, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. If you use Snapchat copiously, you can unlock friendmoji which feature 2-person bitmojis featuring you and your friends! So, head on the Apple Store and make your own emoji.

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Acts as an add on.
  • Various stickers options.
  • Seamless sync across various apps.

Download Bitmoji

6. Go Keyboard

GO Keyboard is a versatile DIY app that focuses on the typing experience and customization equally. The auto-correct is quite good with a prediction feature which predicts your next word while typing. The app has over 100 themes which will apply for anyone’s taste. Not only this, you get to add an image to the background, select from multiple fonts and key-tones. With support for over 50 languages, GO Keyboard will surely impress a lot of you. The app is a favorite among Apple users as it featured more than 400 times in iTunes. So, go and grab this keyboard.

Main Features:

  • 100+ themes.
  • 50+ keyboard layouts.
  • 1000+ emojis.
  • Effortless typing.

Download Go Keyboard

7. TouchPal  Emoji Keyboard

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard is an unabashed emoji-focused app which is heavily customizable. With its AI Assistant Talia, you get a swift paste which uses your clipboard information for quick support, unparalleled emoji predictions and quick search without the need to open another app. AvatarEmoji is made available with a recent update which lets you create GIF emoticons. It can be further customized in the clothing, hairstyle and animation sections. You get the usual swipe, fast, reliable typing from this app. Choose text arts and text faces to create exciting emojis. The number of emojis you can choose from is 1500, which is more than enough to express yourself daily. So, download the link below and make pals with the emojis.

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • 1500+ emojis.
  • AvatarMoji.
  • AI Assistant.
  • Powerful error corrections.

Download TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

8. Color Keyboard

As the name suggests, Color Keyboard is the only app in our list that focuses on the theme customization. With this keyboard, expect to be spellbound with the number of colors you can choose for a theme. From button colors to fonts, everything can be managed according to your liking. AppyFurious OU constantly updates this app to keep it bug-free. So, head on to the App Store and feel colorful.

Main Features:

  • Color themes
  • Innumerable color options.
  • Offline support.

Download Color Keyboard

9. GIF Keyboard

Tenor brings us their mastermind app GIF Keyboard on iOS which has a repository of over millions of GIFs. If you are the on to express yourself not with words but visually, you are in for a treat because GIF is the best keyboard out there which solely focuses on GIFs. If you happen to stumble across a GIF on your browser, you can just save it directly on this keyboard app for future access. GIF Keyboard works with all your apps, so no worries there. You can also get various categories to express your mood swings with GIFs. Love a lot of GIFs? Can’t always scroll the list? The favorite tab is the feature for you as it can save your favorite GIFs with just one tap. So, don’t think much and download this app to express yourself in a fun way.

Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Create GIFs.
  • Favorite GIF tab.
  • Sync.
  • Drag and drop stickers.

Download GIF Keyboard

10. FancyKey

FancyKey is the last app on our list which gets the job done. What it excels in is the swipe typing. Sure, a few of the above apps have this feature but FancyKey is milestone ahead as it simplifies the swipe typing, making it faster. Apart from this, word and emoji prediction is flawless. You also get one hand support for mastering typing on a bigger iPhone. Emoji Art Keyboard is the holy grail for emoji addicts as you are in possession of hundreds of good looking emojis. If you type a certain phrase day after day, you can use the shortcut tab wherein you save the phrase giving it a short word. If the unpaid version doesn’t satiate your needs, you can buy the FancyKey Plus, which is a premium version with more functionality. So, download this keyboard app and type in a fancy way.

Main Features:

  • 50+ themes.
  • Word shortcuts.
  • 100+ fonts.
  • Best swipe typing.

Download FancyKey

This was our list for the best keyboard apps you can use on iOS. We’ll be updating once we come across a worthy mention. Let us know in the comments below the keyboard you are currently using or vying for its replacement.

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