BulletVPN Review – Why should you choose BulletVPN

So we came across this VPN some time back, and since then we’ve been in love with it. Yeah, this is a BulletVPN review, and no we do not aim to “glorify” the platform, instead let us just put forward a realistic, practical picture of what the VPN offers.

Now we do not do a review on a daily basis, so trust me when I say this that your next couple minutes on this BulletVPN review won’t’ be wasted, you might just save a fortune, at the same time solve all your anonymity and privacy possible.

BulletVPN Review - Why should you choose BulletVPN

Why do you need BulletVPN?

Love your anonymity? Privacy? 100% free and unrestricted access to web content on the Internet? Congratulations, you fit the bill of people who need and appreciate a good VPN.

A VPN basically offers you a number of different IP addresses, which you can use to mask your primary IP address, which again in return help you achieve an unrestricted, anonymous presence on the web.

But hey, I’m sure you already know what a VPN does, or else you wouldn’t have been reading this post on this BulletVPN review, so let me stop beating the same drum over and over again, and get you what you came here for.

BulletVPN Review

It’s a VPN which offers not just anonymity (which all the other VPNs in the industry do as well) but also the “extras” and that’s what grabbed our attention and make it different.

Here’s what the VPN offers:

A Wide list of Countries

Doesn’t matter where you’re based on, you can literally choose to be in any country, and the VPN makes it happen.

It offers some of the best, Tier-1 countries including:

BulletVPN Review

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands (one of the most digitally liberal countries).
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy

And these are to name just a few. Basically, almost every country worth even the least bit of importance can be connected to using BulletVPN.

Simple User Interface

The whole process of downloading the client and connecting to a country needs 60-120 seconds at maximum.

It’s a lightweight client, and as soon as it’s downloaded, you can login using a simple login interface and click on the connect button which takes another couple seconds to connect, and you’re done.

It has been designed with a “Nothing can go wrong” perspective, there are no buttons which will “kill your anonymity” or harm your connection in any way.

There’s a navigation pane on the left-sidebar to help you navigate to different areas of the VPN, you can move to :

  • Locations: Helps you choose locations.
  • Account: It provides you with your account information.
  • Settings: Helps you manage settings for your BulletVPN account.

See? Nothing too complicated or “rocket-science” here, isn’t that right?

Secure Connection Protocols

BulletVPN knows the importance of offering not just “connections”, but “secure connections”. So well it offers the five most secure connection protocols existing in the industry, namely:

BulletVPN Review

  • TCP
  • UDP
  • L2TP
  • PPTP
  • OpenVPN

Also, not all of these protocols are suitable for every kind of connection, there are times when you need a “fast” connection but not necessarily a very reliable one, while at other times “reliability” becomes the priority and not speed.

So basically, rest assured, you’re getting the best connection available and suitable for you, period.

No logs policy

The primary and main factor I take into consideration before scribbling down a VPN review is if the VPN keeps logs, or doesn’t.

So I did the same before jotting this BulletVPN review as well, and on a happy note, nope it doesn’t. BuletVPN doesn’t keep any logs of any kind, so none of your activities, or IP history is tracked.

Tier-1 Servers (No speed Loss)

This being a BulletVPN review, it does sound cheesy if I say BulletVPN doesn’t reduce your internet speed.

But it doesn’t! And that’s a fact. Well let me walk my talk, it doesn’t reduce your speed not because it has some magical wand at its disposal, but because it hosts its servers in tier-1 countries, and that’s why you do not experience a speed-loss with your connections.

Unlimited Features

Another feather in the cap of this BulletVPN review is its “Unlimited” features, yeah BulletVPN has been really generous with its:

  • Speed
  • Bandwidth &
  • Server Switching features.

Meaning, at no times, under no circumstances, are either of those above-mentioned three factors reduced or diminished.

We actually used up over 80GBs of bandwidth with the VPN just to prove the claims, and to our surprise, there was absolutely no speed loss or bandwidth warning!

Free Smart DNS

This is one of those “extras” I was talking about. BulletVPN’s smart DNS lets you unblock websites and restricted content such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC etc.

So you get 100% unrestricted access to any and all kind of content on the web!

What’s the Cost?

Not a lot!

Their plans start from $7.50/month if you go with their “yearly” plan; $9,16 /month if you prefer to pay once in 6 months, or $10.50 if you’re more for the “monthly” plan in which case you need to pay every 30 days.

Either way, none of the plans burn a hole in your pocket.

Final Words:

So that’s a wrap as far as this BulletVPN review is concerned folks. The features I’ve just discussed are just a sneak-peek into the platform.

You’d really need to give it a try yourselves to actually feel its superpowers. Considering it offers a money back guarantee as well, what have you got to lose?

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