Best Ways WordPress Can Make You Invincible from Security Attacks

WordPress is a well-known secure Content management system. It happens to be the number one network for the website. However, it is not invincible from security attacks. It can be attacked in many ways. The hacker tries to find out the snippet code to login to your website. An Even spammer can put thousands of spam comments to make the speed of your website slow. This is going to be harmful to the business.

If you do not update the WordPress regularly, it will become less secure. No matter your website is very strong, but there is always the risk of insecurity. We will recommend a few precautions which you can follow to protect your website.

Best Ways WordPress Can Make You Invincible from Security Attacks

Best Ways WordPress Can Make You Invincible from Security Attacks

1. WordPress updates

WordPress notifies to update the website every two months. Upgrades are necessary to fix bugs, security issues, to add new features and functions. It is mandatory to update WordPress core, theme and plugins as it improves the functioning of the website. The updates make the website secured and it does not allow hackers to harm your website.

2. WordPress plugins

The plugins are kind of software which is designed by the different developer. Plugins are the tools that can be added to your WordPress website for additional benefit. WordPress release update for a plugin and it the website developer responsibility to keep the plugin updated.

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If you don’t update that there are security threats and chances of malfunction on your website. For this, you can use WordPress multiple systems like Infinite WP client which automatically updates everything on a single click.

3. WordPress Backups

There are many reasons that a website can crash other than hacking. It is recommended to keep the backup of the website. There are plugins that offer daily backups and you can install them to protect the website. Although the WordPress platform is considered stable, it needs to be protected. You can do backs up weekly basis or monthly or daily basis.

For huge businesses and complex websites back up services are used to ensure the security of the data. To have the backup you can use the WordPress backup plugins like Buddy plugin or Vaultpress plugin. Or there are free tools for WordPress backup to Dropbox. And if you are having multiple WordPress users, then you can use backup Up.

4. Manage website users appropriately

The admin user has to practice the security measures. Admin should not share the password with any other person. And other user login members should be trained with security tips to protect the website. It is advised to delete old users if they are not in practice. You should use the user role editor WordPress plugin to control the user’s role and responsibility.

5. Broken Link inspection and repair

Some people come across broken links. If you are having broken links that it would derail all your hard work. For example, if the customer clicked on a certain link and reached to dead end 404 errors than the customer will not return to your website and get ignored. These dead backlinks will devalue all your SEO and marketing efforts. To avoid this pitfall, we recommend you to check the broken links from time to time. It will adversely affect the search engine ranking. You can use Google analytics to find the broken links. You have to analyze the broken links and have to prepare the report and have to redirect to CMS.

6. Control uploading files from users

Do not allow users to upload the file from their system as there is the security threat. You should ensure the correct file extension to protect the website. You should prevent direct upload from the internet. Or you should use a secured transport method like SFTP or SSH.

7. Usage of SSL

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate is the standard security technology that maintains the encrypted link between server and browser to make it private and integral. It provides security when you log in from the bank account or from other social media account. You should use SSL for your website and protect from hacking the website information.

8. Check all the security tools

After implementing all the above tips to protect your website from the security threat, it is very important to check website security tools from time to time. For this, you can scan your WordPress website through WordPress free tool Acunetix WP Security. It will scan and detect the security problems.

There is always the risk of security threat no matter how strong website is. You have to update the website from time to time and should take precautionary measure to protect your website from any external threat.



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