How Case Studies Can Play a Vital Role in Customer Acquisition Program

Case Studies

In this digital era, every brand is trying to utilize content marketing channel to educate people, pumping up their brand value and get valuable conversions. John Rampton, in one of his Forbes article mentioned five types of posts for customer acquisition funnel: Micro Posts on social media to generate buzz, blog posts to get additional traffic from Google, Social media, and email marketing, articles on great authority websites under your niche, releasing White Papers, and ultimately your landing page.

Andrew Davis once said that the purpose of content should be to build a relationship and it requires trust building. Trust is the factor which drives revenue for your business. We can relate Andrew’s saying with Ann Handley’s opinion – Your Content is not just about storytelling. It is more than that; it’s all about delivering a true story in a good manner to your readers.

We SEOs and Content marketers try to get handy over the different form of content marketing with one single intention though working under different-different sales funnel phases– “Getting Conversion and acquire new customers”. It can be a corporate blog, guest post, video marketing, visuals storytelling, or White Papers. Each process has different targets; I elect guest posts on authority websites because I want to convey my message to the potential customers and getting traffic to my website. That is the #1 step of my customer acquisition program. That doesn’t guarantee that visitor on my website will surely convert – It takes a lot more to get real conversions.

Brands and marketers also use case studies to take the next step in their sales funnel. They’ve been successful in driving traffic to their lead pages, now it’s their time to engage with the audience. There are two reasons to use case studies in the visitor’s journey on the website’s first visit.

Case Studies

Number 1: They bring trust. They are real, and they are more than just testimonials.

Case studies act like storytelling and you have the chance to express all ins-and-outs of your client work.

Number 2: They build your credibility. On your sales pages, you tell about your expertise, your work process, and all about you. They usually lack the personal touch with the audience. Case studies give them a space to experience your work success. They can learn from the experiences from others’ experience, others’ journeys. They can feel a higher degree of satisfaction that you can bring the same results for them as well. As a result, the probability of signing a contract with you increases exponentially.

SITE123 and Backlinko perform very well with Case Studies. I regularly get emails of their latest case studies as I’m one of their subscribed users. Please see examples below of how they put their case studies:

Case Study: Decorated Green Garden Business Website Creation

Case Study: A New Blog Generating 17K+ Visitors In One Day

Will Swayne from Marketing Results wrote that case studies helped them really well to turn lots of prospects into real-time customers.

How Case Studies Can Play a Vital Role in Customer Acquisition Program

Can Case Studies Work for You?

Yes, they do deliver an excellent experience to your prospects. But there is a challenge when it comes to showcasing your work. You ought to mention real names. What if an agency can’t use their Clients name in the case study? It loses personal touch and your showcase can become hoax.

TIP #1: Ask Client that you want to present a case study of their work with you to other Clients. No confidential data will be out in this study but an outer-layer of the work you did for them and delivered results.

TIP #2: Title of the case study should be imposing. It the headline of your study report that will probably summarize the key results achieved. You can see lots of blog posts of the following pattern:

“How I skyrocketed my Blog traffic by 313% in just 35 Days?” This gets blog audience to read the entire post. And you’ll agree – this will surely do better than the similar post with the title – “How to skyrocket your Blog Traffic?”, right?

TIP #3: Define Client and their problem, the “Before” picture of the story. This was the case with the respective business for which they needed a solution. This will not be a lengthy segment but includes everything so that new prospects can relate their problems to that specific Client.

TIP #4: Tell about the solution and results. The exact roadmap you planned, executed and tested to solve the Client’s problem.

Suppose you run an online marketing agency and your client had issues with their conversion rate. How did you optimize their website to bring up the conversion ratio to a higher rate? Be specific and detailed. And don’t forget to show the numbers. People are amazed to see the statistics.

Again people want to be sure you’re telling the truth. So real-time images, visuals and screenshots would really be ideal for the case studies. In the case of the example, I listed above, screenshot from Google Analytics report will prove everything.

TIP #5: You did the great work for this Client, right? So they should be very happy with you and your team. Include their kind words along with the name of the Client-side representation. It may be CEO, Technical IT Head, eCommerce manager, or CTO. Including real identity brings a higher level of authenticity.

TIP #6: So you’ve done everything for this case study; now make a communication with your ideal prospects. It’s the right time to include a CTA phrase allowing your case study reader to do the next action. CTA buttons to fill a query form, making him email you using mailto: command, or making him call you using tel: command – anything can work.

TIP #7: Once you’ve done with it all, optimize the web page before hitting it live. Now it comes to the turn of your marketing guy to put the links to the case studies at the right place of your website. Google Analytics insights, website structure, and usability study will help you make a decision of putting it across your navigation.


Case studies are a proven way to help you in customer acquisition. It’s an authentic mode to leverage the results of previous clients to rake in new gigs. Do you use case studies? What are your tips? I would like to hear from you.


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