10 Best UPI Apps in India: UPI Apps List 2021

The modern world doesn’t remember queuing up to make measly transactions as cashless payments are undeniably the default process of the future and undoubtedly the present. UPI payment is the main segment of online transfer. Unified Payments Interface, or more commonly referred to as UPI, most banks have their own UPI processes so that their customers don’t need to be physically present at any transactions. It has basically revolutionized transactions in India.

The best part about UPI is that you don’t require a physical plastic card like credit or debit cards. You just need to set up the UPI with your bank, make a UPI ID, register with a pin and you are good to go. For Indians, UPI payments stole the spotlight after the incumbent government pushed for the demonetization. Even though the process failed to curtail black money, it boosted digital payments.

UPI, which is developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), works seamlessly between two bank accounts on a mobile platform. Transferring money via UPI is an easy procedure. To do so, you need a bank account, a UPI ID, and a verified mobile number that is registered with the bank and the UPI ID. So, if you check all the boxes, jump right in!

10 Best UPI Apps in India: Upi Apps List 2020


1. Google Pay

Google rebranded Tez into Google Pay and boy it is amazing. The overhaul is not just in terms of the rechristening but also the features it currently offers. It simply beats any other app on this list and thus it tops on our list of best UPI Apps in India. Google Pay is simple. You just need to make sure you have created a UPI ID and linked it with your bank account. Another important step is the mobile number. The mobile that you enter for registering with Google Pay should be the same as the one you registered with your bank.

When you sign up for Google Pay, you’ll just need to enter your mobile number. You are now good to go. There are tons of features the app has to offer. Firstly, if you do any bank transfer, you’ll earn rewards. And by rewards, I don’t mean some app-based currency. You’ll be getting legit money in your bank account, up to ₹251.

Other features include Tez mode which lets you transfer money to anyone who’s nearby, book train tickets, pay your bills, etc. For those concerned about security, your money is protected thanks to a world-class security system that helps detect fraud and prevent hacking. Moreover, you can use fingerprint authentication so that no one other than you get access to your Google Pay. So, hit the download link below and avoid long queues.

10 Best UPI Apps in India: Upi Apps List 2020

Main Features:

  • Multiple layers of security from your bank, Google, and UPI.
  • Pay all your bills.
  • Pay anyone, even those without Google Pay.
  • Buy and sell 24K gold.

Download Google Pay


BHIM UPI, developed by National Payments Corporation of India, represents modern India. The homegrown app is safe and easy. Payments made through it feels like breeze. BHIM UPI has more benefits than other apps when it comes to services provided by the government. For instance, if you book tickets through railway ticketing apps, you receive a discount on the entire amount. Keep in mind that the daily transaction limit is ₹40,000 per transaction, per day. So, download BHIM UPI and save on your monthly transactions.

Main Features:

  • The transaction limit is ₹40,000 per transaction, per day.
  • Safe, easy & instant digital payments.
  • Pay all your utility bills.
  • Supports 20 languages.

Download BHIM UPI

3. Ultracash

UltraCash is a very understated app but it has a lot of features that go unnoticed. UltraCash promotes bank transfer which doesn’t require any IFSC code. You just need to enter the account number and the amount to transfer money. If you transfer money to a certain account all the time, the app also supports account numbers previously used for fast money transfers.

There’s also the sweet old UPI which supports BHIM UPI bank accounts such as SBI, HDFC, Axis, ICICI, Canara, and RBL to send money or even recharge. If you are someone who often forgets to pay their credit card payments, UltraCash also takes care of it for you. The spotlight feature of this app is Audio NFC technology that lets you pay your bills without the internet. This feature makes UltraCash your go-to app is you travel a lot. So, download this app from the link below to never miss a deadline.

Main Features:

  • Transfers between any bank accounts.
  • Credit Card payments.
  • Audio NFC technology lets you pay without the internet.
  • 24×7 support.

