5 Best Video Collage Maker Apps for Android

Sharing our favorite moments online has become almost habitual with apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. heavily focusing on photos and videos. While Instagram introduced bulk uploads two years ago, there can never be enough photos you can share at once. That’s when collage comes in! Anyone who’s reading this article might know what a collage is. It’s an effective way of uploading multiple photos at once, in one frame. Crazy, right? Well, we’ve got you another set of apps that can brighten your day. Scroll down to find the best video collage maker apps for Android.

Best Video Collage Maker Apps for Android:

  • PhotoGrid
  • Video Collage Maker
  • Vidstitch Free
  • PicPlayPost
  • Video Collage

1. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is the most versatile app for creating collages. With over 300 million users worldwide, this app is constantly adding features to stay on top of the game. PhotoGrid boasts of 300+ different collage templates, which none of the other apps in this list has. From video collages to basic photo editing, this app is the jack of all trades. You can also choose from 500 stickers and over 60 unique filters to score maximum likes on your social sites. With the recent update, you can even dye your hair. So, tap on the download link below and start creating those awesome collages.

Best Video Collage Maker Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Photo editing toolkit.
  • Static and video collages.
  • Tonnes of features.
  • Video collages.

Download PhotoGrid

2. Video Collage Maker

Video Collage Maker by Scoompa focuses on creating those beautiful video collages. along with photo collages. This app has over 100 layouts for collages, 100 stickers, and 55+ text options. With the option of free backgrounds, VCM can also modify your already edited collages, in case you change your mind later on. For video collages, you would find different soundtracks to jazz up your mood. This app also has a nifty feature of searching images right from the app. So, hit the download link below and start making those awesome collages.

Best Video Collage Maker Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • 100+ collage layouts.
  • Compelling video collage features.
  • Slideshow styles with 55+ fonts.
  • Eye-catching filters.

Download Video Collage Maker

3. VidStitch Free

VidStitch is a simple and intuitive app that has some unique tricks up its sleeve. Not only does this app create the usual collages: photo and video, but also stitches photos and videos together. Apart from this, VidStitch comes with GIF support. You also choose from a number of frames to create that unusual photo. This apps also lets you rotate your video. Hit the download link below and stitch those memories.

VidStitch Free

Main Features:

  • Combine photos and videos.
  • Intuitive and elegant UI.
  • GIF compatibility.
  • Manually add music.

Download VidStitch Free

4. PicPlayPost

Mixcord Inc has created a masterpiece in the form of PicPlayPost. Like the obvious name, the app lets you do it all, literally. Make a photo collage? Or a video collage? How about a GIF? Or export one from Giphy? Create a meme? Yes, the list is huge. PicPlayPost also features a regular photo editor which is also effective.  It supports over 70 stunning backgrounds and 48 adjustable frames. You can also share your creation with 1-tap. So, download the app and start posting.


Main Features:

  • Video collages with GIFs.
  • GIF maker.
  • Meme generator.
  • High customization options.

Download PicPlayPost

5. Video Collage

Video Collage is a simple app compared to the others in this list, but it does exactly what it says – edit video collages and photo collages as well. The app is a bit buggy but you’d forget it when you start using its features, as it tends to settle for an excellent outcome. You can pick the desired videos from your own gallery and mix them with some photos. With over 40 collage frames, you can instantly apply a frame on your photos. Tap the download link if you want a no-nonsense app.

Video Collage

Main Features:

  • 1-tap share.
  • Audio mixing with photos and other videos.
  • 45 layouts to choose from.
  • User-friendly.

Download Video Collage

Which app do you use the most? Did we leave any app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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