Challenges Faced By IOS Developers To Counteract The Latest Trends

The role of applications is widening as their utility is pervading multiple aspects of our day to day lives. Apple is getting better and better. Over the years, the operating system is now employed on a variety of products including iPad and iPod. But at the same time with the launch every new version, Apple brings new capabilities and challenges for developers across the globe. In the following post, I would like to mention a few challenges that every iOS developer struggles to counteract the latest trends.

Here are 10 Most Common Challenges Faced By iOS Developers:

1. iOS application compatibility

Challenges Faced By IOS Developers

Hardware specification of each and every iPhone model varies and it is very important that every developed IOS application must seamlessly execute on each model. Besides, during code development, memory management should be the primary focus as the iPhone does not come with garbage collection support. Moreover, inappropriate memory management can lead to app crash which ultimately results by diminishing the user experience. However, a lot of development related pangs can be reduced as the Objective-C and Swift programming languages support an extensive memory management capabilities.

2. App performance and battery consumption rate

Battery drainage is one of the most complicated issue commonly found among the end users. A user immediately tends to uninstall an IOS app if he or she finds it battery consuming. As a result, developers need to make sure that the app does not execute any kind of irrelevant process in the background which can suck the battery power. App optimization itself being a challenging task needs to be addressed on the serious basis especially when any new IOS updated version is launched.

3. App user interface

IPhone devices are widely famous for its clean and intuitive graphical design architecture and of course seamless user experience to the end users. At times designers find graphics designing task complicated especially when it’s about optimizing the app GUI to service device. So what could be done? Designers should keep themselves abreast with all the latest designing techniques such as anthropomorphic design and material design.

4. App Store approval process

Do you think that developing an application with stringent quality parameters is the end to IOS app development process? No! Successful deployment is one of the most crucial elements of the entire development process. Being a developer, one needs to ensure that the team is strictly following the deployment guidelines stated by Apple. Carrying development adherence to the company’s terms and conditions will be beneficial in terms of monetary and will save an adequate amount of time.

5. Three-Tier Security

Challenges Faced By IOS Developers
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Security is the primary factor which needs to be considered during the entire app development procedure. User data if not encrypted is pivotal and can lead to data breaches. It may quite interest you to know that hackers, as well as government agencies, are endeavoring hard to steal users personal data. Hence creating a need for developers to develop a robust technical methodology in order to protect them.

6. Inferior Network Connectivity

One can never expect the same network or internet speed used during the development process from the end users. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to test your applications with the help of a network link coordinator. By doing this, IOS applications won’t be facing any kind of hindrance during the interaction with high-speed network or internet connection. It is always advisable for an IOS app developer to optimize the app as per its data consumption rate.

7. Secondary Memory Storage Limitations  

Are you planning to develop an app for specific versions of IOS, if yes then there are multiple devices with a variety of hardware configurations in terms of secondary data storage and memory. I am sure you will come across numerous IOS games sized in GB engulfing a large amount of memory during the execution phase. To reach the masses, you need to make sure what your application basically demands from the user point of perspective.

8. Apple Watch and VR Connectivity


Challenges Faced By IOS Developers

This is a new challenge faced by developers in today’s era. The challenge says how will the app interact with the Apple watch? We all are well aware regarding the fact that how a plethora of wearables and virtual reality devices popping up on the market. So, will the developed app be able to take advantage of these trends or will it be left behind? No matter how hard you work there is always a chance where the technology doesn’t catch on. And no one want’s to pump money on the failing platform.

9. Cross Platform Apps

Presently, companies are no more hunting for IOS and Android apps, they are even hitting Linux, Mac, and Windows or anything else they can get their hands on. The current users love those apps which can be synced on all their computers, phones and tablets.

10. Apps in Sandboxed Environment

Third- party apps integrated into the sandboxed environment on the iPhone. Sandboxing helps an iOS app developer to prevent the extent of damage that compromising app cause to the iPhone. Which automatically develops another set of app development challenges that the app to contact data from outside their defined sandboxed directory.


The aforementioned challenges aren’t comprehensive, developers need to comprehend with periodic updates in order to minimize investment and deliver quality solutions to the end users. Continuous testing and development experience will make you overcome all the forthcoming issues.

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