Different types of headphones: What’s what?

There are hundreds of different headphones and headsets on the market with different features and each one having their individual pros and cons. The main question that comes to mind is that which headphones are the right ones for me, what I’ll use my headphones for –music, games, etc.- and what the price for these headphones will be.

Different types of headphones

1. Closed-back headphones

Closed-back headphones come in both in-ear and over-the-ear style that covers the entire ear as well as on-ear headphones that rest slightly on top of the ear.

Different types of headphones

In terms of the design, these types of headphones will generally produce an excellent high-quality sound, since most studio-grade headphones will provide excellent quality sound, but also provide a great use-case for most types of applications.

2. In-ear monitors and earbuds

In-ear monitors (also known as IEMs) are headphones that snugly fit inside each ear canals. Majority of the sports headphones where the purpose is to fit the head and not fall out, fall into this category.

Different types of headphones

Most models will either have a foam or a rubber tip or have a one size fit all type. With these sort of headphones, you will get a secure and snug fit that will allow an excellent delivery of sound whether or not you are in motion.

Earbuds, on the other hand, have smaller drivers, they are compact and provide less sound fidelity compared to the IEMs; they are portable music devices and are cheaper compared to most IEMs as well.

3. On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones have a similar designed to closed-back headphones, but instead of completely encasing the ear, they sit on top of the ear. They generally provide good sound quality, but less bass response compared to the closed-back / over-era headphones. You can also hear outside sounds relatively well compared to the former type, however, they are generally cheaper.

Different types of headphones

Choosing the right headphones

To choose the right pair of headphones, you must first decide where the headphones will be used. If you’re looking for a headphone pair that you will use when exercising, you need something that is a snug fit, something that doesn’t fall off easily, and something that provides exceptional sound in a workout environment. Moreover, to find headphones that are right for you, read this review. There are hundreds of headphones available on the market and weighing the pros and cons of each individual product to get the best purchase for your money.

If you’re looking for a driver to listen to music on, then getting a headphone pair that is comfortable, and possible removes ambient sound may be required form you.

For gamers, getting a comfortable pair of headphones with good directional sound and a boom mic that allows them to easily interact with their teammates is important.

Other than that, your individual sound needs can easily be fulfilled by different headphones, you just need to know what those needs are.

Different features of headphones

1. Noise cancelling feature

Active noise-cancelling earphones use technology to reduce and remove any ambient noise; it’s done using a microphone that measures the noise around the headphones and creates an opposite sound wave that counters the ambient sound.

There are also passive noise-cancelling headphones and they rely on materials that can absorb sound or create a good seal around the ear and not let sound inside.

2. Microphones and controls

Headsets that are designed for gaming usually have a boom-mounted mic to enable gamers to communicate in-game. There are also a lot of different sound control features that allow them to take a more in-depth control of their sound.

You can also mute the sound, mute the mic, and have additional controls like switching to different sound channels -5.1,2.1,7 channel- etc.

3. Sound amplification

Distracted by the ambient sound and cannot concentrate on your music, movie or game? A lot of headphones have an inbuilt sound amplification technology that enables the headphones to take the edge off background noises.

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