Modern SEO: Best SEO Practices

Will Google stop changing its algorithm so that we could crack all SEO tricks and rank high once and for all? Unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen. Google will keep changing, and we’ll have to keep adjusting. The results of the search engine are not what they used to be. They are no longer consisted out of organic site matches. Google now gives us social cues, images, videos, and local maps. It gives its user more of what they want to see. It gives SEO practitioners more to work on.

Modern SEO practices are a combination of different techniques that turn Google’s algorithm to your advantage. Don’t see the changes as an obstacle. See them as a challenge to work harder and get better.

Are you ready to learn about the best SEO practices at the moment? Here you go:

1. Keep Creating Amazing Content

Best SEO Practices

Great content is still the king. As more businesses are competing to get better ranking through great content, the standards are getting higher by the day. You have to make greater efforts to make your content stand out. You have to produce more without allowing the standard of quantity to affect the quality of your content. If that means hiring a writing service to keep up, then you’ll need to make that investment for the sake of getting great content.

  • Create a posting schedule that encourages you to publish content as frequently as possible.
  • Find out what questions your target audience has and provide the answers through great content.
  • Create both current and evergreen content. Any topic that could get the interest of your audience is worthy of your consideration.

Creating amazing content for your website won’t be enough. You’ll have to take it everywhere. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn… all platforms matter.

2. Localize Your Strategy

Best SEO Practices

A huge chunk of the Google searches that people do will display results based on local search. Try searching best pizza and you’ll see. The Pigeon update, which was launched back in 2014, made that possible. Its purpose is to provide more relevant search results for the search engine’s users.

Through SEO, you can manage your ranking in local pack results. You can do that by improving your overall ranking through old-fashioned signals such as great website content, successful link building, and growing domain authority. All these aspects will help your site rank high in local organic rankings. You can do something more:

  • Create authentic hyperlocal content in the form of text, images, infographics, and videos. This content should associate your business with a specific region or even a neighborhood.
  • Get reviews! When people are searching for something, Google wants to give them the best options. The better rating you have through reviews on different platforms (Facebook, Superpages, Yelp, Trip Advisor…), the better you’ll rank on Google, too.
  • Make sure to enlist correct information about your business in as many reputable online sources as possible. Keep the address consistent.

3. Reach Influencers

Influencer marketing is rarely associated with SEO practices. It’s surely part of your larger marketing campaign, but what does it have to do with search engine optimization?

Here’s the explanation: Google crushed shady SEO practices. You can no longer produce guest posts with the sole purpose of link building. Spammy guest posts will have a negative effect on your campaign. You cannot make your content “too rich” with keywords, so the good-old content optimizing doesn’t really work. In other words, you can use all those methods, but you mustn’t over-optimize.

With influencer marketing, you’re getting clean backlinks and traffic that matters. There’s nothing shady about it. You get natural exposure that Google won’t punish.

4. Improve Your Social Status

Best SEO Practices

You cannot separate search engine optimization and social media marketing. These two concepts are closely intertwined. Twitter and Facebook share social cues that boost your status in Google’s search results.

  • Take your business all over social media. Maybe it will be impossible to focus on all channels at once, so you’ll have to conquer them one by one or hire new members in your team.
  • Use a tool like Buffer to schedule the posts. This will take a huge burden off your shoulders. The tool will automate the posts, and you can choose to get them out there during activity peaks.
  • Connect! The main purpose of SMM is to communicate with your target audience and understand their needs. When people see you’re there for them, they will be more willing to follow your pages and engage on your posts. Google cares about such engagement!
  • Use social media as content sharing platforms. They help you improve the traffic on your website, and you know what that means for the way you rank in the search engine’s results.

5. Optimize for Rich Answers

People are asking direct questions to Google. It wants to give them direct answers. If you optimize for rich answers, you may see a significant improvement in your rankings. Google has its internal encyclopedia of information, called The Knowledge Graph. You need to get in there.

Since you want to get your content featured for the most important industry-related questions, you should optimize for such queries. The best way to do that is by including the questions in your content, following a direct answer.

If, for example, you run a website focused on improving fertility, you want it featured when people ask Google How does diet affect fertility in men? You can take that question as a subheading, and start the paragraph with something like Your diet has a massive influence on your fertility.

Remember this trend: specific is the new epic at the moment. Specific questions followed by specific answers will get you better rankings.

These are the most important modern practices, but it’s not all it takes for a successful search optimization campaign. As always, it takes a lot of experimenting, shifting and changing to find what works for your business and your audience. On the bright side, that’s where all the fun is: experimenting. Thanks to the ongoing development, SEO never gets boring!

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  1. Hey William,

    SEO seems complicated to many but it’s pretty simple. Reaching out the influencers always work.

    Targeting your local audience can bring more exposure than anyone thinks. I have tested it for both the markets.

    Glad to read this article.



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