How to Create a Room in PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or better known as PUBG spread like a wildfire since its launch back in February 2017. The game, tailored for mobile use, was lauded for its graphics and the different modes players could indulge in. With over 100 million downloads, the game is attracting more attention, some bad while some good. Constant updates like the addition of zombies, Godzilla skins, etc. are trend-worthy. You can find thousands of tutorials on how to nail the game and eat that chicken dinner.

If you can keep your obsession in control, the game is enjoyable. The gameplay is quite simple and lets players do their thing. So a popular game like PUBG might have a lot of queries from the players, especially the youth. Yes! They do and for a good reason. As mentioned earlier, Tencent games keep them updated while introducing new modes and features along with fixing some serious bugs. And for these reasons, PUBG Mobile is the most popular game amongst Indian players.

One such feature, mode, or whatever you would like to call it, is the Room in PUBG Mobile.  So, why would anybody want to create a custom Room? Basically, anyone who has the ID to create a custom room can host custom matches, set the map, perspective, and teams – either duos or squads. Anybody who has access to a Room ID and password can join in anytime. But not everyone has access, right? So in today’s tutorial, we’ll tell you how to Create a Room in PUBG Mobile with the help of a step-by-step guide. What are you waiting for? Jump right in!

How to Create Room in PUBG Mobile

Keep in mind that players can only create custom rooms if Elite Royale Pass is purchased, on level 2 or more or by being an exclusive member of a clan.


Method 1: Partner with PUBG Mobile

This one is applicable only to people who are well-known personality or a big streamer in the gaming community. You might get direct permission from PUBG Corp to create custom rooms and host a match. If you fit this criterion, go to Basic settings and tap on customer service. Now start a new conversation and sell yourself to PUBG, figuratively! Do this with a  pinch of salt as it’s a very limited feature accessible by a select few.

Method 2: Clan Points

This one is simpler than Method 1. You’ll need to enter a sophisticated clan. Earn points by being in the clan. You will also have to do some clan missions. The Clan points that you earn can be used to unlock certain rewards. So to get a room card, you’ll have to earn 300 Clan points. Keep in mind that it will be valid for just one game.

Method 3: Elite Pass:

The Elite pass gets you into custom rooms for a limited time. You will have to purchase an Elite pass (600UC) or Elite pass (1800UC). If you are at Level 11, you can easily get a pass to create your own room. The card will be valid only for 3 days so do not waste your time. If you are at Level 56, the validity of a room increases from 3 days to 7 days.

How to Create a Room in PUBG Mobile?

Assuming that you have a room card, follow the steps given below to create your room:

Open PUBG Mobile. From the main menu, tap on the Match Settings.

Create a Room in PUBG Mobile

Now click on Room at the bottom of your screen.

Create a Room in PUBG Mobile

You will see a list of available rooms. You can also search for rooms by entering Room ID.

Tap on Create Room. You will see a new window pop-up wherein you’ll have to create the room with a valid Room Name and selecting the Team Modes. You’ll also have to come up with a password.

Create a Room in PUBG Mobile


These were a few ways through which PUBG’s custom room can be created by anyone. Ensure that you are following all the steps accurately or else you won’t be able to create any room in PUBG. Also, keep your addiction in check. Playing a game for more hours is harmful.

If playing on a smartphone is getting on your nerves for unknown reasons, you can play the newly launched PUBG Lite, which is an amalgamation of PUBG PC game and PUBG Mobile. And plus, it is a free-to-play game for low-end PCs.

What did you think about this tutorial? Was it helpful? Have you ever tried creating your own custom room before? Let us know your opinions in the comments section.


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