5 Best Swimming Games For Android

Honestly, summer is the one season that gets really underrated among the other seasons. Be it in front of breezy winters, mesmerizing raindrops or in the astonishing view of falling leaves! But hey don’t get confused summer has its own perks too! And one of the best perks that summer brings is indeed going to the beach! I mean in what another season you will go on a beach to flush off your stress? That happens only in summer! As when the harsh sun rays discomfort you, the only way out is going to the comfort of a beach or a swimming pool. Now, talking about swimming pools, don’t you remember in your childhood how you used to plea in front of your parents to let you be just five minutes more in the pool. Honestly, who wants to leave the pool especially if it’s in the midst of the summer season! But hey, going out in summer is also a headache, again the sunrays! So, what if I tell you that you can get the fun of diving in a swimming pool just with your smartphone! Yes, it’s true! As there are a number of swimming games on the Google Play Store that will surely give you the vibe of the summer season in actually any season! So, if you are someone who loves swimming pool but want to have it in the comfort of your home then don’t worry dive in your smartphone and check out this 5 Best Swimming Games For Android.

Best Swimming Games For Android:

  1. Swimming Pool Race 2017
  2. Hungry Shark Evolution
  3. Swimming Race 3D
  4. Swimming Pool Flip Diving 3D
  5. Real Pool Swimming Water Race 3d 2017 – Fun Game

1. Swimming Pool Race 2017

Swimming Pool Race 2017 is surely one of the best swimming game out there on the Play Store. The reason being, this game has everything! Be it professional athletes, different countries, championships, and most importantly a bundle full of swimming fun! In the game, you play as a professional athlete who is playing from a country and wants to win a gold medal to keep its country’s name high. Now, for the controls, control your swimming by tapping on the screen and tap quickly to accelerate. You can even change the direction get it slow or fast just don’t get scared to jump! So, do your best to achieve the top of the tournament table, win the gold and become a champion with this Swimming Pool Race 2017 game!

Best Swimming Games For Android

Main Features:

  1. 3D environment.
  2. Different swimming styles.
  3. Various countries.
  4. Easy controls.
  5. Contests.
Download Swimming Pool Race 2017

2. Hungry Shark Evolution

Well, can you take control over a Hungry Shark? Find out this in the Hungry Shark Evolution game. The game is sure addictive and will definitely keep you hooked for hours. As in the game you control a hungry shark who is on a frantic ocean violence and is eating everything and everyone that comes in its way! But don’t worry about all this mayhem, as through the game you get to see a beautiful underwater world with iconic sharks like the Great White and Megalodon! Now for the features, the game has great graphics and amazing quests which will help you to evolve your shark at a great speed. Also don’t worry your ocean love won’t stop even if your net goes down, as the game perfectly works in offline mode too. So, download Hungry Shark Evolution and live every day like a shark day!

Best Swimming Games For Android

Main Features:

  1. 3D graphics.
  2. Awesome sound effects.
  3. Offline mode.
  4. Syncronize easily across Android devices.
  5. In-game events.
Download Hungry Shark Evolution

3. Swimming Race 3D

Swimming Race 3D, as the name suggests is a 3D swimming game which has great graphics and details. Now, before the game starts, you can choose your character who will help you to win the championship. For the controls, they are indeed very simple, all you need to do is press the swim button. And for the stunts, you need to swipe your finger on the screen. Just grab the point and do various stunts. Now, the mission of the game is to win the race and collect coins in the process which will help you to buy stamina for higher levels. So, can you win a swimming race? Well, find out this in the Swimming Race 3D game.

Best Swimming Games For Android

Main Features:

  1. Championship.
  2. Stunts.
  3. Easy controls.
  4. A number of levels.
  5. Detailed graphics.
Download Swimming Race 3D

4. Swimming Pool Flip Diving 3D

Flip and spin, earn points, collect awards and get ready to participate in the World Championship with Swimming Pool Flip Diving 3D game! Now, in the game, you need to choose your diver, then just perform various tricks and stunts. But make sure you perform all stunts without any mistake to earn maximum points. Because the more correctly you perform the more points you earn and with those points you can unlock new cliffs or other high places to jump. Now, coming to features, the game provides great and beautiful locations with some of the best jumps and so much more! So, download Swimming Pool Flip Diving 3D game and just have fun with this new diving simulator game.

Main Features:

  1. Great locations.
  2. Stunts and tricks.
  3. 3D graphics.
  4. Different jumpers.
  5. Unlockable places.
Download Swimming Pool Flip Diving 3D

5. Real Pool Swimming Water Race 3d 2017 – Fun Game

Real Pool is a 3D swimming game where your mission is to win the gold medal in World Championships! But how will you do it? Well, by swimming faster than the other players! Now, coming to the controls, they are easy and quick to learn. As for the visuals, the game provides beautiful locations and stunning environment. But if you are not a pro in swimming games then don’t worry, practice your skills and swimming style in the game itself. And then when you feel ready, participate in races and championships. So, download Real Pool Swimming Water Race game and get an addictive swimming pool gameplay!

Best Swimming Games For Android

Main Features:

  1. Interesting contests.
  2. Beautiful environment.
  3. Different swim styles.
  4. Addictive gameplay.
  5. Simple controls.
Download Real Pool Swimming Water Race 3d

So, above are the 5 Best Swimming Games that you can download on your Android devices without any hassle. Now, all of the mentioned games renders beautiful and exciting locations with a number of tricks that one can perform. And the best part, the controls of the listed games are not just easy to learn but simple to master. So, that you don’t get any difficulty while playing.

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