Absolutely Best Settings for PUBG Lite PC

Best Settings for PUBG Lite PC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, most famously known as PUBG, has created quite a stir in the past year. Being the most popular (and a bit costly) game on PC, Xbox, Tencent game launched the game for mobile users in 2017. As the versions for PC and Xbox were paid, gamers seemed joyous as the mobile version was launched as a free-to-play game. The game spread like a wildfire which soon turned into an obsession for gamers. Some even ditched another Battle Royale rival Fornite which made further elevated PUBG’s presence in the global market.

The main predicament gamers faced was that the original PC game was a bit costly and it worked butter-smooth only on heavy-specs machines. Well, we aren’t Jeff Bezos, right? We’ve all sacrificed some or the other component while assembling a desktop and we wish we didn’t. Running an emulator on a personal computer for playing PUBG is a mild solution but not the right one! Thanks to PUBG Corporation, people can play now PUBG on their PC with low-end specifications. The world is witnessing a global rollout of PUBG Lite which is in its beta stage but the firm promises that apart from a few compromises, the game gives an authentic battlefield experience.


PUBG Lite is similar to PUBG Mobile – Free, great graphics, and easy controls. Also, the Lite version isn’t really aimed at professional gamers and one might easily reach the top 5, given that they navigate really well around the game. And to play really well, one needs a solid skillset along with the equipment that caters to the win. So we’ve made a list of some of the best settings you should use in order to kill some noobs and secure the top spot to eat that chicken dinner. Jump right in!

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Best Settings for PUBG Lite PC

PUBG Lite is still in beta so you might notice a few bugs here and there. The game requires a 2GB download. Download it from here. Once you have downloaded the game, you’ll need to sign in with your existing account or create a new one.

Graphics Settings

Best Settings for PUBG Lite PC 2019 : Graphics Settings

Resolution Settings for PUBG Lite

The screen is the most essential factor when it comes to doing almost anything so why not make it the most enjoyable. A high framerate is crucial that maximizes your gaming performance. We say stick at 1080p if your monitor supports it or 720p at the least. 4K might be tempting but you’ll be sacrificing the performance and the fluidity. If your system supports 1440p, go for it.

Refresh Rate Settings for PUBG Lite

This is quite tricky. It mostly depends on personal preference. Gamers use a monitor that is capable of thrusting over 60 frames per second (fps). Set it to 144 frames per second. Keep in mind that not just the monitor, the graphics card also determines what refresh rate you can use. So if you have a crazy machine, you can crank it up.

Mouse Settings

Mouse Settings for PUBG Lite

A mouse is vital for playing PUBG Lite on your personal computer. Once you’ve shopped for the best gaming mouse under your budget, make sure you set it according to your needs. The main part of using a mouse is its sensitivity. It can either make or break that chicken dinner. All this should work in conjunction with the in-game sensitivity, the resolution of your screen, so choose carefully by balancing all the three factors.

Mouse DPI Settings for PUBG Lite

82% of professional gamers use a DPI (dots per inch) when it comes to mouse sensitivity. Users settle the DPI between 400-800. You should personally choose the setting but we suggest you shouldn’t go higher than 1600 DPI. You won’t see any advantage if you select DPI over 1600.

Sensitivity Settings

Ingame Sensitivity Settings

PUBG Lite sets the value at 50 by default. Keeping sensitivity for scope lower will help you hit faraway targets. The basic idea of sensitivity is to be aware of the surroundings and maintain your posture in a gunfight.

Best Settings for PUBG Lite PC 2019: Sensitivity settings

The guideline is given below and it is ideal that you follow it but depending on your personal experience, you can choose the settings that make you feel that the game controls are in your hand.

  • Average Sensitivity: 43
  • Targeting Sensitivity: 40
  • Scoping Sensitivity: 40
  • 2x Scope: 39
  • 3x Scope: 39
  • 4x Scope: 39
  • 6x Scope: 39
  • 8x Scope: 39
  • 15x Scope: 39

Miscellaneous Settings for PUBG Lite PC

Display Mode -Set this to Fullscreen. You will get more frames per second (fps).

FPP Camera FOV – Increase it to 103. You’ll be able to see more enemies as this gives you a wider field of view.

In-Game FPS Limit – Set this to Unlimited.

Screen Scale – Set this at 100. It will match the resolution of your monitor and you won’t lose any frames per second.


Smoothed Framerate – Turn it off. Turning it on will cause input lag.

View Distance – Set it to Low. It lets you see the objects in the landscape get rendered. It doesn’t have much impact.

Anti-aliasing – Set it to Medium. This option makes the object look smoother but will make them a bit blurry. Set it to medium if you must save the frames.

Post-processing – Set this to Low. This will decrease the darkness of darker places.

Textures – Set this to Medium. This option will give you a mixed setting of performance and visibility.

Shadows – Set this to Very Low. You won’t drop the frames and you’ll see your enemies’ shadows.

Effects – Set to Very Low. Only enhances the quality of explosions and smoke.

Foliage – Set to Very Low. Setting it at fuller will cost you frames, making it harder to spot enemies.

V-Sync – Turn it off. Use only if the screen tearing is terrible.

Motion Blur – Turn it off. It offers no advantage.

Sharpen – Turn it on. Makes the game and everything in it look sharper.



Thanks to the newly launched PUBG Lite, you might just end up buying a new mouse or a keyboard, which is better than buying a whole new PC that plays the original game without any hiccups. Also, to fully enjoy the game, make sure you spend just a few hours daily and not the whole day playing it.

What did you think of this article (Best Settings for PUBG Lite PC)? Was it helpful? Did we forget to mention anything essential? Tell us your opinions in the comments box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are PUBG fanatic, as this might help them eat that chicken dinner.

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