5 Best Presentation Maker Apps For Android: PPT, Slideshows, Animations

One can easily know the importance of presentation in the corporate world. In order to convey the information to clients, the presentation skill is always holding a great importance. Professionals are always expected to have these qualities. To enhance these qualities in the workplace and make the presentation a bit more impressive apart from your personality, there are large numbers of presentation maker apps for Android. Nowadays Presentation Apps include various professional as well as non-professional features. Using these Presentation Maker Apps for Android, you can easily create remarkable presentations and slideshows on your Android smartphone. Whether it is for a professional meeting or any personal occasions these Android PPT Apps can get a large variety of transitions and animations for you. Some of these apps also provide editable templates which help you to make creative presentations fast and easily. There are many presentation maker apps available on Android but the few best ones are listed below.

5 Best Presentation Maker Apps For Android

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google Slides
  • WPS Office
  • Office Suite Free Office + PDF Editor
  • PPT and Whiteboards

1. Microsoft PowerPoint

Powerpoint PPT : Best Presentation Maker Apps For Android

This App is developed by Microsoft and is popular enough. Microsoft PowerPoint can help you create amazing presentations with an interactive Graphic user interface. PowerPoint is very versatile and can ensure you a great communication with the party. It can help you to add Smart arts, which is an amazing business tool. This will add a professional look to your presentation. Apart from this application can add the useful shapes in your presentations that can be considered or used for diagrams sometimes. With a large variety of transition effects, this software allows you to add video, audio, images, and other multimedia which enhances your presentations. Also, you can add various animations to add a sober look to your presentations.


2. Google Slides

Google Slides: Best Presentation Maker Apps For Android

Google slides are a web-based program provided by Google. In the package of Google drive launched in 2005, it comes with Google Docs and Google Sheets. The main advantage of this presentation software is that it saves all your work automatically. Hence it is very rare to lose data from Google Slides. These Google suite files are made up for collaboration. In this application, you can work with your team at the same time and in the same file. All team members can edit the file and all appear simultaneously. In case of any error, these files can be easily restored, so there are fewer chances of getting messed up. In PowerPoint, it is difficult to add the link or the youtube videos directly into the presentations, but here these problems are resolved. These files are saved in cloud storage thus can be accessed on any pc. And the important thing is that this presentation software is FREE.


3. WPS Office

WPS Office: Best Presentation Maker Apps For Android

Developed by Kingsoft office suite, this presentation software is fully compatible with Microsoft office. This application adds up some special features to the existing software which are very useful. This presentation software adds some of the interesting features such as eye protection mode, tabbed documents and also add up to a customizable look. Its eye protection mode turns on a light green screen that is easy on eyes with fewer glares. The WPS office is available as an open source program and is compatible with almost all devices. The interface resembles that of office 2007 and is very easy to use. This also includes the concepts of ribbon.


4. Office Suite Free Office + PDF Editor

Office Suite: Best Presentation Maker Apps For Android

Developed by Mobile systems, This Office Suite drive can give you 15 GB of free cloud storage. This presentation software is also on Google Play and has a very effective and interactive user interface. This software is among the most downloaded software of the apps by the office. This software is compatible with almost all devices. The main feature this application holds is that this can convert the file to PDF format and save it very easily. This software is also well known for its security purpose. This can protect individual sheets also can be available on multiple devices.


5. PPT and Whiteboards

PPt and Whiteboard: Best Presentation Maker Apps For Android

Developed by Mighty Meeting Inc, This Presentation Maker App is also considered as the best application for collaborated presentations. PPT and Whiteboard Sharing is generally used in the meeting room, classroom or online. This software includes the features like PDF converter. This is one of the best software to attend a meeting with. This can also share the slides, create drawings in classrooms. This can email the slides after a purpose is fulfilled. This software can also add mathematical formulas. This software also comes with some security features.

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Presentations are not only a medium to connect or expand your virtual communication, but it is a skill, which should get enhanced day by day. With these Best Presentation Maker Apps For Android, one can surely add a high look with their skills. And if you are looking for a great app to make your next presentation more expressive you must try one of these.

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    You have picked out awesome Android apps for making presentations in mobile devices. Yes, there are many presentation maker apps available for Android, but choosing the right one is a hard task. Some of the apps from the list I have used like Microsoft PowerPoint and WPS office.

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