10 Best Website Builder Templates

To make a web presence seems difficult without having a website. The website is a collection of web pages that helps to grow a business online. Sometimes one should assume unable to establish its online presence because of the high cost charged by the web developers. To overcome this obstacle, we are here to reveal the best website builder templates used by anyone to create a website.

By picking up anyone, you can build up your own website within sometimes. Following is the list of 10 best website builder templates which make you feel easy to get the best as per your desires:

1. Jimdo.com

Best Website Builder Templates

It is one of the best website builder templates established in 2007. Along with providing the free website building templates it also offers pro and business premium packages.

Why is Jimdo.com preferred?

  • It ensures a free online store, unlimited bandwidth, multi-language versions, and the responsive and easy to use website editor.
  • Here, you can enjoy a free domain of the second level and one password protected area.

2. Webs.com

A great website builder established in 2001 ensuring 450+ collections of professional templates. Here, without cash and within sometimes, you can enjoy a free online store where you can sell up five products as well as a subdomain name. You can also find the detailed review of Webs builder in website builder reviews.

Why is webs.com preferred?

  • It has a broad range of free website builder templates.
  • It has a simple drag and drops editor.

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3. Webstarts.com

No doubt, it is a multi-functional website builder, established in 2008, offering everything you might need to build a website for a personal or professional purpose. Despite the fact that, this website builder is not offering something special as compared to others, but it is the best for newbies.

Why is webstarts.com preferred?

  • It is a mobile-optimised version.
  • It has easy social media integration.

4. Imcreator.com

It is a popular website builder, established in 2011 where you can start from a scratch and get a polish one. Unlike other website builders, here you can’t offer a domain of the second level, but you can enjoy a subdomain structured i.e. i-m.com/username/sitename.

Why is increator.com preferred?

  • Here you can feel as a creator by selecting from a huge range of collection.
  • It has an easy drag and drop system

5. Websitebuilder.com

A free professional website builder allows you to make a website without knowing about CSS/HTML/PHP skills. Here, you just need to register and enjoy a free domain name of the sub-domain as well as a wide array of free HTML5 templates.

Why is websitebuilder.com preferred?

  • It has an intuitive drag and drop system.
  • It has 1000+ professional HTML5 templates.

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6. Webnode.com

It was established in 2008; a best free website builder is already used by over 18M users worldwide. Alongside offering a free website builder templates and domain of the second level, it also offers a premium package especially used for a business website.

Why is webnode.com preferred?

  • It is SEO friendly and has unlimited sub-navigation.
  • It has an automated mobile site option.

7. Weebly.com

Hugely popular one was established in 2007 as already has used by over 20M on the sites. Here you can enjoy for creating a website in 11 languages at no cost plus free domain name of the second level.

Why is weebly.com preferred?

  • It has an SEO friendly and easy to use a web editor.
  • Weebly allows an unlimited depth of navigation and allows exporting a website to another hosting.
  • It permitted to have full access to CSS/HTML.

8. Wix.com

Best Website Builder Templates

It is one of the best website builder templates established in 2006. For the last ten years, it has the perfect one as it allows free, responsive, easy-to-use and SEO friendly websites within some minutes.

Why is wix.com preferred?

  • It has 100s modern HTML5 website free templates
  • It ensures multi-language versions, simple drag, and drop editor, unlimited depth of navigation and easy social media integration.

9. Moonfruit.com

An old one since it was established in 2000 allows for building an appealing free website with no technical skills. It is a free website builder and inevitably ensures a mobile optimized version.

Why is moonfruit.com preferred?

  • It has more than 1000 templates, and all are SEO-friendly.
  • It still uses a little bit outdated flash website system allowing stunning website.

10. uCoz.com

Established in 2005, it’s quite famous and offering several interesting options. Alongside having standard features, it also permits a second level domain name, mobile version and free access to FTP.

Why is uCoz.com preferred?

  • It has the simple-to-use professional templates.
  • It allows a secure FTP access.

Using free templates for website creation is an ideal task as you will get a lot of benefits. Further, by using these free website builder templates, you can save your money for the succeeding step, i.e. web hosting.

So try one or more website builder templates as per website needs. You can suggest more templates in the comment box.  


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