7 Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android with voice commands

The Craze for Personal Assistant Apps for Android users has increased after the official launch of the Siri and Cortana in past years.

If you have a sweet voice assistant in your Android mobile, it becomes easy for you to just cross things off from your to-do list. It seems to be a reminder, an alarm or a calculator.

Gym workout. Preparing reports. Sending emails. Creating letters. Latest News. Book Movie Tickets. Or just writing a new blog post. It is hard to remember each of the tasks, which should be completed on time. But when you have a virtual assistant in your Android smartphone, things become pretty easy and accessible.

Using a voice assistant app, you can find nearby restaurants or ATMs, keep track of the important stuff, and wish your Girlfriend “Happy Birthday” on time 😛

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In this article, you are going to find some of the best personal android assistant apps.

Unfortunately, there is no Siri for Android, but luckily you have a Cortana. Does it make any sense? I don’t believe. All the Assistant apps including Google Now works one as a same.

7 Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android with voice commands

  1. Google Allo.
  2. Cortana.
  3. AIVC (Alice).
  4. Haptik Personal Assistant.
  5. Jarvis (My Personal Assistant).
  6. Indigo Virtual Assistant.
  7. HOUND Voice Search and Assistant.

1. Google Allo

Google allo : best Personal Assistant Apps for Android with voice commands

Google Allo is primarily a messaging app which can be used as an Android virtual assistant. You can also include Google into your personal/group conversation by just using @Google in it.

Main Features:

  • Smart Reply, to automatically suggest nice responses to text and photos.
  • Describe the images you send, by doodling on them or adding text.
  • Talk to your Google assistant by including it in the convo.
  • Easily find nearby places, hotels, restaurants.
  • Question Answers using Google search.
  • Setup a reminder, schedule messages and lot more.
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2. Cortana

Cortana : Personal Assistant Apps

Cortana is another personal assistant which will help you keep track of the important stuff wherever you are, across your devices. It was first introduced in Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System. Now it is also available for Android mobiles.

Main Features:

  • Link your phone with your Windows PC and manage the call records from it.
  • Detects traffic areas and hence helps you to go to your office at the right time.
  • Schedule your important dates, reminders, etc.
  • Fast answer or info gathering (Voice Assistant).
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3. AIVC (Alice)

AIVC virtual voice assistant

Alice is another great voice assistant app for Android. With Alice, Android users get a helpful assistant at hand, which understands more than just commands. Alice knows a lot and is constantly learning new things.

Main Features:

  • Accept voice orders, to start specific apps.
  • Replies to the commands such as weather, time, scores, etc.
  • Define your own commands with Alice.
  • Controls basic mobile functions such as SMS, Calls, etc.
  • Calculates complex math problems in just a few seconds.
  • Create a to-do list, reminders, schedules, etc.
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4. Haptik Personal Assistant

Haptik Personal Assistant

Haptik is basically made by and for Indian users to hire a personal assistant without paying a single penny. Using Haptik personal assistant app is the easiest way to get things done. Currently, Haptik is a chat based Android app.

Main Features:

  • Set Reminders for Wake Up Call, To-Do List, etc.
  • Book flight, train tickets and cabs and hotels.
  • Recharge and pay bills.
  • Schedule Pick up and Drop Services.
  • Order food.
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5. Jarvis – My Personal Assistant

Jarvis - My Personal android Assistant

Jarvis is an extraordinary and professional Android personal assistant app which also operates on wearable Android devices. This app is unique and also supports voice commands.

Main Features:

  • Notifications about the weather, news, battery status & power levels.
  • Various themes to match your parent mobile theme.
  • Directly call or send text messages to your contacts using simple voice commands.
  • Set quick wake up alarms, reminders and schedules.
  • Play music by its name.
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6. Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo is a free and easy to use a virtual assistant app for Android users. Talking to Indigo feels just like you are talking to a human being. She accepts all the voice commands from starting a particular app to showing the latest news across the globe.

Main Features:

  • Keep you updated with the news – from sports to technology.
  • Control your music player using voice commands.
  • Connect with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Easily get the weather forecasts for any location.
  • Search with Google, Bing and Yahoo for the answer to any question.
  • Find the best location for any delightful occasions.
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7. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

HOUND Voice Search & Assistant app for android

Hound is a free voice search and virtual assistant app for Android smartphones. The voice search of Hound is rated 5 stars and enrolled to be the best voice search app for android.

Main Features:

  • Make phone calls and send text messages using voice commands.
  • Speak what you’re looking for rather than typing (Voice search).
  • Get instant weather report for today.
  • Ask for a destination and travel there seamlessly.
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Well, these are some of the best personal assistant apps for Android OS. If you liked this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Share your suggestions in the comment box.


  1. Hey Prakhar,

    I am using Siri and it’s one of the best PAs. I like how it responds. Though the apps for Android like Cortana are also very popular.

    People are really into these apps. A few of the apps mentioned in the list are quite new to me.

    Thanks for the info.

    Have a great day.



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