Call of Duty is the second-most successful game of all-time

As per a report from analytics firm SensorTower, Call of Duty: Mobile has amassed 148 million downloads since its launch on September 30. This makes the popular shooter franchise the second-most successful mobile launch of all time.

Call of Duty is the second-most successful game of all-time
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In India, the game has been downloaded 16.2 million times which comprises 11% of the total downloads. On the other hand, the game has been downloaded 23.6 million times in the US which comprises 16% of total worldwide installs. Moreover, rivals like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite were downloaded 60.7 million and 35 million respectively in the very first month. Niantic’s Pokemon Go is the only game that had seen more downloads in the first month of its launch.

According to the Sensor Tower report, the game has earned $53.9 million in just over a month. It reached a single-day high of $3.1 million and when it comes to spending money, Indians don’t seem to be doing so on the game. The United States spent the most amount ($22.8 million) or 16% of the total amount of gamers spent. And Japan was second after the US in terms of money spent at $7 million. Moreover, Apple iPhone users spent 60% of all revenue earns by the game worldwide.


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