5 Best Makeup Apps for Android Users

”Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty, its a weapon that helps you express who you are from inside”.

In this era of the smartphone, there are very few things that your phone cant do. From making transactions to conversations, email, banking, and the list goes on and on. We spend more time looking at our phone than doing anything else.

Have you ever given a thought on how much more can your cell phone do for you other than the normal mundane things?

Ladies, you can now up your beauty game with just a few taps. There are makeup and beauty apps that do so much more that you wouldn’t have to spend time or money on them anymore and also make your life easier.

We have searched up the best makeup apps for android that you can download right away.

Here are the Best Makeup Apps for Android Users:

  • Instabeauty
  • Lakme Makeup Pro
  • YouCam makeup
  • You makeup photo camera
  • Makeup plus

1. InstaBeauty

Instabeauty is a great selfie photo editor app for your Instagram, snapchat, facebook and twitter.

It contains more than 100 beautiful makeup styles and filters. It can help you remove whiteheads, blackheads, acne and any other skin blemishes that you want to remove and get a flawless skin selfie. Its a professional makeup editor populated with more than 50 million users globally. You can try different makeup styles just like your favorite beauty bloggers.

It beautifies your selfie according to your choice and gives you the result you desire.

Main Features:

  1. Beauty Camera.
  2. Beauty Makeup.
  3. Quicksnap.

2. Lakme Makeup Pro

Lakme Makeup Pro is your very own makeover app. From the house of the makeup giant- Lakme. With this app you can try out different makeup looks that you want in real life. From prepping your skin to applying eyeshadows to lipsticks, you can do it all.  This app allows you to try and check how each Lakme product looks on you.

Best Makeup Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Tryon makeup in real time and on your photos.
  2. Save your favorite looks.
  3. Supports the buy feature.
  4. Supports popular social networking sites.

3. You Cam Makeup

With over 100+ Million downloads YouCam Makeup app is among the best apps for photography and makeup. The 10 Best Trolling Reels in 2020 (Review) – Our Expert’s List. The Best Trolling Reels Review: Are you looking for the best trolling reels for your upcoming deep-sea fishing trip? Once you have the fish hooked, you need the best trolling reel to hold your catch. For a prolonged, relaxing fishing experience, you need a high quality, durable trolling reel. Using trolling reels likewise does not require constant interaction or supervision, which also adds to the relaxing part of trolling itself. We list and discuss ten trolling reels that have some of the most advanced technology to land your trophy fish!. Its considered to be the worlds #1 AR makeover app with hundreds of virtual makeup and beauty products to try from top brands. You can try products from top brands and make your picture the best.

Best Makeup Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Analyze skin health.
  2. Change hair color and hairstyles.
  3. 3D accessories.

4. You Makeup photo camera

This app is not just for the ladies but for the men as well. You Makeup photo camera has amazing makeup effects that can help you beautify your pictures without any hassle. The effects added by this app are professional photo studio worthy.

This app is jam-packed with more than 100 styles of makeup, art filters, stickers and many more features. You can transform your mundane plain picture into an Instagram-worthy selfie.

Best Makeup Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Auto recognition.
  2. Snapshot.
  3. Beautify and makeup.
  4. Paint lab.
  5. Makeup Plus.

5. Makeup Plus

Makeup Plus is your very own personal makeup artist on your phone. It gets you looking gorgeous with a few easy touches. Makeup Plus camera app allows you to try on complete looks then mix and match with fun accessories.  You can touch up your features, glam up with different makeup and also purchase the products you like to recreate your look in real life.

Best Makeup Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Easy to follow.
  2. Discover DIY’S.
  3. Additional fun features.

Now makeup is easy and a few clicks away. So why wait?

If you have any app suggestions or recommendations for topics that you want us to cover, write them down in the comment section below.

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