Download Ultracash

4. PhonePe

PhonePe is considered one of the best UPI Apps in India. It’s a simple UPI app that is an all-rounder. PhonePe is close to Paytm but better in every way. The UI is a purple paint which makes it a royal-looking app. The features are more-so. You can transfer money across India in over 140 banks. PhonePe also lets you use your favorite apps such as food, travel, shopping, grocery, etc. This means that you can easily order food from Domino’s while booking tickets for your next vacation.

This app also lets you buy/sell 24K gold at live markets and those who buy, it is stored in a free and secure bank locker. If you plan on gifting someone something very useful, you can gift them PhonePe Gift Cards on the app itself or at offline outlets. PhonePe also lets you save tax by spending on tax saver funds on its app. The app adds more value as you can use it to pay at the restaurants you frequent. So, try this app from the link below and do everything phone pe.

10 Best UPI Apps in India: Upi Apps List 2020

Main Features:

  • Buy and sell 24K Gold.
  • Invest in Tax saving funds.
  • Buy PhonePe gift cards.
  • Pay at shops and offline stores.

Download PhonePe

5. Amazon UPI

Yes, Amazon can also process UPI payments without any hassle. Apart from a great shopping experience, you can send money to your loved ones via the UPI built into the app. As I had already mentioned, you just need a UPI ID so that you can add it directly to your Amazon account. So if you shop on Amazon, paying for your orders won’t be hectic. Moreover, you can also pay your bills, recharge mobile numbers, book flights, etc.

If you forgot your wallet and have your phone with you, Amazon UPI lets you pay at a number of stores. Scan the code and enter the amount. You can also do instant bank-to-bank transfer, thanks to Amazon UPI. So, use Amazon UPI and be amazed.

10 Best UPI Apps in India: Upi Apps List 2020

Main Features:

  • Great shopping experience.
  • Faster & safer payments with Amazon Pay UPI.
  • Instant money transfers.
  • Safe and Secure.

Download Amazon UPI

6. Paytm

Whether you use Paytm or not, you’ve got to believe that it set a standard for digital payments. Three years after it shot to fame, Paytm is still going strong. Its features are endless. Got to do a bank transfer? Check! Paying at a shop? QR code has your back! Using fastag but don’t know where to begin? Use Paytm. The app is used by millions across the nation as it’s one of the most versatile digital wallet apps out there.

As it’s a digital wallet, it lets you do payments through its UPI section. Banks like YES Bank, Allahabad Bank, Axis Bank, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Central Bank of India, Citibank, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank, Bank of Baroda, ICICI Bank, etc. Link your bank account to create UPI ID & UPI PIN to easily transfer money. The app also has its own Paytm Payment Bank which is a great option. The only issue is that Paytm charges you to do a Paytm-to-bank transfer. Download and explore Paytm.

10 Best UPI Apps in India: Upi Apps List 2020

Main Features:

  • Effortless money transfer.
  • Get deals & discount vouchers.
  • Metro Card Recharge.
  • Get better Forex rates.

Download Paytm

7. Freecharge

Developed by Finance, Freecharge is a widely used UPI app that offers exciting features. Starting with UPI, Freecharge has a clear interface that doesn’t come in the way of a quick bank transfer. Without any IFSC code, you can transfer money to a friend’s account within seconds. The app lets you conveniently pay for recharges and bills using the existing UPI handle.

Mutual funds on Freecharge is simple, better, and power-packed with features. Reliance, Axis, Aditya Birla, DSP, Motilal Oswal, ICICI Prudential are all the top funds you can invest in. It’s also paperless which means it’s hassle-free. The other uses are bill payments, metro card recharges and a QR code feature that lets you scan a QR code for comfortable payments. So, download Freecharge and transfer money with ease.

Main Features:

  • Simple UPI payments.
  • Mutual funds.
  • QR Code feature.
  • Cashbacks and discounts.

