Best Piano Apps for Android Smartphones (Free Apps)

Everyone loves to play the piano, it is also a dream to many people as it is not that easy thing to achieve. You need to be financially good to get a good piano instrument, even if you need to buy a simple piano that will cost you really high. But just because you are financially not affordable for that it does not mean that you have to give up your goals or the wish.

Technology has been developed to a great extent and it offers you with many of the practical apps which will give you the chance to play the piano on your android device. There are many piano apps out there but all the apps may not be the best or all the apps will not suit everyone.

So we have listed out some of the best piano apps which can benefit you in a great way.

Here are the Best Piano Apps for Android Smartphones:

  • Piano Teacher
  • My piano
  • Perfect Piano
  • Real Piano Free
  • Super piano free HD
  • Piano master 2

1. Piano Teacher

The piano teacher is one of the best piano apps for Android wherein a huge number of people learn, improve their piano skills with the help of this app. Rubycell has developed this app which allows getting a piano tutorial on your android device.

This App has around more than 500000 songs in it and 128 musical instruments in this app. You can learn a lot and have a great fun with this app. It is a very convenient way to practice the piano. This app teaches you how to play the piano and can you play your favourite song.

You get 3 different keyboards to use and there are multiple keyboard modes. It also gives you the access to the recording, the playback and the sharing functions. You can get this app completely for free on your google play store. It can work great on your Android device.

Best Piano Apps for Android Smartphone

Main Features:

  • 7 Full Octaves.
  • 7 Different Piano Skins.
  • Special Lightning Effects.
  • Sampled Piano Sounds.
  • Best of studio sound quality.

Play Store link → Download

2. My Piano

This app was developed by Borce Trajkovski. I can tell that this is one of the complete virtual pianos available for the android. This app offers you with the possibility of having the 11 instruments in one, it comes with 8 effects and the sound studio quality.

Best Piano Apps for Android Smartphone

It comes with some of the advanced features like

  • Note velocity.
  • Note pitch bend.
  • Integrated sampler.
  • Integrated recorder.
  • You can get 1.5 or 6 octaves.
  • It comes with the 16 notes polyphony and also 16 piano skills.

This app supports multiple MIDI options and it can work great on your Android device and you can download it for free in the google play store.

Play Store link → Download

3. Perfect Piano

The perfect piano is from the revontulet soft which is one of the popular ones which is available for you in the google play store. This comes with the perfect piano features with the realistic instrument sounds. This app has a great collection of preloaded songs which will help you to learn the piano in a great way. The perfect piano offers you the full keyboard and it will give you access to choose between the 3 modes that are:

  • Single Row.
  • Dual Row.
  • Two players.

This does have the options like the music box, the organ and the synth. This app supports the MIDI/audio and you will have the access to share the recordings and also an option to set them as your ringtone.

Best Piano Apps for Android Smartphone

Main features:

  • Single-row mode; Double-row mode; Dual players; Chords mode.
  • Multitouch screen support.
  • Force touch.
  • Keyboard width adjustment.
  • Left & right-hand setup.

Play Store Link → Download

4. Real Piano Free

This can be the best one for the beginners and also for the people who always wanted to play the piano but who cannot afford it. This real piano will help you to learn to read the sheet music and play the classical music, jazz and many such. Above all the real piano is a versatile option which will let you select from the instruments like the guitar, violin the harpsichord. If you want to become a skilled pianist or if you wish to play a few melodies which you would like. This real piano can be a great learning app for you. Which you can download them for free on the google play store.

Best Piano Apps for Android Smartphone

Main Features:

  • Multitouch.
  • A complete keyboard.
  • 20 realistic instruments.
  • Studio audio quality.
  • Play in a loop.

Play Store link → Download

5. Super Piano Free HD

The super piano app is good to choose as it includes many high-quality sounds. Anyways this app is not that advanced as all the other apps which I have mentioned above. But still, this is no less it will still offer you many features wherein you can work on your skill and improve your piano skills with it.

Best Piano Apps for Android Smartphone

This app will let you customize the number of keys (7 to 20) and do have a full 8-octave keyboard. This super piano can support the multi-touch and will let you mix the individual sound and adjust the rhythm levels. This app does come with the recording and the playback options. This super piano is optimized for the tablets or the phones with the large screens.

Play Store link → Download

6. Piano Master 2

This is the app which is you can use it as the game wherein you can have a great fun while you try to play the most popular songs in it. You will have to follow the notes on the screen to win the game and you can become the true piano master.

Best Piano Apps for Android Smartphone

In this piano master, the entertainment only features 15 songs, but the other options which you get are the works from one of the best possible classical composers like the Beethoven, the Chopin and the batch.

Even the deep traditional songs which are most popular around the world. If you want to enjoy the better options and the better experience with this piano master it is best to play it on the tablets or the phones with the large screens.

Play Store Link → Download

Google Play Store is a hub of all android apps but few of the apps will not be available in Play Store due to various reasons like Country restrictions etc. So, here is an alternative to Play Store known as Aptoide which will help you download all the apps. You can also check this article on Apps Like Aptoide, where you can know about different alternatives to Play Store.

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