Dangers Of Unprotected WiFi​ And Symantec’s Solution

WiFi Hacking

Let’s face it, the Internet can be a terrifying place. Not a day goes by when we don’t hear some horror story about a criminal stealing money from an innocent victim’s online bank account, or an infection running rampant on someone’s unprotected system, leaking their private data to the wrong type of people: the people who know exactly what to do with it.

Dangers Of Unprotected WiFi​ And Symantec’s Solution

How Your Data Gets Compromised

As these nightmare scenarios continuously hit the front page of our newsfeed on a daily basis, how are we supposed to feel safe that our online information is secure? And the truth is, without the proper precautions, you can’t feel secure. Because you are probably not. It doesn’t matter whether using your laptop, your MacBook, or your smartphone, the dangers are varied and they lurk everywhere. Even now, just by connecting your device to a public wifi, you are opening yourself and your life up to be intercepted at every turn, perhaps by a complete stranger, or perhaps, even worse, by an experienced hacker.

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Dangers Of Unprotected WiFi​ And Symantec’s Solution
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How this form of violation takes place, is that the online villain will compromise a router, and then attack you with it, taking complete control over what you see on your screen, often serving you fake websites designed to trick you to into giving up your personal information. We’re talking about your passwords, your bank details, your credit card numbers. Literally, every detail about you is constantly under threat, because someone out there wants this information, and you could be giving it right to them just by connecting to a wifi you don’t know.

Symantec Response To Unprotected Wifi

Thankfully, there is now a way to protect yourself. Introducing Norton Wifi Privacy, the only blanket security you need to cover all of your devices from any nasty router intrusions. How it works, is by cleverly encrypting all of your personal data, disguising your online journey with the same high standard of security that banks use for their sensitive information. Norton then adds an additional layer of the shelter by masking all of your browsing activity, allowing you to surf the web completely anonymously, untracked and unrecorded.

Dangers Of Unprotected WiFi​ And Symantec’s Solution
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Not to mention, with its advanced cookie and ad blocking technology, your browser itself will run even faster than it did before. This level of online freedom without the worry of nasty outsiders taking control of your details is essential to your peace of mind and invaluable to the future of your personal protection. And depending on how many devices you want to secure, there is a deal tailored specifically to you.

Costs and Coupons

For a monthly payment of $4.99, you can secure any device you wish. For a monthly payment of $7.99, you can secure up to five of your devices. And for $9.99 a month, you can secure up to ten of your devices at once. Each of these subscriptions come with Norton’s money-back guarantee policy, which includes free world-class support as part of the package. Of course, Symantec has issued a series of coupons and other promotional deals. Users can find Norton discount codes in technology sites like qetes, forums and coupon sites. You can also save money by purchasing Norton Wifi Privacy along with Norton Security, the award-winning and world trusted antivirus software.

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