10 Best Reverse Image Search Apps For Android

Google time and again has given us services that we can’t live without, which wasn’t the case a few years ago. Its apps are the most preferred creative catalog that people choose. One such popular feature is the Google search which, according to statistics receives 3.5 billion searches per day. There are trillions of images people use for reference, studying or for work purposes. But, what if you want to find the genesis of an image? Or you are just curious about the authenticity of a photo? Well, there’s, of course, a workaround. Known as reverse image search, this lets you upload an image and search its origin, directing you to the website. And today, we are going to tell you about the best reverse image search apps for Android. So, follow the article till the end to find the perfect app.

Best Reverse Image Search Apps For Android:

  • Google Lens
  • Image Search- ImageSearchMan
  • PicFinder – Image Search
  • Search By Image
  • Image Search – PictPicks
  • CamFind
  • Photo Sherlock – Reverse Image Search
  • Image search for google
  • Image Search by azrael
  • Search by image

1. Google Lens

Google Lens is a proprietary app by Google to search for things to collect information. It is embedded in the Google Assistant for easy search. The app is quite simple and searches for information by pointing at a specific object, be it a building or animals or just a normal text. For instance, if you point your camera on your Sony headphones and tap on Sony, it’ll show you an option to explore their products or the firm’s information. This can be used to know the cost of certain things or collect more information. So, download this app to gain more knowledge.

Best Reverse Image Search Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Copy text from search results.
  • Click and explore.
  • Shop directly.
  • Save dates and events.


2. Image Search- ImageSearchMan

Image Search lives up to its name. The app is quite simple to navigate through and has a lot of features. Just open the app and search for an image, it will display the results quickly. You will see a section called the ‘related images’ wherein you can find similar images to the one you’ve searched. You can also download these images and set them as wallpaper as well. There’s also a share button which lets you share the image to other apps, which is quite handy. The app maintains a search history, most helpful at times when you forgot what you had searched for. Along with all these features, you can scale the display of the images and browse the downloaded images. If you aren’t content with the search, use the filters to adjust search type, size, color, and time. Download Image Search and explore the realm of images.

Best Reverse Image Search Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Download images.
  • Search history.
  • Browse downloaded images.
  • Search Filters.

Download Image Search- ImageSearchMan

3. PicFinder – Image Search

SOFTDX developed PicFinder is the ideal tool to search for images using the Google Search Engine. The app looks a bit old, given the advancements in Android software but gets the work done nonetheless. PicFinder has tonnes of filters like Safe search, picture time, photo mode, size, color, aspect ratio, etc. You can also view the source website of the image and download the image. Photo mode lets you find similar photos, different sizes, download options and share the image. Download this app to search for images pronto.

Best Reverse Image Search Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Search filters.
  • Photo Mode.
  • Automatic cache deletion.

Download PicFinder – Image Search

4. Search By Image

Search by Image is a reliable and fast app to search for photos. It lets you snap images from the camera for faster search. There’s an image editor tool which lets you rotate, crop and flip the image before searching. This app supports Google, Tineye and Yandex search engines. Once you search for an image, the apps show you some similar images which can be downloaded and shared. With the help of this app, you can know whether an image is original or fabricated or if it’s fake or original. Use the filters to search images rapidly. Download Search by Image and know the origin of a picture.

Main Features:

  • Rapid fast search.
  • Image editor.
  • Discovers the authenticity of an image.

Download Search By Image

5. Image Search – PictPicks

PictPicks is another app on our list that searches for images, housing many features inside. It lets you search for images by selecting a photo from your device, using the query from your history, search filters, and safe search. The searched images can be zoomed, saved and shared. Use the image as a wallpaper or save it as a contact photo. So, download this app and pick your pic.

Main Features:

  • Filter settings.
  • Safe search.
  • Material designed UI.

Download Image Search – PictPicks

6. CamFind

CamFind by CloudSight Inc. is a beautiful app that lets you search for images in no time. This app delivers state of the art picture recognition used around the world. Just click a snap search for the image. The app has tonnes of functions. It gives you search results from the internet and lets you view similar images. You can even compare the costs of products and do online shopping. This app also has a barcode and QR Scanner with text and voice search for added experience. Ask anything on CamFind and it will answer all your queries. You can share the image results on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. You can also translate a language for better results. Download CamFind and find your ideal photo.

Main Features:

  • Price Comparisons.
  • Visual Reminders.
  • Language Translator.
  • VoiceOver compatible.

Download CamFind

7. Photo Sherlock – Reverse Image Search

Quite intelligently named, Photo Sherlock comes across as a detective app that searches for images and their origin. Through this app, you can spot fake or original images with just a few steps. Use any image from your phone and find information about it. After you tap on a result, it will detect the real owner of the photo, which will redirect it to that site. You can even crop the image to get better results. The app is straightforward and gets the job done. So, download Photo Sherlock and identify the images.

Best Reverse Image Search Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Crop images.
  • Identifies original vs fake.

Download Photo Sherlock – Reverse Image Search

8. Image search for Google

Image search for Google is an app that lets you search for photos immediately without any effort. It uses Google search which is quite reliable. The app gives you five different ways to search for images – upload images from your phone, search a URL, use search tags, snap images from the camera, and search images from your phone’s gallery. Download this app for a no-nonsense search.

Main Features:

  • 5 different search options.
  • Intuitive App UI.
  • Faster results.

Download Image search for Google

9. Image Search by azrael

Image Search by azrael is an elementary app that searched for pictures using keywords, browsing and saving the photo. This app uses Google’s search engine which is dependable. The app lets you search for images using filters like colors in the photo, image size, type of image, aspect ratio, etc. There’s also a safe search option. Download this app and search for images, hassle-free.

Main Features:

  • Filters.
  • Google Search Engine.
  • Search with keywords.

Download Image Search by azrael

10. Search by image

BySky Apps brings us Search by Image which an easy tool to search for pictures. Like other apps, this app also uses Google’s search engine to give you image results. You can search for images directly from your gallery or click a fresh photo. Get more information about the image via Google Search. You can even share the images to Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, etc. This app lets you take a screenshot and share it later on. There are a lot of advertisements in the app but you can make them vanish by purchasing the ad-free version/ So, download this app and search for images trouble-free.

Best Reverse Image Search Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Search from your gallery/snap a picture.
  • Share image on different platforms.
  • Ad-free version support.

Download Search by image

This was the list of the apps we thought would work best to find images. Which app did you like? What do you use reverse search for? Tell us in the comments section.


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