7 Best Live TV Apps for Amazon Fire Stick

Over-the-top platforms have given entertainment a new lease of life. We no longer have to wait for the advertisements to get over or rewatch old movies by skipping dull scenes. With numerous streaming platforms making their way onto people’s smartphones and smart TVs, some streaming devices let you watch TV live with compatible apps.

One such device is the Amazon Fire TV Stick (or simply Amazon Fire Stick). It is said to be one of the best streaming devices, and with suitable apps, you can get the most out of it. Finding the best ones is a challenge if you are new to them. I have taken the liberty to scout out the 7 best live TV apps for Amazon Fire Stick.

7 Best Live TV Apps for Amazon Fire Stick

The following list contains apps that provide free and paid entertainment. The latter should be preferred since you’ll get quality content. You can also explore Fire Stick, and I’m sure you’ll come across some great apps that are capable of keeping you entertained. Before we get to the apps, let’s see what exactly is a streaming device.

What is a Streaming Device?

A streaming device – sometimes known as a streaming box or digital media player, is a type of electronic device that stores digital media content for playback. The concept behind such devices is to provide a home theatre experience, which is attached to an AV receiver or television.

In simpler terms, if your television isn’t fully smart, you can connect a streaming device to the TV and watch the trending content on the most ubiquitous platforms. These devices can be operated with remote control and some even with voice commands.

Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku Streaming Stick+, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield TV, Airtel XStream Box, Xiaomi Mi Box 4K, and Mi TV Stick are some widely available streaming services.

Best Live TV Apps for Amazon Fire Stick in the US

I have listed some of the best Amazon Fire Stick apps for folks living in the US that will keep you entertained for months to come.

1. YouTube

Any list without the mention of YouTube is an incomplete one. This has been the primary entertainment medium for most of us. Before OTT platforms were a thing, I got my daily dose of entertainment from YouTube videos. It was customary to watch these videos on our smartphones or laptops, but watching them on our smart TVs would be an extraordinary thing.

YouTube tried to go the ‘premium’ way, but it bombed since OTT platforms were always a step ahead of it in terms of content. You can create a music playlist if you don’t want to subscribe to Spotify or Apple Music. The app is free to download, so get entertained without paying a penny.

2. Pluto TV

Readily available on the Amazon App Store, Pluto TV stands out from other apps as it lets you watch live TV. You get to experience over 100 channels that cater to different genres, such as news, entertainment, sports, etc. Besides live TV, you can get your hands on thousands of free movies and shows. Moreover, children can enjoy cartoons without any interruptions.

3. Plex

Plex is another fantastic Fire Stick app that lets you watch live TV. I suggest you use the Program Guide on the app so that you can navigate airing programs currently. Then, click on any show you’d like to play. While researching, I came across an interesting feature that lets you share live TV with other Plex members using the Plex Home service.

4. BBC America

BBC America has some great shows that consist of full episodes, previews, sample trailers, video extras, and some behind-the-scenes clips. Although you’ll need to log in to access certain features, it’ll be worth your time.

Watch full episodes of Orphan Black, The Graham Norton Show, Top Gear, Holistic Detective Agency, and many more with a login provided by your cable. The app is well-designed, and accessing content is relatively easy. The only flaw with the app is that the login process is complex with the Fire Stick remote control.

5. HBO Max

HBO Now is a standalone app, even if HBO GO requires a cable subscription. The original content on this streaming service is unparalleled, which is worth its subscription fee. The Flight Attendant, The Prince, etc., are some great original content. In addition, certain newly released movies get an exclusive spot on HBO Max. It is currently accessible to only US users, but I know many of you will take advantage of VPN.

6. Fox Now

A subsidiary of Fox media, Fox Now is a popular entertainment channel that is home to shows like The Simpsons. Get your hands on some on-demand content and live shows that include news and sports. Fire Stick owners can use the service for free, and it is compatible with Fire OS 5 operating system or a later version. If your Fire Stick doesn’t meet these requirements, you’ll have to subscribe to Fox Now.

7. Discovery+

Discovery doesn’t need any introduction. I’ve practically grown watching ‘Destroyed in Seconds,’ and there are many like them. The non-fiction content on the platform is mind-boggling that includes content from channels such as Discovery Channel, TLC, Discovery Inc., Discovery Science, and Animal Planet. The entertainment is unlimited, but the subscription fee is affordable.

Best Live TV Apps for Amazon Fire Stick in INDIA

My fellow Indians, even though the Fire Stick launched back in 2017, there is an ocean of apps that’ll never let you touch boredom. Following are some apps that deserve an install on your device.

