7 Best Poster & Banner Maker Apps For Android

The advent of smartphones has indisputably changed our lives significantly. In fact, Smartphones are being more keen and potent day by day as manufacturers keep delivering high specifications to deal with huge computational tasks as they can. Consequently, they have become more capable to solve almost every task an end user wishes to do with it. Be it gaming, texting or even editing and designing.

In the meantime, the surge of the internet and social media made it easy for almost all business persons or groups to reach their clients or consumers. For instance, an active social media user could easily recognize how well the marketers take advantage of the internet to boost their business through several advertisements floating all over. Basically, visual aids like posters and floating banners are widely used as they are more eye-catching than anything else.

Furthermore, in the first few days, designing such charming posters and banners for social media accounts was all about finding someone with a Computer who is an expert in designing. But as time passed, things have changed a lot. Hence, smartphones have broken down this obstacle too by supplying efficient apps to run on your device, which helps you design whatever you wish to. Also, no matter if you are a professional or not, these apps assist you to complete your desired poster, banner or even logos without any struggle.

So next, let us take a look around some of the best Poster & Banner Maker Apps for your Android device.


Best Poster Maker Apps & Banner Maker Apps For Android:

1. Canva

Canva is indeed one of the best apps out there which lets you design attractive Posters, Banners, Logos, Custom Layouts and even more. It is simply designed so as to plot your desired designs as speedy as possible.

The app allows you to choose from 60,000+ professional templates provided for free. Photos in your phone storage can be also added and edited using numerous tools, filters, and fonts as well.

In addition, you can also upload your designed poster or Banner directly to Social Media from the app itself. Eventually, Canva aids you to create splendid designs even though you are not an expert in designing.

Best Poster Maker Apps & Banner Maker Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Design Posters, Banners, Logos and more!
  • 60,000+ Free Templates
  • Edit Photos from Gallery
  • Direct Share to Social Media

Download Canva

2. Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer

Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page-designed by Photo Cool Apps is a lightweight Poster Designer app made to run accurately on your Android device.

The app simply serves you in almost all your Poster and Advertisement design demands. For instance, all you need to do is choose a canvas in your preferred size and start designing your craved poster using a series of tools, filters, fonts, and stickers included.

You can also pick photos from the Phone Gallery and can either save back the output to your SD Card or else upload the Output directly to your Social media account.

Main Features:

  • Create Posters & Advertisements
  • Choose Photo from Gallery
  • Save to SD Card
  • Direct Share to Social Media

Download Poster Maker

3. PosterLabs

PosterLabs, as the name suggests, the app assists you to convert your photos into sensational posters. It is simply designed with a minimal and attractive User Interface to get your works done without any hassle.

The app has a slew of poster templates which lets you abruptly design some amazing posters for Social media or Advertisements. For your ease, the templates are categorized into different groups such as Movie Posters, Magazine covers, Travel Documentary, etc.

PosterLabs also includes some effective filters to mix with your photos to keep it more engaging. Finally, you can upload your processed Photos or Posters directly to your social media account from the app itself.

Main Features:

  • Free Professional Templates
  • Apply Filters to Photos
  • Categorized Templates
  • Share directly to Social Media

Download PosterLabs

4. Adobe Spark Post

Whatever the design in your mind is, Adobe has a solution for it! Adobe Spark Post is packed up with some of the coolest features to get your desired Poster or Graphic representation designed shortly.

The app hosts a wide variety of templates, tools, fonts, layouts and more in order to make your design complete at the same time keeping it appealing. As the templates are divided into different groups, they made it easy for users to select the most appropriate template according to the occasion.

You can easily create Posters, flyers, thumbnails, slides, invites and even more using this single app. Adobe also lets you sync your data with the cloud so that you can work from anywhere using any of your devices.

Best Poster & Banner Maker Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Classy Templates
  • Create Animated Posts
  • Text effects
  • Sync with Other Devices

Download Adobe Spark Post

5. Poster Maker & Poster Designer

Poster Maker & Poster Designer is an impressive Poster and Banner maker app for Android devices. The app helps you to simply turn any of your photo or template into a complete work of art with acceptable quality to be displayed on your social media accounts.

Users can start designing your posters from any of the available templates as well as from a random image from your Smartphone Gallery. You can use filters, frames, borders, add and align texts, etc to make your Graphic works remarkable.

The app also has an added typography feature which lets you display some cool font styles to the text in your posters. At last, you can quickly save your designs in your device itself or share it directly to your social media accounts.

Main Features:

  • Choose from Templates/Gallery
  • Typography Fonts
  • Photo Borders & Frames
  • Share on Social Media

Download Poster Maker & Designer

6. Desygner

Desygner is yet another lightweight designing app for all your graphic longings. The app grants you to choose from thousands of professional templates and layouts provided for free.

With its numerous comprised tools and elements, you could design some fabulous Posters or Banners without any hassle. Besides, Desygner also makes it possible to deal with a variety of projects such as newsletters, invoices, business cards, logos, etc which made it more pleasant.

The app also allows you to modify your designs from any of your devices connected with the app, be it your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.

Best Poster & Banner Maker Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Ready-Made Templates
  • Create Logos
  • Different Photo Layouts
  • Edit from Any Device

Download Desygner

7. Flyers, Posters, Adverts, Graphic Design Templates

Much like its long name, the app benefits you to design Posters and Flyers for a long scope of instances.  It comprises a myriad of tools, layouts, filters, and more preferences to get the best graphics design out of it.

You can merely start designing by picking up a fitting template that suits your notion. Further editings and alterations can be done using different tools offered. The added text and image customization features make your Posters furthermore engaging around your clients and followers.

The app also has a fine collection of stickers and text arts as well. And finally, the added Autosave feature keeps you safe from losing your progressed work.

Main Features:

  • Professional Templates
  • Sticker Collection
  • Text Art Collection
  • Share on Social Media

Download Flyers, Posters, Graphic Design Templates

Thus, these were our top pick for the best Poster and Banner Maker Apps for your Android Device. Also, make sure to get your hands on some of these cool apps for designing. 



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