7 Best Speech-to-Text Converter Apps for Android

The world of smartphones has taken us places and really shortened literally every single task. You can add an alarm, schedule a doctor’s appointment or control the AC at the tip of our fingers. To do it all, you need to type in the related keywords and we’ve already covered the best keyboard apps for Android. But typing lengthy text is a cumbersome task and of course, there exists a simple workaround. We’ve got you covered with the best speech-to-text converter apps that you can use on Android. So, do your fingers a favor by downloading the apps below.

Best Speech-to-Text Converter Apps for Android:

  1. Gboard
  2. SpeechTexter
  3. ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes
  4. Voicea AI Note Taker
  5. Voice Notes
  6. Voice Notebook
  7. Speech To Text Notepad

1. Gboard

When it comes to any Android app, expect Google to have a solution for you. You might wonder, why are we including a keyboard app in a speech-to-text app list. Well, Gboard, Google’s own keyboard is multitalented. Apart from being a smooth keyboard, you can even let it type sentences for you, which has a built-in voice typing feature. Just tap on the small microphone and voila, let the magic begin. As of now, GBoard supports over 120 languages and 10 Indian languages. So if you are in a mood for writing a Shayari, just select the desired language and start dictating. Aside from recognizing punctuation marks, Google also lets users dictate emoji by saying “angry face emoji” etc. (Emoji dictation supports only English languages.) So, if you are feeling too lazy to type it all, download this keyboard cum voice typing app and dictate that lengthy text.

Best Speech-to-Text Converter Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Easily dictate text on the go.
  • Emoji dictation.
  • Multilingual voice typing.
  • Supports more than 120 languages.

Download Gboard

2. Speech Texter

The next app on our list is Speech Texter. This app provides continuous speech recognition with high accuracy rates. Unlike other apps on our list, this is the only app that lets you use custom words (dictionary). With support for over 60 languages, you are free to create text notes, an email or send SMS or tweet by just dictating the sentences. You also get an offline mode wherein you can download the most used language for offline use. So, tap the download link below and start dicatating.

Best Speech-to-Text Converter Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Create text notes, email, tweet, etc.
  • Supports 60+ languages.
  • Add your own commands.
  • Offline mode.

Download Speech Texter

3. ListNote Speech-to-text Notes

ListNote is an intuitive speech-to-text app from Khymaera that gives you the ability to record hands-free speech with just 1 click. This is a note taking app, wherein you can dictate all your notes which can also be searched. Writing a love poem or an article you fear people might copy? Lose all your worries as ListNote comes with a built-in password lock. Other customizations include color-coded notes, recycle bin, backup and restore and dark theme. So, tap the download link below and dictate your shopping list.

Best Speech-to-Text Converter Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Lock notes.
  • Color-coding.
  • Dark theme.
  • Popup text editors.

Download ListNote Speech-to-text Notes

4. Voicea A.I. Note Taker

Voicea A.I. Note Taker by Wrappup Inc. is another Speech-to-text app that enhances your experience of dictating voice notes. Voicea is powered by an artificial intelligence called EVA who is programmed to help you every way possible. You can transcribe notes in your meeting so that you don’t miss a key update. This app seemingly syncs with Google and Office365 for better management. There is a quick launch function that can easily record your meetings/lectures without any fuss. Besides featuring such rich elements, you can also customize your desired keywords, voice commands by EVA and recordless recaps which gives highlights of the last meeting. Voicea can be used with Evernote and Slack. So, do you think Voicea is the app for your needs? If yes, hit the download link below and start transcribing.

Best Speech-to-Text Converter Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • AI Powered Speech-to-text.
  • Amazing UI.
  • Record full meetings.
  • Quick launch.

Download Voicea A.I. Note Taker

5. Voice Notes

Voice Notes is a simple and intuitive speech-to-text app that can dictate your spoken words with just one tap. It seemingly integrates with your calendar as well. This app supports voice typing for over 120 languages, so embrace your mother tongue, because you are sure to find it here. Voice Notes also supports recording notes even if the phone isn’t being used. You will never lose any of your files as this app automatically backs your files on the cloud. So, tap the download link below and start dictating that long pending blog.

Best Speech-to-Text Converter Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • One touch dictation.
  • Screen off record.
  • 120+ languages supported.
  • Easy share.

Download Voice Notes

6. Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook by Simple Seo Solutions is a no-nonsense app that acts as a notebook to your voice notes. it is a simple speech-to-text app that saves your files locally or on the cloud. You can customize a list or replaceable words, letter capitalization, undo commands, etc. If taking voice notes is in your daily routine, then use the widget for quicker access. You can easily export your notes to a suitable format. If you are not satisfied with the free version, you can buy the premium version which includes no advertisements and an ‘Always on Screen’ mode that is ready for nonstop dictation. So, if you are impressed with Voice Notebook, download it from the link given below.

Main Features:

  • Power saving mode.
  • Always on screen – for nonstop dictation.
  • Words and characters counter.
  • Exports notes to any text program.

Download Voice Notebook

7. Speech To Text Notepad

Speech To Text Notepad is a self-explanatory app – converting your speech into a text inside a Notepad. This app supports over 70 languages and 6 languages for voice commands. You can create up to 10 folders for organizing your notes. Once you are done with the dictation, hear it out via text to speech. The app also has a premium version which disables all the advertisements, adds 1-tap widget support and premium voice commands. So, tap the download link and give typing a break.

Main Features:

  • Supports 70 languages.
  • Unlimited dictation.
  • Folder creation.
  • Intuitive voice commands.

Download Speech To Text Notepad

So, did we cover good enough speech-to-text app or we left out something? What’s your favorite speech-to-text app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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