5 Best Self-Driving Car Rentals Apps In India For Android

Now, there is no denying with the fact that long drives are great and peaceful! Imagine going out for a weekend away with your family or friends driving in your car. The cold breeze that slides through windows, the comfort of traveling, stopping the vehicle at your convenience and so much more. But to experience this, what if you don’t own a car? Well, nowadays, maintaining a personal vehicle is more costly than actually buying it. So, what to do at such situations? There are indeed multiple options, and one of them is the self-drive concept. Now, in this, one can hire a car for an hour or even weeks and can drive the adventurous roads with their convenience and yet in an affordable way. As there are now a number of services in India who facilitates this concept which was started from the west. So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy the roads at their own terms and conditions and not in a chauffeur-driven cab, then check out this 5 Best Self-Driving Car Rentals Apps In India that will work perfectly on your Android devices.

Best Self-Driving Car Rentals Apps In India For Android:

  1. Zoomcar Self Drive Car Rental
  2. Drivezy – Self Drive Car & Bike Rentals
  3. Revv – Self Drive Car Rental
  4. Carzonrent
  5. Myles – Self Drive Car Rental

 1. Zoomcar Self Drive Car Rental

Zoomcar without any doubt is surely one of the best car rental application on the Play Store. The reason being, they are secure, budget-friendly and convenient to use. Now, coming to the rental part, Zoomcar provides with hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rental options. And one can choose from 20+ different vehicle for either to rent or the app even provides self-drive services across 24 cities. Coming to the prices, Zoomcar has introduced 3 attractive pricing options, depending on usage and convenience. Each package provides a different amount of free kms (5, 10, or 15 free kms per hour). This means that individuals can always choose the right package for the amount of driving planned. In addition to cars, the app also provides with PEDL which allows you to rent cycles by the hour or day! This will not only keep you fit but is also environment-friendly! So, download Zoomcar app, select the car, location, and duration for your trip, and have a happy journey!

Best Self-Driving Car Rentals Apps In India

Main Features:

  1. Flexible Packages.
  2. Deal Shack.
  3. Zoom Commute.
  4. Zoom Pedl.
  5. Invite and Earn.
Download Zoomcar

2. Drivezy – Self Drive Car & Bike Rentals

A little different from Zoomcar, Drivezy is an application which gives you the option for both self-drive car rental and bike rentals which will be delivered right at your doorstep. But for getting vehicles at your doorstep, one needs to choose the Home Delivery option. Now, for both the vehicles one can book for hours, days or even weeks in affordable and convenient prices. For using the app, choose your vehicle, select your nearest pickup point, then choose the type of model you want according to price and journey. Next, customize your fuel packages to your need, pay from e-wallets or net-banking, and that’s it you are all set for a great ride! Also, one of the best part, all cars in Drivezy fleet are pre-insured. The maximum liability in case of any level of damage is Rs.9999! So, rent a car or hire a bike from one of the most accessible, affordable and convenient car rental and bike rental brand, Drivezy, in just a few steps.

Best Self-Driving Car Rentals Apps In India

Main Features:

  1. A wide range of vehicles.
  2. Customization options.
  3. Low-security deposit.
  4. Car and bike rental.
  5. Instant refund.
Download Drivezy

3. Revv – Self Drive Car Rental

Revv is a self-drive car rental service which is India’s first to guarantee 100% doorstep delivery. Now, the application is very simple and convenient to use, and at the top of it budget-friendly too! As they offer unlimited kms package options with prices starting at just ₹ 39 per hour. Now, for using the app, pick your favorite Revv car, time and at the location, you want it to get delivered. Then they will deliver the car at your designed location. Next, after finishing your journey, get the car back to your place and they will take it from there. That’s it, it’s that simple! Now, if your journey gets postponed or delayed for any reason, one can even use the app to reschedule or cancel bookings at any time of the day. So, download Revv and get self-drive cars, delivered to your doorstep without any hassle!

Best Self-Driving Car Rentals Apps In India

Main Features:

  1. Manage your bookings seamlessly.
  2. Delivering car at your place.
  3. A wide range of cars.
  4. All booking details in one place.
  5. Unlimited kms package.
Download Revv

4. Carzonrent

Carzonrent is a cab rental service which provides a complete bouquet of end-to-end long and short term car rental solutions through its fleet of 7000 cars across the country. The app can be used for both corporate as well as personal services. Now for corporates, the payment can happen through credit cards and through a bill to company process. As for the personal ride, payment can happen through card payments or by cash. In addition, the app would help you track the driver before he arrives which will make your booking more convenient. Now, for additional customer safety, the app includes an Emergency Alert when you are on a trip. And also has a 24×7 support team and much more! So, download Carzonrent and ease out the pressure of your every car booking!

Best Self-Driving Car Rentals Apps In India

Main Features:

  1. Avail both Corporate & Personal services.
  2. Make bookings directly.
  3. 24X7 support team.
  4.  Emergency Alert.
  5. A wide range of car options.
Download Carzonrent

5. Myles – Self Drive Car Rental

Myles is a self-drive car rental service where you can get in control of the wheels. And get keys that will unlock happiness as you drive with your near and dear ones. Now, for using the app, enter your booking details, search for the car model you want according to the price and journey. Next, review all the details and simply pay the amount. That’s it your car will get booked in just a few taps. Now coming to details, the app provides with 38 car models to choose from and they can be booked for an hour, day, week, or month. The application works in 21 cities and has 250+ pick-up locations. So, download Myles and whenever you find the road calling Myles will drive you to your next adventure.

Best Self-Driving Car Rentals Apps In India

Main Features:

  1. Choose from 38 car models.
  2. Hire by the hour, day, week, or month.
  3. 21 Cities.
  4. 250+ pick-up locations.
Download Myles

So, above were the 5 Best Self-Driving Car Rental Apps that work in India and will perfectly support your Android devices. Now, coming to the article, even the title says Car Rental, we have still included an app that goes for both cars and bikes. As per for the mentioned list, the services are all great and budget friendly. You get a variety of car models to choose from and also they can get delivered right at your door-step! Also not just for hours, but in some of the application, one can even rent self-drive cars for a month too! As for the prices they are convenient but still, it depends on your journey and destination. But nevertheless, the apps are easy to use and will provide with the best user experience.

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