How to DM On Instagram on a Windows 10 PC

Social Media takes us to infinite places vicariously. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram are some of the well-known social media platforms that connect people worldwide. You can exchange photos, videos or texts sitting in India with the other person residing in London, which was an unprecedented feat two decades ago. Most of the mentioned platforms are for sharing media files but some scenarios demand you to exchange words and we wouldn’t want to download an extra application for just texting, would you?

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is mostly focused on messaging but it can now effortlessly share media in chats and via Status. Although Facebook and WhatsApp are a great tool, millennials prefer Instagram which has over 1 billion mobile downloads. It is much more than just a social media platform. People are promoting their products, other’s brands, making money for their businesses and so on. There are so-called Instagram models and artists who make the site their portfolio and promote themselves (and the art, of course.)


Communication is a key factor in all social media platforms, which is known as direct messaging or DM in today’s terms. The applications on our mobile phones provide us to multitask. But it’s quite understandable if your work requires you to incessantly switch between your smartphone and personal computer. Texting someone on Instagram via your personal computer is not rocket science. It just requires an active internet connection a tool to carry out the said task. Also, you get more screen space and a full physical keyboard. There are quite a few tools to adjust this never-ending milieu. So, we’ll walk you through some ways on how to DM on Instagram on a Windows 10 PC.

How to DM On Instagram on a Windows 10 PC

The following methods are easy and don’t require you to spend your money. Try out these methods and settle for your sweet spot.

Method 1: Instagram App for Windows

Download Instagram for your PC. Head to the Microsoft Store and search for Instagram. Download and launch it. Log in to Instagram by entering your username/e-mail and password. Once this is all done, click on the DM icon to send a private message. You can send a message anytime just by tapping on the DM icon.

DM On Instagram on a Windows 10 PC

Method 2: IG:dm

If you are particularly into DMing for Instagram, there’s a separate application for it. Appropriately named, IG:dm is the best Instagram client that solely focuses on sending direct messages. The app has no bells and whistles but gets your job done. Simply resume your chats from your phone to your personal computer. Just typing messages on a full-screen with the help of a keyboard is pure bliss. You will occasionally face some bugs and the messages experience a bit delay when sent. Other than that, this app will effortlessly do its job.

DM On Instagram on a Windows 10 PC

Method 3: BlueStacks

This solution is a bit tricky. You can download an emulator on your PC which will run all the applications from the Google Play Store. So, there are many emulators that have multiple features to satisfy your desire but Bluestacks is by far the best one.

DM On Instagram on a Windows 10 PC

Download the application and launch it. You will see a welcome screen. Now tap on the right arrow button. You will have to sign-in with your Google ID. Once the setup is complete, tap on SearcH and search for Instagram in the search bar. Install and launch it. Enter your Instagram credentials. You can now use Instagram on your personal computer. Go to the DM section and start messaging.


Whether you are looking to boost your followers, promote something, a travel junkie or just an Instagram addict, using PC and mobile in tandem is a bit wearisome. If you are editing your photos on Photoshop (relax, we all do!), or have just returned from a long, tranquil journey and want to share a bulk of gorgeous photos without the tedious task of transferring it to your smartphone, the PC apps come to your rescue. We suggest you to try out every method mentioned above to have a smooth workflow and a piece of mind. Ensure that the PC you log into is safe and your own or else the risk of hacking is likely.

What about you? Have you ever used Instagram on a PC before? If not, which of the above techniques did you use? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below. And also, don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends and with those who are Instagram-addicts.


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