7 Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India

Ordering food online is something almost everyone is familiar with because even though we adore our home food sometimes taking a break from it does no harm. Also ordering food online is not just a break from your regular food sometimes it is a savior for people staying at a hostel who knows almost nothing about cooking or for the mothers who gets a good number of guests out of the blue.

One of the reasons for the growth of food ordering apps is that they are so much easy and convenient to use even if you are a learner in technology you will still be able to order food from such apps. As you just need to sign in, give your current location, browse in their menu or menu from your preferred restaurants and then place your desired order, in bonus you can also receive some discount or coupon if there will be any ongoing offers.

People earlier were not so much open or exposed from ordering anything online but now with the change in their perspective, they know that ordering online is time-saving and reliable. But still, there will be someone who would want his pizza directly from the oven served hot on their table and yet there are some people who will prefer eating their pizza on their couch and in their home, it all depends on your frame of mind and the situation you are in.  So here are 7 Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India which you can easily use to get your food delivered straight at your home.

Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India:

  1. Swiggy
  2. FoodPanda
  3. Zomato
  4. Uber Eats
  5. Domino’s Pizza Online Delivery
  6. FAASOS – Order Food Online
  7. FreshMenu – Food Ordering App

1. Swiggy

There are some days when you just need to order food for yourself rather than a large meal, in this case, swiggy is a perfect app for you as they have no minimum order restriction you can easily order as little as you want and also you can choose from 30+ cuisines which they provide. You can order food from your local restaurants or cafe or even from a high-end diner it totally depends on your mood because Swiggy takes the order even from a long distance place. They provide you with fast online food delivery even at night, also you don’t need to call them asking about the delivery because you can easily track your order live straight from the restaurant till it reaches your doorstep. Get offers or discount on your food order and easily pay via net banking or even at the time of delivery using cash.

Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India

Main Features:

  • Long distance orders.
  • Lighting fast delivery.
  • Live order tracking.
  • Pay instantly or later.
  • Get offers and discounts.

2. Foodpanda

Foodpanda is the world’s largest food delivery app they deliver in more than 50 countries worldwide and over 100 cities in India. They have covered more than 15000+ restaurants along with other fast food diners such as Dominos, KFC, Pizza Hut and so much more so that you get plenty of cuisines to choose from as per your mood. No matter what time you get your food delivery at morning, noon and even midnight, also you can avail their express delivery to get your food within 45 minutes or 100% cashback.  You can also track your food live right from the restaurant to your doorstep and pay via net banking or COD.Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India

Main Features:

  • Avail express delivery to get your food within 45 minutes or 100% cashback.
  • Customise your dishes with sauces and toppings, just like you would do in the restaurants.
  • Discover the widest variety of cuisines.
  • Get access to live status updates to track your food from the restaurant to your door.

3. Zomato

Almost everyone has a tendency to check for reviews before ordering anything online, which is why Zomato shows you user ratings, reviews, photos and a map feature to guide you so that you can easily make up your mind for ordering something new or trendy. At Zomato you can explore every restaurant in your city, check the menu of any diner just by searching them, order from a variety of cuisines, book table at your preferred restaurant and do so much more. You can easily share your own review about a restaurant you visited and post photos of your foodie moments, as by doing this you can have your own collection which you can share with your friends and also follow them to see where they are eating and what they like.

Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India

Main Features:

  • Browse their theme-based curated lists to discover places for the best burgers, perfect date spots, or the top trending restaurants.
  •  Maintain an easy reference list of your favorites or places you want to visit with Bookmarks.
  • Journal the restaurants you eat at using your Dineline.
  • Rate and review restaurants.

4. Uber Eats

Uber eats is an online food ordering app which lets you explore more your local restaurants or else you can easily search for a dish or cuisine or place the name of other restaurants for fast results. When you will be ready to place your order Uber eats will show you the estimated time of delivery so you know by when you will receive your order and the total price including tax and booking fee. Track your order live and pay with your uber account or add a credit card.

Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India

Main Features:

  • Track your order.
  • Browse local restaurants and fast food favorites for inspiration.

5. Domino’s pizza online delivery

There is no doubt that Domino’s pizza is always listed as one of the best pizza restaurants because of its delicious and fresh taste which is suited in every situation whether it be a friends meet up or family dinner as Domino’s pizza will always add fun to your moment. With the Domino’s pizza online delivery you can have that fun in the comfort of your home with ease and convenience as they have improved their app and made it faster, smoother and lighter. You get the whole menu to select from and can add extra toppings or cheese or select your combo just as you would have ordered in a walk-in. They provide with 30 minutes of food delivery and you can also get coupons and discounts on your online order.

Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India

Main Features:

  • Find your nearest Domino’s Pizza on App.
  • Improved Order Customisation.
  • Secure online payment with multiple payment options.
  • Real-time tracking of orders.
  • Quick Coupon Redemption.

6. FAASOS – Order food online

Faasos app provides you with healthy, fresh and nourishing chef cooked delicacies that are preservative free which means they are totally safe to consume and you can choose from wraps, royal Indian meals, salads, and rice feasts. Track your order and get a super fast delivery if the delivery center is near to you. Customize your order, tag your friends so that everyone can select according to their preference.

Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India

Main Features:

  • Get fresh and the chef cooked delicacies.
  • Simplified payment interface with Cash on delivery.

7.  Fresh menu – Food Ordering App

The fresh menu is a food ordering app which satisfies your hunger pangs with fresh ingredients so that you remain healthy and fit and at the same time even your taste bud is filled. You will always find a fresh menu on the app so that you don’t always order repeated food and instead try something new and exciting. Order from various multi-cuisine dishes and track your order live and if you loved a dish give it a heart so that Fresh menu will keep a reminder of your favorites. Get fresh discounts and offers daily so that ordering food won’t make a load on your pocket, also refer your friends to download the app and you will receive Rs. 100 on your friend’s first order and they will get minimum 20 % off.

Best Online Food Ordering Apps in India

Main Features:

  • New menu each day.
  • Multi cuisines food delivery
  • Referral credit.
  • Convenient check out options.

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So this was my take on Best online food ordering apps in India, do comment if you find this useful or after reading this you will surely try to order food online 🙂


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