10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

Are you in search of the must-have WordPress plugins utilized by most writers? If you are, then you are in the right place. We present you 10 of the best WordPress plugins essential for every writer out there.

1. TablePress

10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

The WordPress post editor does not include a button for creating tables. Whenever you want to insert tables in WordPress, you will require the TablePress plugin. Tablepress enables you to make tables easily in WordPress, add them to your posts, pages, and also gadgets. You can likewise export your table information if need be.

2. WPForms

10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

This plugin is the most beginner friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. With just a few clicks, this drag and drop online form creator enables you to effectively make contact forms, order forms, email subscription forms and payment forms among other online forms. There is the WPForms Lite version that’s free, but if you require advanced features, you’ll have to use the Pro version.

3. Akismet

10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that accompanies each latest WordPress core installation. It is basically a plugin that’s opposed to spam, checks all comments and sifts through the ‘spammy’ comments.

Akismet gives a status history for each comment so you can figure out which comments were found to be spam by Akismet or the moderator. Moderators additionally can see the number of approved comments for every user, view the URLs in the comment section and get rid of the suspicious links.

Moreover, this plugin is free for blogs and personal websites while you’ll have to subscribe to its monthly subscriptions for commercial sites. The premium plans offer advanced security solutions apart from protection from spam.

4. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

You may have seen additional information like pictures and number of reviews, among others beneath some pages in search results. They give additional information on the post or page which users might want to know about. Such pieces of information are called Rich Snippets.

Rich snippets are an ideal way of beautifying your page’s/post’s appear on search engine result pages. They give the primary information about the product/page briefings; for instance, point out the product’s attractions. This is the reason they enable you to get more click-through rates through search engines.

You can utilize the All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets plugin to make rich snippets in WordPress website. It offers search engines the exact information to be shown in the search engine result pages. This enables your site to rank better and also get more click-through rates.

5. W3 Total Cache

10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

WordPress caching is one of most ideal methods for improving website performance. The main idea of caching is temporarily storing the site data in the cache so that it loads faster the next time the user opens the same page. Cache is somewhere you can temporarily store something while computing.

You can make use of WordPress caching plugins to allow caching in WordPress. These plugins will cache your posts as static HTML files, thus reducing loading time and in turn optimize your site’s performance.

W3 Total Cache plugin is a standout amongst the most popular plugins and presumably the best caching plugin for WordPress. It features browser caching, database cache, the object cache, page cache, among others. Furthermore, it enables you to integrate CDN services to decrease page load time. Also, it has alternatives to minify and HTTP compression of the HTML, JS, and CSS files so that you save bandwidth of up to 80%. With the decreased loading period, you’ll get improved ranking on search results which will lead to high traffic and increased conversations.

6. BJ Lazy Load

10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

If you have many images on your site, it might take a long time to load. This can be annoying at times. However, you need not worry. Lazy loading is what’s required to enable your site load faster with many images on a page.

You can make use of BJ Lazy Load plugin to include this lazy loading functionality. This plugin replaces all your Gravatar images, post images and post thumbnails with a placeholder and loads the content as it draws near to entering the browser screen. It shows the content (images) only when someone scrolls the page. Thus, your site loads faster and also save on bandwidth. Furthermore, it operates with various text widgets, among others.

7. Wordfence Security

10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

One of the most important things is to keep your site safe from hackers. It is something that you cannot afford to overlook.

To keep your WordPress site protected, you can make use of numerous security plugins available in WordPress. Wordfence Security is one of these security plugins that you can depend on. It features Firewall protection, malware scan, live traffic monitoring, and login security, among many others. It also enables you to monitor all your traffic in real-time, including robots, 404 errors, logins, etc. With this, you will be aware of the security threats your site is facing and take an immediate action.

8. Redirection

10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

This is a useful plugin that will manage all URL redirects and makes it easy to include redirects for 404 errors. All errors are logged, and you export your redirects easily.

While this is a useful plugin, it’s nice to add redirects using the .htaccess file manually. However, if you decide to use the plugin option, make sure the log tracking is disabled in the settings to reduce the load on your server. Its main features include:

  • Import/export functionality
  • Easy addition of 301 redirects
  • Automatic redirects added when permalinks are adjusted
  • Monitoring of 404 errors
  • Redirects based on referrer

9. Edit Flow

10 Best WordPress Plugins Essential for Every Writer

Edit Flow is an ideal solution for dealing with your editorial workflow; ideal solution to organize your good topics for a descriptive essay or others ideas for your posts. You have a useful calendar which overlays all your posts so you can picture your editorial calendar better.

Moreover, you and your contributors can talk about posts through an editorial comment’s segment that sends out an email notification when comments are added. Its features include:

Editorial calendar that enables you to visualize and make changes when your posts go live

Addition of essential details to an editorial metadata section

Addition of custom statuses with descriptions in a few clicks

Subscription to the editorial calendar with Google Calendar

10. Floating Social Bar

A lot of talks mostly accompanies some WordPress social media plugin bloat. With countless social sites that are not needed and unwarranted scripts that reduce your website’s speed, Floating Social Bar is the ideal social media plugin for WordPress. It enables you to add only a select number of social networks that truly matter. Moreover, it is highly optimized for speed so that social buttons catches won’t slow down your site.

The above are just but some of the essential plugins necessary for every writer out there. If you are a budding writer, go ahead and use them.

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  1. I love using wordpress. It has so many possibilities. I needed some time to get used to it. But I really like it now. And the plugins are great. My all time favorite is Yoast. Edit flow sounds very useful and I’ll check the floating social bar as well!

  2. I use three plugins on my blog out of this list and they’ve working really well for me. Btw which email subscription platform would you recommend for a new blog, Christina? I’ve read pretty terrible reviews of Feedburner (full of bugs) while Aweber is too expensive.

  3. OMG! This post could NOT have come at a better time! I am redoing my website completely and have been searching for the best plugins. I love roundups like these and I thank you for helping me in the never ending quest of finding the best Wp plugins!


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