Content Marketing Secrets From Netflix That’ll Evolve Your Business

How many times have you ever look at a website’s content and contemplate on the idea of it being faithful to the brand’s promise? Since you’re a consumer, I’m pretty sure you’re most likely to do this every day.

Every business owner should know the art and power of content marketing if they want to see an increase in their conversion rates. Most companies focus on the content after having a secure and running website. After all, business owners know that having a well-written content for their site is something that they should never ignore.

If you’re looking for a genius to stalk in content marketing, here’s Netflix.

Content Marketing Secrets From Netflix That'll Evolve Your Business

There are only few who lead a particular industry and are still able to stay ahead of the competition. The said video streaming company made history by closing a total number of 93.8 million subscribers for 2016, which is significantly higher from the previous year by 20 million.

It’s techniques and tactics are very much calculated, and they keep it that way. Can you recall a time when they spoke about the method of their exposure publicly? Never, right? You don’t see them flaunting their content on social media or blogger outreach platforms. Netflix is a prodigy in keeping their marketing strategy surreptitious.

Even if your business does not touch the media industry, there is still evidently tons of things to learn and recognize on how Netflix produces content and attracts their audience. If you’re a business person or a content marketer who wants to know the best practices in content marketing, it would be best to take Netflix as a model.

It is indeed a high paragon when it comes to content marketing supporting the company’s product, its social media, and more importantly, its data. Here are some of Netflix’s ideas when it comes to content marketing.

Building customer’s experience through every single product

Apparently, the said video streaming site doesn’t focus most on traditional marketing like flyers, brochures, catalogues, social media, and even different sites such as companies that offer guest posting service. Netflix’s approach is fresh and something that you cannot find in other marketing strategies. As a matter of fact, it even exerts efforts in creating individual products just for a new show that they are promoting.

In the world of artificial intelligence, no idea is too big to show. Netflix is known for its audacity, which as a result, creates a huge return on investment or commonly known as ROI in the business world.

Let’s take Netflix’s sought after series, the Black Mirror. The said company recently produced the third season of the series, which tells the tale of the dangerous possibilities and outcomes that our technology may bring.

Amazing Content Marketing Secrets From Netflix That Will Make Your Business Unique


To gain engagement from its audience, it created an app named RateMe which was the main reason for the first episode’s downfall. Also, Netflix improved its very own socks by adding a standalone product that can automatically pause the show you’re watching. See how they invest in standalone products?

As you know, the content that the company is providing does not solely conform to the stereotype of a video or even an article. The company takes pride in using content in marketing, which requires huge risks when talking about success, by creating a product just to get the conversation and the buzz going.

Aside from that, it also creates a great opportunity for the public to think that they are part of the show’s different world.

Invest in original content

Seeing how Netflix invests in unique content can make you conclude that the company can already market itself quickly. Business owners and marketers should practice investing their marketing budgets in high-quality and more importantly original content that would be appealing to the public.

According to statistics, Netflix is increasing their budget in their content every two years. They even raised their budget to six billion dollars this year from four billion and nine hundred million US dollars in 2015. Talking about pricey content, Amazon also spent four billion and five hundred million dollars in 2016.

Therefore, those figures only prove how necessary it is to allocate a huge amount of the marketing budget on original content alone. Having an original and exclusive content was Netflix’s realization according to Sean McGinn, the former Original Marketing Director of Netflix. Such investment is indeed necessary for you to be ahead of the curve but not all companies are willing to solidify their marketing budget for high-calibre content solely.

However, your business is something that is not related to media and you need articles rather than videos. There are companies out there which can give you quality content and any other businesses that offer content and link building services. That would be less hassle on your part.

Data differentiates you from your competitors

Amazing Content Marketing Secrets From Netflix That Will Make Your Business Unique

Everyone knows the importance of data in the world of business. But the main question is, are you even following the right set of metrics? What’s great about Netflix is that they use data to anticipate their audience‘s behaviour and for it to create a better user experience. A real genius when it comes to marketing, right?

Did you know that Netflix records your browsing history? It tracks the time you watch a particular tv series, the time you pause it, rewind it, fast forward it, and also what type of content you watch on a given day and time. Netflix will use the data recorded to understand the behaviour of the consumers.

By doing this, they will be able to know what content to suggest to retain you as their subscriber. In addition to that, they can also modify their content marketing strategy to match your likes and interests.

Netflix typically creates one to two trailers before launching a new series to create a buzz for the audience. For the series House of Cards, did you know that Netflix created ten various cuts of the original trailer just to serve you a trailer that suits your past watching behaviour?

If you previously watched Kevin Spacey too much, you probably looked at a trailer that’s full of his scenes.

Through these powerful algorithms, Netflix can determine whose hobby is to watch out for new shows and can create content that will suit the subscriber’s behaviour. How about you? How do you use the data you gathered to get more engagement from your audience?

The success of the said company in programming is not just an accident. The secret is to use the data properly, which every business owner should learn how to practice.

Make it viral

The talks and debates about getting viral have been running in different channels for quite some time now. However, do we, entrepreneurs do a lot of research to know the science of getting viral? Well, Netflix has.

Amazing Content Marketing Secrets From Netflix That Will Make Your Business Unique

Netflix has a unique gift in making their new series go viral. It starts from the content creation (including the “shareable” feature of it) to being consistent and direct to the point voice that the brand is using.

Netflix is popular in social media because they know how to create and even buy guest blog posts that will complement the different platforms of social media, which makes the said company include itself to everyday conversations. What you need to do is to make your content viral. Just like Netflix, make it a habit of creating content that will touch every person’s life.

Thinking how Netflix uses a unique and a friendly tone, it’s unsurprising that through it, they were able to create a stable subscriber base that industriously creates buzz about the different types of content that they produce.

What they do in their excellent content is they only incorporate swag to it than making announcements that are massive. As a result, it encourages business owners and marketers to create content that makes people exhilarated enough to look for their channels the moment they watch their television at home.

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Every business owner should know the value and encourage the thought of virality. Through it, it would keep the buzz going and will reach a greater audience. With the unique and friendly voice that Netflix is using, it builds a loyal subscriber base which will make them automatically engage in the conversation their content is creating.


  1. This is a very good insight in the marketing Netflix uses for their business. I actually did not understand their way of being more and more successful until I read this article. It is super clear and well-written. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. We all learned many things from this post!

  2. Hi,
    I try to follow these tips with the content on my blog. I make the content original. I try to predict criteria for virality and meet it. I had a viral post published Saturday. Exciting! Interesting article concept.

  3. Netflix’s marketing team is pretty genius. They launched their service in India recently, and within such small span, they have gained popularity and paying subscribers in a hard-to-monetize country like ours.

    And great post. Very well explained.


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