Download Freecharge

8. Mobikwik

Mobikwik is the 8th app on our list of best UPI Apps in India. It’s more of an underdog as Paytm’s rise to fame put this app into a shadow. But by no means this app deserves it. The app UI is quite confusing at the start but once you get used to it, you can get around it quite easily. Of course, payments through UPI can be done, which is super-easy to set up.

Apart from using UPI, Mobikwik also lets you transfer money from its app to a bank account but you’ll have to pay a small fee. Recharge your mobile, DTH, pay your credit call, electricity, and EMI bills easily inside the app. The list goes on and on. As I have mentioned time and again, you must link your UPI for hassle-free transactions. So, download Mobikwik from the link given below.

10 Best UPI Apps in India: Upi Apps List 2020

Main Features:

  • Municipality Bill Payment.
  • Instant personal loan.
  • Money transfer.
  • Accidental Insurance.

Download Mobikwik


SBI is one of the most respected banks in India. Being popular amongst elders and millennials, SBI embraced the changing times and introduced its own version of UPI which packs a lot of punch. The app is fluid and easy to explore. As it’s mentioned in the UPI list, it sure does that effortlessly but you can do many things besides just doing a quick transfer.

Pay your utility bills, recharge your prepaid/postpaid mobile number and DTH, get reminders for all the upcoming bills. It also lets you enjoy your local environment as it has some amazing local deals so the next time you visit a salon, you’ll surely get exciting discounts. You DON’T need to be an SBI bank customer to use this app. So, download BHIM SBI Pay from the link given below.

10 Best UPI Apps in India: Upi Apps List 2020

Main Features:

  • Bill Payments.
  • Reminders for postpaid bills.
  • View your latest 20 transactions.
  • Max. limit per transaction: ₹1,00,000/-

Download BHIM SBI Pay

10. BHIM Axis Pay

The last app on our list of UPI Apps in India is BHIM Axis Pay. Just like SBI, Axis bank has its own app to do transactions via UPI. Anyone who’s not an Axis bank customer can use the app to take advantage of its great features. Do a quick bank transfer without any hassle. Apart from that, you can do the usual bill payments and recharge easily. Download BHIM Axis Pay from the link below.

10 Best UPI Apps in India: Upi Apps List 2020

Main Features:

  • Instant money transfer.
  • Online recharge.
  • BHIM UPI App in Hindi.
  • Get an instant credit card.

Download BHIM Axis Pay


Which UPI app is best?

Google Pay & BHIM are the best UPI apps in India that are packed with a multitude of features. The only thing is that in order to do a bank transfer, PayTm charges you money whereas Google Pay and BHIM are completely free.

Which is the safest UPI app in India?

BHIM SBI Pay is considered a safer UPI app as it needs 6 digit PIN for using it. People also trust SBI products a lot more than the other brands.

Which is the best payment app in India?

Google Pay, BHIM, Paytm, and Amazon UPI are the best payment apps in India. Their versatility beats its competitors.

Which UPI app gives more cashback?

Paytm gives you more cashback on your online shopping recharge or bill payment. It is known as ‘Same Offer.’ Google Pay also deposits money in your account after a transfer is made. Though it depends sometimes.


There you have it. We have listed the best UPI Apps widely used across India. Your preferences may wary but all the UPI apps are extremely safe and easy to use. All the aforementioned applications carry out normal day to day UPI transactions quite effortlessly. Moreover, paying bills like electricity, prepaid, postpaid, etc. are available in all the UPI apps.

Keep in mind that Google Pay is comparatively slower when it comes to paying electricity bills. Many people have complained that it often takes about 3-5 days and due to this glitch, they have missed their deadline. I pay my electricity bill via Paytm and it also reminds me when a new bill is generated. You can use a maximum of 2 UPI apps as every app does the normal tasks along with some unique transactions like paying credit card bills or buying 24K gold.

Which UPI do you use on a daily basis? Did I miss any important app? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure you share the list of apps with your family and friends so that they get to try something new.

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