Top 5 Best Spy Apps for iPhone and Android

There are innumerable spy apps you will find in your app store for Android and iPhone, but it is challenging one to select one that provides you all the necessary features of your wish. However, it is prominent to know some of the given following specifications about these apps before selecting them:

  • Features 
  • Compatibility 
  • Online Support
  • Cost
  • Brand
  • Tools
  • Not rooting

After considering the above specification, I came across the top 5 best spy apps for your iPhone and Android. These apps are enlightened below with their exclusive features: 

1. mSpy

mSpy is the most famous spy app which is being used by one million users in this world. It helps you to monitor your target smartphone without any headache of jailbreak. Once you install it in the target smartphone, then you need to activate it with its license code. After its code activation notification, you can easily look at the activities which are being run over the target phone. Its benefits are given below:

  • Free from jailbreak: It doesn’t require you to root system. You need to insert iCloud ID and Password of the targeted person
  • Social apps access: mSpy gives you access to monitor all social apps Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Snap Chat, and Skype.
  • Keylogger: It permits you to monitor every keystroke applied by a targeted person. However, the instant messaging app is unable to track directly by parental control.
  • Parental Access: mSpy gives you full control of the targeted smartphones so that you can block or restricts apps and sites easily.  
  • Price and its developer: Bitex Group LTD charge $29.99 

2. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile spy app is another best monitoring app for your android smartphones. It can easily be downloaded and installed in a short span of time. You need no energy to root and start to monitor but install and put license code. However, Highster Mobile avails you following advantageous:

  • Real-time Global Positioning System (GPS): You can track where the targeted person is.
  • Monitoring Text Messages: What text messages one gets
  • Call history: Where from or where one dialed calls
  • Multimedia Access: What visual content he keeps
  • Application Viewer: Applications one use in one’s smartphone
  • Social Network Access: Social activities one keeps
  • Cost: ILF Mobile Apps Corp charges onetime only $69.99.

3. Thespybubble

It is the best spy app for you to detect your kids’ and children’s phones. It can make your life easy to resolve all the issues through this monitoring app. It gives you a wide range of matchless features along with mentioned benefits:

  • Accessible with Android and iOS Smartphones
  • Online support while installing the first time
  • Detecting incoming and outgoing call history
  • GPS tracking
  • Monitors messaging apps along with social apps
  • Customer support 24/7

4. Hoverwatch

If you like to monitor your children’s activities, then Hoverwatch is the best application for you. It permits you to have a check and balance of your kids. You are eligible to overlook activities like social media apps, GPS, Call log services. All these could be undertaken with a secure Web portal without having any insecurity. Let us consider Hoverwatch advantageous for you:

  • Free Trial: Free Trial: A period of 3 days trial in which you can get the opportunity to check it’s all features
  • Camera Tracker option: It will allow you to seek who is trying to unlock the targeted smartphone
  • Call Recordings: It will allow you to record the calls
  • Screenshots Capturing: You can completely monitor your kids by capturing screenshots of their activities
  • It costs only for 19.95

5. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is one of the best spying applications for Android phones. It has matchless specifications which can only be expected from cell phone spyware like remote locking, GPS location, call record activities, and smartphone recording activities. However, other features are jotted down:

  • SMS Commanding: It can command your kid’s phone with the help of the control panel and block all the applications
  • Control Panel: After every 90 seconds it updates so that you can see the screen of your targeted phone
  • Blockage of Application: You can easily block the unwanted application on your kid’s smartphone with the help of Mobile Spy
  • Alerts: It will alert you, whenever you put it on the map for notification if the device travels to the same point you put a note on the notification
  • Reasonable price: Retina-X Studios charge only $90 for 6 months

Thus, all the aforementioned application for spying is the best for android and iOS smartphones. You need to wander in selecting other apps because the mentioned spy apps are the matchless applications for you in a suitable budget.

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