1. Youtube

As I’ve mentioned for the US audience, YouTube remains the top-rated and free content consumption platform among the sea of Fire Stick apps. I’m subscribed to hundreds of YouTube channels that range from tech to music.

Search for the content, and you’ll be greeted with numerous videos. With the premiere feature, you are now made to wait for exclusive content eagerly. If you don’t want to buy hundreds of subscriptions, YouTube is worth your time, especially on that gigantic TV.

2. SonyLiv

Lately, I have been enticed by the content offered on the SonyLIV platform. Indians have an unbreakable relationship with anything remotely related to Sony. Owned by Sony Pictures Network India, Sony channels have been entertaining us for generations – be it CID or classic comedy shows.

Access to Sony LIV is free, but you’ll need a subscription to watch the premium content. Watch WWE events, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, and many more. Download SonyLIV from the Amazon Appstore.

3. ZEE5

Zee5 is content right from the Zee network. You get access to the live broadcast of various channels, including Zee. You get to watch original Zee content along with multiple shows, movies, and acclaimed regional content. One more reason to watch Zee? Friends Reunion! Need I say more? The app is quite buggy and looks old school, but it is a problem that the software team can only solve.

4. Voot

Voot is an emerging OTT platform that caters to the Colors network. That means you can watch any show that airs on Color TV or its other channels. This could be a segue to Big Boss for many people. Although I don’t support such abysmal shows, it has its share of viewers. However, when it comes to other content, not much can be said about it. So, buy it only if you are a Big Boss fan.

5. JioCinema

JioCinema is a complete package for anyone who wants to watch a myriad of content. The collection of live TV is phenomenal, which is expected of a conglomerate. If you have a Jio Prime membership, you can enjoy every aspect of Jio Cinema. Watch live TV, English Premier League live, tennis matches, etc., on your smart TV. Watch content from Movies now, Sony Max HD, HBO HD, & pictures, etc., which is included in the subscription.

6. MX Player TV

MX Player is a ubiquitous source of entertainment on our phones, which was an MP4 player at its inception. After establishing itself as one of the most powerful mobile video players, it is now the best free streaming player with a wide range of shows, movies, and web series.

When it comes to restricted content, you can watch shows in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and Kannada. Thinkistan, Hey Prabhu, Aafat, Humorously Yours, Immature, The Aam Adam Family are some great shows on MX Player TV.

7. Discovery Plus

In the mood for award-winning documentaries, short videos, and TV shows? Discovery Plus will be perfect for your Saturday night. It features content worth 4,000 hours that includes lifestyle, cars, adventure, space, nature, wildlife, auto, food, etc.

Man vs. Wild, Gold Rush, NASA’s Explained Files, Simply Nigella, Expedition Unknown, etc., are some well-known shows that instantly transports you into the mood. If you hardly have time to watch any content, this streaming site also offers short clips that include animal videos, DIY clips, and if you want to see more, you can watch the full episode. Discovery Plus is a great entertainment and infotainment streaming service, making for an intuitive learning experience for kids and adults alike.


How can I watch live TV on Firestick India?

The Live TV is a new feature on the Fire Stick. Access some live TV by going to Options > Live. Get your hands on the channel guide by pressing the guide button on the Alexa Voice Remote Lite.

What is the best live TV app for Amazon Fire Stick in the US?

Mobdro is a well-known live TV app for Fire Stick. The list of live TV is never-ending on the app, which also contains various channel genres such as tech, music, anime, news, movies, sports, TV shows, etc.

Is there a monthly fee for Amazon Fire Stick in India?

No, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to use the Fire Stick in India. However, many apps will require you to pay a monthly/quarterly/annual fee to enjoy their content.

Is Amazon Fire Stick worth it in India?

It depends on what TV you have. If you own the latest Smart TV with a USB stick port, go for the Fire Stick. But if it doesn’t, it’s a waste of money and time.

Does Fire Stick need WiFi?

Yes, Fire Stick needs a WiFi connection to power the TV Stick. However, since it doesn’t have an ethernet port, WiFi can only connect your TV to the internet.


It’s time to cut the cord and use the Fire Stick for your daily dose of entertainment. This isn’t the comprehensive list, as many apps make the streaming device a must-have during the never-ending lockdown. It would help our readers add some Fire Stick apps that need to be on this list. Comment below your favorite entertainment apps and tell us what other apps you’d like to see on the streaming device.

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