7 Best Superhero Wallpapers Apps For Android To Save The World

Superheroes movies are all the hottest trend of this year. With the Avengers Infinity Wars breaking all the records, it wouldn’t be too much if you and all your friends end up dressing as Thanos. And if you are a superhero fan, you would want your personality to say the same; that includes your Smartphone. So, if you are bored with your usual Android interface, there is a way to give your Smartphone a powerful dimension. In this post, we are going to review 7 Best Superhero Wallpapers Apps For Android.

Best Superhero Wallpapers Apps For Android
THE NEON CAP – A Wallpaper by Protanica App

Here are the best superhero wallpaper apps that you can download and use to keep your favourite superhero or supervillain close to you at all times:

Best Superhero Wallpapers Apps For Android

1. Superheroes Wallpapers 4K Backgrounds

Compatible with every device, this app has some of the most awesome superhero wallpapers in the multiverse. The application is developed by the Superheroes Live Wallpapers. It has more than 1000 pictures of your favourite comic characters. It doesn’t matter if you like Batman, Joker, Iron Man, or even some lesser known characters like Squirrel Girl, you will find everyone here. All the wallpapers are in HD quality that gives you the best experience.

Best Superhero Wallpapers Apps For Android- Superheroes Wallpapers 4K Backgrounds

Main Features

  • Superhero Wallpapers in HD and excellent 4K quality.
  • Contains Wallpapers of all the Superheros.
  • 1000+ wallpapers collection.
  • superheroes/superheroine and supervillains characters.

2. SuperHeroes Wallpapers by Apphics

Offered by the Best of Wallpapers, this application will make your Smartphone special and ready to take on all the super villains or superheroes, depending on which side you are on. New wallpapers will be added automatically to your phone. You can even download the wallpapers for offline use. All the illustrations are in HD quality giving you the best there is.

Best Superhero Wallpapers Apps For Android - SuperHeroes Wallpapers by Apphics

Main Features

  • Daily New High-Quality Superheroes Wallpapers arrival.
  • Minimal & Beautiful User Interface.
  • Make your own Favorite superhero wallpaper list.

3. Protanica -Wallpapers HD Superhero Background

Amazin Superhero Wallpapers App, Developed by Artsyaniket, is a one-stop for all your favourite superhero/supervillain wallpapers. The app has many custom based designs. The makes have made sure that the performance of the application is kept at its finest. You have to just tap the wallpaper to make it your home screen, lock screen or share it with your friends. The app not only has a favourites section but also offers fast caching and quick loading. The app is really awesome and has an incremental content on regular basis.

Protanica -Wallpapers HD Superhero Background

Main Features

  • Marvel’s Infinity War Neon Wallpapers Series.
  • Fast and fluid, compatible with all devices.
  • Great Custom made Designs.
  • High-Quality Artworks, full HD Wallpapers.

4. Superhero Wallpapers HD

The application is developed by 4K HD Wallpapers. The app is faster and uses less internet and storage. With more than 5000+ wallpapers, the application is very handy o use. There is a Favorites option that allows you to select and store your favourite wallpapers separately. The wallpapers can be downloaded and stored offline. The best part is that if you cannot find your favorite superhero or super villain, you can make a suggestion.

Superhero Wallpapers HD

Main Features

  • Wallpapers in HD and excellent 4K quality.
  • Includes almost every Superhero you’ve heard of.
  • 5000+ wallpapers.
  • New wallpapers updated automatically.

5. Superheroes Wallpapers HD (OSYPO)

This application is developed by OSYPO. With more than 100 HD wallpapers, the app will give you the personalized look that you want. Every week there will be an update that will add more wallpaper to your collection. The best thing about this app is that it includes almost every superhero there is, so it doesn’t matter if you are a Marvel or DC fan, you will get them all.

Best Superhero Wallpapers Apps For Android -Superheroes Wallpapers HD (OSYPO)

Main Features

  • Wallpapers in HD (Good quality).
  • Includes almost every awesome Superhero.
  • The entire collection is above more than 100 wallpapers.
  • Regular Update.

6. Superhero Wallpapers HD by ZeroCell

If you are a DC or Marvel lover and you are looking for an app to give your Smartphone a personalized superhero or super villainy look, your search ends here. The app is developed by ZeroCell and contains some of the best and free wallpapers, all of which are in HD. The one-click wallpaper share and set option make the application easy to use. You don’t even have to download the wallpapers.

Best Superhero Wallpapers Apps For Android - Superhero Wallpapers HD by ZeroCell

Main Features

  • Free Superhero Wallpaper.
  • Share with your friends.
  • HD Wallpapers.

7. SuperHero Wallpaper by Software Laboratory.81

Developed by Software Laboratory.81, this app is compatible with all Android devices. The app has a collection of HD wallpapers that will surely give your Smartphone a powerful dimension. There is a wide range of superheroes and supervillain characters to choose from. Not only you can download the wallpapers for offline use, but you can also share them on various social media networks. So, personalize your Smartphone with your favourite Marvel or DC character.

Best Superhero Wallpapers Apps For Android

Main Features

  • Wallpapers and illustrations in HD quality.
  • Large choice of superheroes/supervillains characters.
  • Option to download wallpapers for offline use.

If you are one of those people who spend more time in their fantasy worlds than they spend in their real life, these apps are perfect for you. Whatever be the reason for all this rage, the superhero movies are going to be on the run for a long time. So, you need to keep your superhero game on point. Instead of searching the Internet for wallpapers of your favourite superhero, you can just download these apps and get new wallpapers with each new update. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app before Thanos snaps his fingers.

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