Top 6 Best SEO Chrome Extensions For Professionals

There are many tasks that one is expected to perform on a regular basis right from organizing the bucket of content to ensuring usability of the website for the building of link to much more aspects in the vast ocean of digital marketing.

The functionality that is provided in the Internet browser can assist one in undertaking the operations such as site ranking, keyword analysis, keyword planning and search trends. Google Chrome has enhanced its market share to a substantial extent which is very effective for digital marketers.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions

Here are some of the Best SEO Chrome Extensions to power-up your marketing exercise.

1. SEO Quake

It is a very popular extension of Chrome that presents the crucial metrics in SERPs. One can utilize the plugins for getting elaborate information regarding the keyword density of the page along with having a complete diagnosis. Certain factors of the pages that this extension looks for are a schema, headings, Meta descriptions and alt attributes.

This extension helps in getting a fast look at the webpage as it drags down the metrics from a wide range of sources including that of Alexa, SEMRush, and Google. This extension is a great tool that blends very effectively with different extensions. You also avail the facility of comparing URLs that import links from CSV file.

2. Mozbar

This plugin assists you in creating the customs searches and make the comparison of exposed elements of pages, make a comparison of the link metrics, highlight the keywords and links. To know more about the Mozbar tools you can read this post and make use of this awesome tool while you surf the web.

3. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

It is a good alternative to Mozbar which uses its domestic database. This extension provides plenty of insights to the competitors that can help in making more informed decisions about SEO.

4. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

This extension provides the user with a fast-paced way to check for crucial information associated with back-link regarding any webpage. This tool uses many citation, metrics and trust flow.

5. Check my link

This SEO Chrome plugin is considered as the best extension for identifying the broken links. It is a great tool that is crucial for the campaigns regarding link building as it recognizes any kind of disrupting links on information associated with the webpage that you can effectively use for making contacts with the webmaster for proposing links with updates.

6. Evernote Web Clipper

This extension is not exclusively designed for SEO; however, it must be used by any individual who happens to spend more amount of time on working over the Internet. The usability of the plugin is more than saving notes which facilitates the users in taking screenshots, clip articles, creating images, adding highlights and notations and organize your emails along with other information.

The most prominent part of Evernote is the capability to sync notes with multiple devices. In the case, you spend most of your time on the laptop and save SERP or website results for later use; you can drag the information on Android or other smartphones or to other systems simply by login in it.

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You shall be able to save relevant and crucial documents along with emails to the cloud with the help of Evernote which is very convenient and easy to use.


    • Hi Safi,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Yes, indeed they help a lot and sets the pace.

      I myself use a lot of them yet useful for my daily requirements.

      I’m sure, it would be an eye-opening for the beginners as well.

      And thanks for your suggestion for that new one. I will try it first and see if it proves to be a perfect fit for the article.

      Will definitely include.


  1. Nice one, Arpita!

    Good picks on SEO chrome extensions. SEOquake is one of my favorite extension. Apart that, I think Keywords Everywhere too should here, in the list. It’s one of the must extension.


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