5 Best Quote Apps for Android

Quote in literal terms means to repeat someone’s words, attributing them to their originator. Quotes can be used for a variety of reasons as per the user’s preference and situation. Also, there are plenty of quotes to select from that will flatter in every situation.

I don’t think there will be anyone in the world who would know exactly how many quotes are there in total because the choices are ceaseless. With quotes, you receive motivation, knowledge, and advice that helps you to take a step ahead in life every single day. Whether it be love quotes, friendship quotes, inspirational quotes or almost anything you have them all as the sea of quotes is deep and never-ending.

With so many alternatives it is sure difficult to find the ideal quote as per your need. But don’t fret as there are plenty of quote apps that have your back covered. So, making your work easier here is a list of 5 Best Quote Apps for Andriod which you can use for posting awe-inspiring status, captions and nearly for anything.

Best Quote Apps for Android Users:

  • Brilliant Quotes
  • The Best Life Quotes
  • Inspirational Quotes Free
  • Quotes Creator

1.Brilliant Quotes

Be motivated and feel inspired every day with the help of Brilliant quotes app. They have a collection of over 3600 carefully hand picked quotes from more than 260 authors. Be it quotes about life, love, friendship, funny, famous, cheerful and plenty more you will easily find them on Brilliant Quotes. Also, you can quickly read a short description of the author and search by author and category to make your work easy including all the other tools. So, explore amazing features from the app and add a long-lasting value to your phone or tablet.Best Quote Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Access “World’s Top 50” quotes.
  2. Quote of the day.
  3. Get daily notifications when Quote of The Day changes.
  4. Use the simple search feature to find a quote or author you are looking for.

2. 11000 Quotes, Sayings & Status – Images Collection

Set a mark on people and inspire them with astonishing status, quotes, and saying all from 11000 Quotes Sayings & Status app. As the name suggests the app provides over 11,000+ quotes in over 300+ categories for free. Also, not just read quotes share what you like directly from the app and add quotes to ‘favorites’ section for sending them later. Select from their huge collection and post perfect captions for your every photo. So, get access to 300+ categories and many other features with 11000 Quote Sayings & Status.

Best Quote Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. This app works offline when you are not connected to your WiFi.
  2. Easily browse through a huge collection of 11,000 quotes in 300+ topics.
  3. Get a ‘Quote of the day’ notification every day.
  4. Share quotes with images via WhatsApp, Facebook, E-mail, Text or other chat apps.

3. The Best Life Quotes

Move ahead in your life and get inspired each day by reading quotes from The Best Life Quotes app. Not only inspiring quotes get amazing status options which suit your intellect from their wide collection. The best part is that they will be soon adding more categories to their list. So read, save and share with The Best Life Quotes.Best Quote Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Daily quotes notification.
  2. Share quote as a text or picture.
  3. Mark your favorite quotes.

4. Inspirational Quotes Free

Inspirational Quotes is an app which truly depicts its work by its name as it provides with a force of motivation by its quotes. Get beautiful and well-written quotes about life and more to make your day brighter and to lift it up a little. Not just quotes but the app also contains stunning poems and poetry. Save image easily and set them on your wallpaper to get motivated just by seeing your screen or simply share them and explore much more from Inspirational Quotes.

Best Quote Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Best Inspirational Quotes With Picture.
  2. Simple Navigation.
  3. Zoom in by pinching.
  4. Updated Daily.

5. Quotes Creator

With Quotes Creator you not just get access to 2000+ quotes with 25+ category but you can easily customize your own quote design template. Write text on photos with almost 70+ font styles and 50+ background options which you can easily download to use them to write your quotes. Make your quote design more artistic with so many features provided by the app and share them on your preferred social network. So, let your inner creativity and imagination to rise and create amazing quotes with Quotes Creator.

Best Quote Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Add text with 70+ different types of fonts for different kind of quotes and occasions.
  2. Add image from your gallery to your quote.
  3. Change the background of the quote.
  4. Share quotes with your friends and family.


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