8 Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

As a brand manager, you have to answer a question asked from clients: how to capture my customers, clients, consumers. And your answer is: where are your customers? If you get the answer to this simple question, you can easily craft your creative communication and publish the same on the medium, where your potential customers visit. The rise of social media offers a new avenue for brands to interact with consumers. People love to live their virtual life on social media. And mind you, now all create their fake identities on this virtual medium.

This has thrown a fresh challenge to brand managers as they have to interact with their target audience every day on different social media channels. Moreover, they need to check the analytics while they are on the go. This creates a need for social media apps for mobile. But a million-dollar question is: which social media app to use?

If something comes from experts, we quickly take it. And therefore, we have listed below the best social media apps for mobile as suggested by experts. Remember, these apps are recommended by experts based on their experience with each app.

Here are the 8 Best Social Media Apps for Mobile

#1. Hootsuite

Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

Kim Garst rates Hootsuite as number one mobile app to manage social media. It is a one-place where you can see all your social channels and clients. Moreover, you can check comments, likes and shares done by others (i.e. friends). If you go for paid account, Hootsuite gives you full access to almost all popular social media channels. In your free account, you can configure not more than 3 social media accounts. Hootsuite is known for saving your time, and therefore, it is one of the most popular social media apps for mobile. By using your phone data, you can use Hootsuite anywhere in the world!


#2. TweetBot

Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

Ask Michael Stelzner: which social media app do you use for twitting? And he will quickly say: TweetBot. And before you ask him, why, he would narrate all the benefits TweetBot offers. You can manage your Twitter handle from anywhere in the world, and this is the biggest advantage for any brand manager, who wants to keep an eye on Twitter handles of clients. Apart from mobility, TweetBot enables users to filter some tweets, including retweets and tweets from certain apps.


#3. Evernote

Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

For content marketers, Evernote is their one-stop shop. Peg Fitzpatrick recommends this app for every social media expert as Evernote allows users to save quick notes and links. Further, they can access the same content from different devices; for example, if you save something on your iPhone, you can access the content from your iPad or Mac. Basically, the app syncs your devices, making it easier for you to jump from one device to another. For social media professionals, they can save hashtag groups and save content ideas in the app.


#4. Pages Manager

Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

John Haydon finds it tiresome to upload Facebook post from FB app. And therefore, he uses Pages Manager, which is a free app from Facebook itself. But why Pages Manager? This app allows page admins to manage their pages in a better way (unlike Facebook, which creates a hell lot of confusion for admins). Apart from scheduling status updates, Pages Manager helps you schedule photos, links, and short videos from your mobile. Once you start updating contents, Pages Manager gives you detailed report on reach, engagement, and fan increase. It is Facebook Insights that help you check the statistics; you can tap on the Insights icon from the bottom and see Facebook Insights.


#5. Buffer

Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

Mike Gingerich loves to increase his fan-following, and for this, he relies on Buffer. The app offers first source content as people share the latest and the best on Facebook. Users can configure their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for free. So, unlike Hootsuite, Buffer gives you one more social media app to configure. Isn’t it good reason to choose Buffer?


#6. Pocket

Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

If you are a voracious reader like Zsuzsa Kecsmar, you can use Pocket app. With this app, you can save all your favourite articles and contents, and read them whenever time permits you. Yes, you can read all your saved contents offline, without using internet. So if you are airborne and have put your smartphone on airplane mode, you can continue reading popular articles on Pocket app. For content marketers and developers, Pocket is a boon. If you like a post, you can directly share it via Buffer (Pocket is connected with Buffer).


#7. WordSwag

Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

Your social media posts would look bland if they are not peppered by some awesome text. By awesome text, it means fonts. WordSwag is at your disposal – Chelsea Hejny vouches for its brilliance. It is given that not all social media marketers have ability to design their posts. And therefore, they rely on apps like WordSwag, which enables them to add beautiful fonts on the photos in seconds. By using Typomatic Engine, you can create custom text layouts in minutes. Moreover, you can use hundreds of quotes, thoughts, and jokes. WordSwag is your own little graphic designer you can carry in your pocket!


#8. Plume for Twitter

Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

Plume for Twitter is the best choice of social media experts, who have to manage multiple Twitter accounts. The single app allows you to shorten links with a click, and this is one of the glaring features of Plume for Twitter as this medium doesn’t allow you to post more than 140 characters.

Social media never sleeps, and so does the professionals. Above listed apps help social media experts to stay in touch with their followers and target audience 24×7. Even if you have fallen into a deep and peaceful slumber, your apps will keep uploading your scheduled posts. There can be some shortcomings of some apps, but overall, they perform well. If you are a social media professional or a brand manager, you can surely use one of the social media apps for mobile.

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Authored by Arpan Shah :

Arpan Shah is a Digital Strategist and a co-founder of Indabaa.com.



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