5 Best Mass Unfollow Apps for Instagram on iOS

Instagram! The Great Photo Sharing Application which gives us instant updates of Taylor Swift’s World Tour and Dwayne Johnson’s fitness routine. It is gradually becoming our favorite Social Media App. While following these “Original Accounts” keeps us updated; there are accounts that are inactive, spam or no longer relevant to us.

For someone considering to establish a Brand Image or becoming an Influencer, it would be crucial to steer clear of irrelevant accounts whose content doesn’t go in line with your brand’s message. Or even better; unfollow all the accounts at once and then follow the ones that are useful for your brand. So how do we make our Instagram relevant and appealing to the targeted audience? How can we unfollow all the unwanted, inactive and fake accounts at once?

Here are some of the best Mass Unfollow Apps for Instagram on iOS which you can use to mass Unfollow. Read the article, follow the instruction and unfollow everyone on your Instagram account now! Also, DO READ INSTAGRAM RULES at the end of this Post!

Best Mass Unfollow Apps for Instagram on iOS:

  • Followers Assistant
  • Crowdfire
  • Cleaner for IG
  • Mass Unfollow for Instagram
  • Followers Tracker Pro

1. Followers Assistant

Hands down this application is highly useful if you are looking forward to establishing your brand image in the InstaWorld. This application allows you to gain insights regarding your Non-followers, Fans, Mutual followers and Ghost followers. Moreover, you can also visit the competitors’ profile and follow everyone from their feed to grab their attention. And, this application also allows you to detect and unfollow inactive or spam accounts labeled as Ghost Accounts. And for your business purpose, Followers Assistant gives you a list of hashtags that will bring more audience and help you to reach more accounts. Need a Virtual Instagram Assistant? Download the App NOW!

Mass Unfollow Apps for Instagram on iOS

Main Features:

  • Competitors’ Analytics.
  • Hashtag Suggestions.
  • Whitelist Favorite accounts.
  • 21.3 MB Storage Space.
  • Works on iOS 9.0 or Later.
Download Followers Assistant

2. Crowdfire

For the creator, artist, influencer, writer, a business person in you; Crowdfire is sure shot the best application. It allows you to track and respond to your mentions, account growth, followers detail and post-performance. With multiple networking to do for creating a buzz; it is important to be active on Social Media too. This app allows you to compose and schedule posts for your social media network from a single platform. So maintain consistency and never miss out posting on your favorite Instagram feed with Crowdfire. With the Chrome Extension, you can now share your favorite pages from the internet to your social networks in just 2 Easy clicks. Busy Bee are you? Crowdfire is for you!

Mass Unfollow Apps for Instagram on iOS

Main Features:

  • Schedule posts for multiple networks.
  • Smart Social Media Manager.
  • Chrome Extension supported.
  • 114.3 MB Storage Space.
  • Works on iOS 9.1 or Later.
Download Crowdfire

3. Cleaner for IG

Want to clean up your past deeds? Just Kidding! No, really! This application allows you to CLEAN all the actions that have been performed from your account. Unlike the previously liked posts or delete the previously uploaded posts with this app. Cleaning is better when all the unnecessary elements are removed. And so this app allows you to bulk delete/unlike posts, bulk follow/unfollow, bulk block/unblock users. This app also supports Night mode and Cloud execution. So Clean and Maintain your image on Instagram with Cleaner for IG.

Mass Unfollow Apps for Instagram on iOS

Main Features:

  • Bulk actions for crunch time.
  • Whitelist Manager.
  • Night Mode and Cloud support.
  • 7.7 MB Storage Space.
  • Works on iOS 8.0 or Later.
Download Cleaner for IG

4. Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Want a simple app to manage your Instagram Account? This application is your go to and easy to use. With Mass Unfollow you can not only unfollow accounts but unlike and delete posts too. It comes with the support to access multiple accounts and apply filters to enhance your posts. With its two factor authentication,  you can be rest assured that your privacy is maintained. As simple as it sounds, so is the use.

Mass Unfollow Apps for Instagram on iOS

Main Features:

  • Two Factor Authentication.
  • Quick Selection Tools.
  • Multiple Accounts and Filter support.
  • 7.7 MB Storage Space.
  • Works on iOS 8.0 or Later.
Download Mass Unfollow For Instagram

5. Followers Tracker Pro

Are you looking for something that is more than tracking your unfollowers? Do you want to see who your admirers are? The ones who like and comment but don’t follow you!  Do you also want to track the engagements on your post? Want to see who likes and comments on most of your Instagram posts? Then this is just the app for you! Besides, you can also track the accounts whom you have blocked or those who have blocked you. With tracking engagements and followers’ actions on your posts; you can also gain account analytics. So keep a track of everything that happens on your Instagram account with Followers Tracker Pro.

Mass Unfollow Apps for Instagram on iOS

Main Features:

  • Admirers, Top and Worst Followers.
  • Track engagements, account analytics.
  • Multiple Accounts supported.
  • 58.3 MB Storage Space.
  • Works on iOS 10.3 or Later.
Download Mass Followers Tracker Pro

With the above applications; you can track engagements using Instagram reports and not just play the follow/unfollow game. All being said on How To Mass Unfollow your Instagram Unfollowers; there are certain rules which Instagram has and must not be violated. Instagram does not allow to unfollow more than 20 users per hour and 100-200 users in a day. Was this article useful to you? Did it add some value for you? Then like and comment below. Show some love by sharing it to your Instagram User Friends!


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