Top 7 Book Writing Apps for iOS

The best writing apps should provide a high level of functionality, seamless usability, a wide array of export options, comprehensive synchronization ability, and a price range that doesn’t point and laugh at your bank account. Besides, since the online world is rapidly shifting towards mobile platforms, writing apps for iPhones and iPads. If you are an aspiring writer browsing for an app that will allow you to write and organize your textual content on the go, we’ve prepared a list of seven iOS apps that provide the best conditions for you to unleash your inner Ernest Hemingway.

1. Ulysses

This app allows you to write on your Mac or any iOS portable device. Ulysses is rich with diverse features which allow you to conduct the entire writing process, no matter if you’re working on a book for online publishing or you’re writing an essay on literature in 18th century France for school. It has a long list of export options, allowing you to send your work to people who use different software solutions. Also, its customizable sync feature makes the content available on any connected device.

2. Scrivener

Arguably one of the best writing apps for iPhones, Macs, and other Apple devices, but it can also go head to head with software built for Windows or other OS options. Scrivener is developed with long-form writing in mind, which makes it an ideal choice for book writers. It allows you to organize resources and notes with ease, has a wide range of export possibilities, sync feature, and a well-designed user interface. The fact that you can save your work and export it in MS Word format provides you with painless workflow potential with Windows users.

3. iA Writer

This word processing software is useful for writers in the early stage of the book development when you have to gather your inspiration and write down ideas before they vanish. iA Writer features a distraction-free working environment due to its minimalistic design so you can also write an entire book without a problem. The app is so much about focusing on your work that it even blurs everything you already wrote, keeping visible only the line in which you’re currently writing. The app is available on any Apple product that supports word processing apps.

4. Evernote

Taking notes, developing the book structure and organizing resource material is of paramount importance for a successful book-writing process. Evernote is an app that you just have to keep on your device if you’re planning to make your life as a writer easy and stress-free. For those who need to perform field research, Evernote is available on portable iOS products and dictation feature allows you to turn your voice into words while you’re trying to outrun a tornado or a confused flock of sheep.


The power of your narration grows exponentially with the number of words in your vocabulary. is a thesaurus app for iOS users that helps you say things more pleasantly or avoid repetitive words as it bothers all dedicated readers. Furthermore, this tool lets you find rhymes, in case you’re trying to create poems or verses which your characters would sing while on the adventure you’ve prepared for them. The software is also compatible with all iOS products, including the Apple Watch. The app is free; however, for a price, you could add features like voice search, medical dictionary upgrade, Encyclopedia upgrade, and many other improvements.

6. Creative Writer

It’s not uncommon to face challenges during the writing process because of the stress caused by publisher’s demands, deadlines, or simply because you’ve hit a writer’s block. Creative writer is one of the best writing apps for iPhones when it comes to overcoming inspiration draught. This piece of software sparks your creativity by supplying you with phrases from movies, books, poems and other literary materials that you can use in your work. The advantage of this app is that the suggestions are not randomly generated but closely related to your current topic.

7. Storyist

When you write a complex piece with lots of characters that require development, multiple plots, and different sceneries, it’s not easy to keep track of all the elements and avoid producing plot holes, or illogical character reactions. Storyist provides you with index cards that you can use to sketch your storyline or define your characters so you can work on each segment separately and further expand your narrative. You can export your work in virtually every popular format which means your work will be viewable in various software environments.


The software we use to put our thoughts and emotions into words should facilitate the writing process with features that enable tracking the storyline, quick access to resource materials, and a user-friendly interface. These apps should make any scribbler’s life easier, it’s your choice which one or group of solutions you want to make a part of your arsenal. Examine your needs, compare those needs to what each option has in store as a solution and go for it!


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