Different types of web hosting explained

Technically, you can’t possibly think of starting a website or a blog without hosting. That pretty much proves the massive importance of hosting in the world of internet. Hosting can be a pretty complex thing for many of us. Different types of web hosting explained.

Even the ones who claims to be technically pretty sound may find it difficult to handle the several variables of hosting sometimes. Perhaps, this article will make this clear to a large extent for many of you as we explain every minute detail about hosting as well as the differences between the various types of hosting like shared hosting, VPS hosting or Cloud hosting etc.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Web Hosting Can Be Of Different Types

Based on your needs web hosting can fit into these four main categories. They are

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting – Cheapest option for Newbies

Shared Hosting can be extremely cheap but again, there are reasons why you should go or shouldn’t use shared hosting. One of the important reasons happens to be the fact that a shared hosting has a large number of websites on a single server which eventually gets your website vulnerable to slow page loading.

But when you’re just starting blogging, you don’t need to go for an VPS or dedicated hosting. You can just start with shared hosting which usually costs around $5/month.

There are thousands of companies that offer shared hosting services but you need to be careful before choosing the best hosting for your needs. For example, if you look into this FastComet review, you can actually see they offer a complete hosting solution with all necessary things like Free CDN/SSL/SSD and also a free domain name to get started.

VPS Hosting – Better than Shared hosting

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is actually a shared environment too but it is a lot different from shared Hosting. A VPS hosting is limited to certain number of sites unlike Shared hosting. On top of that, every website gets equal share of the server’s space and one’s performance is never affected by the performance of the other.

As the name indicates “Virtual”, a single server with maximum configurations of RAM, CPU Cores get virtualized into few separate accounts.

Different types of web hosting

There are a lot of companies in the market that offers VPS hosting and according to Hostingstep, a site dedicated to web hosting analysis, recommends Liquid web, A2 Hosting as the VPS Hosting providers to get started.

Dedicated Hosting – Ideal for sites with high traffic

A Dedicated hosting means just a single account on a whole server. Your resources won’t be shared with other website owners unlike the one on shared hosting or VPS Hosting.

You certainly have the freedom to run a large number of applications or more number of sites and your server will never get affected due to overload. However, there are two options like managed and unmanaged.

Under managed hosting, the companies charge extra amount and do all kind of security updates, DDOS protection, malware removal and offers the customer support for all your queries related to WordPress or any other CMS.

Different types of web hosting

In unmanaged hosting, you can save few bucks but you need to take care of everything right from installing a SSL certificate to solving the complex on your own. We always recommend you to go with managed hosting since unmanaged hosting can cause downtime, just to remember a single minute downtime costs $66,420 loss for Amazon.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a lot like VPS hosting. However, what makes it incredibly popular is the fact that it allows you to use resources from multiple servers in a network which makes it highly scalable unlike the traditional VPS hosting which is scalable only to a certain extent.

You also have a whole lot of additional benefits with cloud hosting like protection against DDoS attacks, Data backups, Malware scanning and a lot more.

Linode, Digitalocean, AWS and Google cloud are some of the popular cloud hosting providers.

How to choose the best Hosting?

Choosing the right type of hosting can be a bit confusing sometimes but it certainly depends on your purpose. However, you can follow three fundamental approaches to choosing the right hosting package.

  • Server Technology – Based on the server technology, hosting can fit into these four categories; Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud.
  • Server Management – A managed server can be helpful in many ways and it certainly means less of work on your part.
  • Additional Services – SSL Certificates, Malware scanning, backups, etc are certainly some of the important services to look for.


Choice making is as always a pretty hard job and this holds true for web hosting as well. The best way to decide on the right type of hosting is to remind yourself of the purpose as well as have a decent knowledge of the types of hosting. This will subsequently help you make the right choice.



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