Do Smartphone Covers Really Protect Phones From Damage?

A smartphone is slowly becoming more than a gadget. It has gradually become an investment more than an add-on to the usual urban lifestyle. It takes a lot of energy and time to identify the gadget that would suit your needs, help you organize your life better and has a little extra to it than the specific requirements which make your phone perfect.

And once we do find a phone we love, we prefer to do everything in our power to make the phone last longer and keep them functioning longer than usual. The problem is, generally speaking smartphones are fragile items, of course, there are plenty rugged devices on the market designed for use outdoors but they tend to be lower spec devices and not as good looking as the flagships. But we do need to protect them so the first option is to get a cover. Honestly, any mobile device has a slippery surface, and it becomes inevitable to rescue it during a fall or a spill without a case.

Do Smartphone Covers Really Protect Phones From Damage

Pros of Using a Case for your Phone

What are some biggest pros of a phone case?

  • It adds an aesthetic appeal, almost like personalizing your phone to speak a little more about yourself
  • Increases durability; this is almost like adding an extra layer of padding.
  • Resistance against dust and heat because of the thermostable material used for making the case
  • Anti-slipping properties of a phone case add the necessary bulk (which can range depending upon the user’s needs and choice of covers) and texture to the back and the sides of your phone, allowing you to get a better grip and therefore prevent accidental damage.
  • Adds a resale value in case you want to get it exchanged for a better phone online or offline

Cons of Using a Case for your Phone

Believe it or not, even a phone case comes with its own set of drawbacks. Here are a few:

  • The nooks and crevices can collect dust and moisture over time. If you are not cleaning it regularly, it can encourage the growth of bacteria and affect your device health.
  • When you put a cheap phone case on, it can make it difficult for the battery to breathe. In some cases, this heat can collect as moisture well inside the phone and affect the device’s health
  • Some cases can hinder the functionality of the phone by either diminishing signal strength or connectivity from your phone. It can also stop your device from not functioning correctly in the long run.

What Should You Ideally Do to Maintain Device Health

Over time and experience, we have learned that these are a few of the many phone practices that can help any smartphone user with maintaining their device’s health and keep it’s functioning at maximum speed and abilities.

1. Wipe the screen with a soft tissue regularly

This will allow you to remove the debris off the screen and let your screen to keep functioning longer. Also, it’s pretty disgusting how we use our phones everywhere, and the facial oils add to the distress of your device’s health.

2. Open your case once in a month and give it a thorough wipe

Cases can often collect heat, dust, and moisture in the nooks and crevices of your phone. While it much depends on the material of the phone case but the charging slot and the earphone jacks are the frequent victims. While one can easily do it once a week, it becomes necessary to do it once or twice a month to maintain the device’s health.

3. Muslin cloth is a dear friend

Muslin cloth does not have any extra fibers whose jagged surface can damage the phone’s surface resulting from friction. It is always good to keep one handy in your bag. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to clean and maintain.

4. Take off your case to allow the device to breathe

It is useful to take your phone case off while you charge or play any heavy-duty games. Since both these activities can cause overheating, it is best to remove the case and let the device breathe. If you notice any heating, it is advisable to dismiss the case for a while so that the heat does not cause moisture build up.

5. Use rugged cases when you head out on adventure sports

For the adventure junkies out there, it is always advisable to add multi-layer protection like the popular Otterbox to their device.

The debate on whether a phone case serves the purpose ultimately is eternal. But these tips and knowledge should maintain the device and increase its resale value.

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