5 Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android

Whenever we go to buy a new smartphone, the first thing that we see is the camera quality of the phone. The reason is very obvious because we are fond of taking lots of selfies and pictures on our phone. But the problem with a high-resolution camera is that the quality and size of the image is too big. Such big sized images are difficult to share on Facebook or Whatsapp. They also take up a lot of space on your device. Also, there are many sites that need a preferred size of the image so in order to curtail that problem resizing the images comes in handy. The solution to this problem are apps that can help you reduce or resize the image without spoiling the quality of the photo.

But which app to choose? if this is the question that pops in your head then you have clicked at the right place. In this post, we will go through the best photo resizer apps for Android.

Here are the Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android:

  • Photo & Picture Resizer
  • Compress Image Size in KB & MB
  • Reduce Photo Size
  • Resize Me Pro
  • Photo Resizer

1. Photo & Picture Resizer

With Photo and picture, resizer app reduces your picture size fast and easy. This easy to use image resizer helps you quickly reduce your picture size or resolution. It can be used for text messages, web forms, emails, Instagram. And also you can send your pictures very easily with your friends and family. It allows you to reduce size or resolution without losing the quality of the photo.

Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Absolutely free.
  2. Pictures are automatically saved.
  3. You can browse through photos with gestures.
  4. Custom image resolution.

2. Compress Image Size in KB & MB

Compress image size in kb and Mb is a powerful, lightweight and up to the point app. The main function of the app is to compress photos to accurate file size as required by you. This app helps you to reduce image size in Mb to kb. You can attain the perfect image size of your choice.

Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Compress photos.
  2. Reduce photo size.
  3. Resize your photos.

3. Reduce Photo Size

Reduce Photo size is the app that you need to reduce your photo file size for Email, Twitter, Facebook etc. The best thing about the app is that there is no influence in an original photo even if you reduce the size of the photo with this app. You can even change the language of the app according to your choice.

Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Reduce file size.
  2. Choose your language.
  3. Attach files to mail.

4. Resize Me Pro

Resize Me Pro is the preferred app to resize your photos. You can do so with just one click and also use the interface to rotate, crop and resize your image. Also, you can save the file in JPEG and PNG format. You can batch resize multiple images and also add a text watermark.

Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Custom size.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Rotate and crop.
  4. Share and save your result.

5. Photo Resizer

Photo resizer app helps you to resize and share your images quickly without wasting your bandwidth. You can also use this app to upload images to social media sites in a fraction of minutes. You can select a photo and even take a photo in the app itself. It offers an array of features and options that are very useful.

Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. 4 resize modes.
  2. Custom size.
  3. Upload images to social media sites.
  4. Send and share photos quickly
  5. Easy to use.

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These were the best photo resizer apps for Android. If you have any app suggestions or want us to cover any topic then comment it down below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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