Top 10 Best Quote Apps For Android

“You mustn’t regret a single moment of your life when you view it in retrospect on your deathbed.” This is one of the few quotes that my experience made me write it. A few years ago, I couldn’t have written this as my knowledge was quite limited but today, I am exposed to every possible option you can think of on my fingertips. Of course, Google is a significant part of my searches, or rather anyone’s but if you daily surf for the same things you are better off downloading some apps related to it.

We all have used quotes at least once in our lifetime, be it as a social media caption or just to impress a crowd to show off your knowledge of an author. But if you are someone who needs a daily dose of quotes but doesn’t want to manually search for them, I’ve got you covered!

I have listed 10 best quote apps that feature an excellent collection of quotes, ranging from motivational to emotional. You can try them and select the one that suits your needs. Let’s begin without any further ado.


Top 10 Best Quote Apps For Android in 2020

1. Brilliant Quotes

Developed by Immar, Brilliant Quotes lives up to its name. It’s truly brilliant. With over 69K downloads,  the app has a collection of over 3600 quotes written by 260 authors. If these numbers confuse you, you can simply search for authors or quotes in the search option. The app also provides daily quotes on your request. To know if a quote is worthy enough, the developers let you vote for quotes so that other users can also get it according to the vote.

While surfing the quotes section, you can favorite a quote if you like it. The app also has a customizable widget option. So, download this app to make your day a brilliant one.

Main Features:

  • Beautiful and intuitive user interface.
  • Great selection of authors and categories.
  • Explore popular quotes.
  • Share quotes seamlessly.

Download Brilliant Quotes

2. YourQuote 

As the name is pretty self-explanatory, YourQuote gives you the opportunity to promote your own quotes. It is one of the best quote apps for Android users. Not just quotes, you can write poems, shayari, story, etc. The app’s motive is to push you to write daily and inspire others. You can easily create new quotes or messages with the help of specifically-curated background images. The text is entirely customizable which includes font style and background image.

Moreover, writers from around the world can be followed. So, download this app and promote your quotes.

Best Quote Apps

Main Features:

  • Inspires you to write daily.
  • Unlock publishing.
  • Feature on Google.
  • Turns your imagination into reality

Download YourQuote

3. Funny Quotes

Life is complicated and you know it. That’s where funny memes come in. They take the tension off the current scenario. Be it the mocking of imbecile politicians or just sharing memes for the sake of a small laugh, we all need it. So, I thought about including an app that gives you the memes on your fingertips. Funny Quotes by Vankiros makes your life a little more valuable by adding a few laughs with some of the funny images. If you like an image, you can save it or share it with your folks.

The app itself is clean and browsing is simple. There are over three categories that claim to make you laugh in no time. So, download Funny Quotes and make your life a little less complicated.

Best Quote Apps

Main Features:

  • Best funny quotes with pictures.
  • Simple navigation and clean interface.
  • Categorized galleries.
  • Voting system.

Download Funny Quotes

4. 11000 Quotes

11000 Quotes definitely offers an overkill solution for your daily quotes need. Nonetheless, the app is robust. You get over 11,000 quotes, sayings, and status in over 300+ categories for free. You can use this app offline, so that’s neat. There’s also a ‘Quote of the day’ notification every day. Developer Touchzing Media curates the quotes for your friends and family.

Best Quote Apps

Main Features:

  • Works offline.
  • Over 11,000 quotes.
  • 300+ topics covered.
  • ‘Quote of the day’ notification.

Download 11000 Quotes

5. Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes is an apt choice if you really want to be motivated. The app offers 50,000+ motivational, inspirational and success quotes. The said quotes are spread over 50 categories that are easy to browse. The app keeps a separate list of your favorite quotes and manages your downloaded quotes.

Best Quote Apps

Main Features:

  • 50000+ motivational quotes.
  • 50+ categories.
  • List your favorite quotes.
  • Manage your downloaded quotes.

Download Motivational Quotes

6. Best Quotes with Images of all Type

TheYouthTech’s Best Quotes has some amazing collection of inspirational and motivational quotes. The developers add new quotes almost daily, so the total count of quotes increases. Best Quotes has a simple user interface that aides in its quick performance. If you wish, you can download the quotes which can be managed later on. Moreover, the app also lets you set your favorite quote.

Main Features:

  • Simple UI.
  • Easy share.
  • Daily reminders.
  • 365 days of motivational quotes.

Download Best Quotes with Images of all Type

7. Best Offline Quotes

Best Offline Quotes includes inspirational quotes that will pull you out of any dull situation. You can view 200+ quotes without active internet. The UI is too simple but can work. The best part about the app is that you don’t need to create an account and then sign in to use its features. Being a free app, you get top features.

Best Quote Apps

Main Features:

  • Works offline.
  • 200+ quotes.
  • Collection of best quotes.
  • Completely free.

Download Best Offline Quotes

8. Quotes and Captions

Quotes and Captions is an astonishing app that contains great collection quotes that will uplift your mood. The developers regularly update the app so that you don’t miss the amazing quotes. There are quotes for every mood that you can easily copy and share on your social media accounts. Along with beautiful high definition backgrounds, the app works offline quite well.

Main Features:

  • Works without the internet.
  • Quotes for every mood.
  • Share quotes as wallpapers.
  • Easy to copy and share.

Download Quotes and Captions

9. Best Quotes With Images and Texts

Best Quotes by AppSaint offers different quotes for your every mood. You can browse through Motivational Quotes, Love Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Friendship Quotes, Workout Quotes, Life Quotes. Not just English, the app serves you quotes in Hindi and Gujarati as well. These quotes can be downloaded at any time and can be easily accessed. You can also get Daily reminders if you want.

Main Features:

  • New Quotes Images added daily.
  • Hindi & Gujarati Quotes.
  • Copy Quotes.
  • Daily reminders.

Download Best Quotes With Images and Texts

10. EveQuote

Junaid Gandhi’s EveQuote is my personal favorite. The app is simply brilliant. You get over a thousand quotes that belong to a huge list of authors. The quotes are organized into different categories that make browsing quotes quite a breeze. You can Like, Copy or Share any quote. Embracing the modern trend, the app has a dark mode and a great widget to motivate you daily.

Best Quote Apps

Main Features:

  • Thousands of quotes.
  • Huge list of authors.
  • Browse various categories.
  • Like, share or copy any quote.

Download EveQuote


What are the best apps for quotes and sayings?

Motivational Quotes, Best Quotes, Brilliant Quotes, and EveQuote are the best apps for quotes and sayings.

Is there an image quote app?

Quotes and Captions, Motivational Quotes are few of the apps that display quotes in the image format.

What are the best apps for making quotes?

YourQuote is one of the best apps that makes quotes with the help of editable images.


Reading, even done in small amounts, can be beneficial for your brain and communication. Quotes that were once written or said by famous personalities can have a huge impact on today’s people who need a little motivation. So, make sure you use at least one app that daily notifies you about quotes that are insightful about life and everything in general.

Which quotes app did you choose? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with people who would love a few quotes.


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